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Fire Pig month predictions
Finally, here are the predictions for your Bazi and Chinese signs. Part 1 of this Yin Fire Pig month analysis for November 2015 can be found here and part 2 here. Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart; contact me to order your chart and to know […]

Bazi for the Yin Fire Pig month. Part 3: animals ...

Fire Pig Bazi
Here is for part 2 of our Bazi analysis for November 2015. Part 1 can be found here. What is the Chi of this new Ding Hai Chinese month and what can be guess on the state of the world this month then? The Yin Fire, that is akin to a candle, is this month sitting on top of the […]

Bazi for the Yin Fire Pig month. Part 2: Chinese ...

Bazi Pig Dog 2015
Here we are, on the first day of this new Chinese month of the Yin Fire Pig, known as Ding Hai. Welcome back for another analysis of the Stem and Branch of the Chinese month, a system similar to the one used in Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny analysis. By understanding the celestial and earthy Chi at work each month, and […]

Bazi for the Yin Fire Pig month. Part 1: the ...

Dog month Bazi predictions
Welcome to part 3 of this article on the Yang Fire Dog month, that takes place from the 8th of October to the 7th of November 2015. You can find the part 1 on what happened during the Yin Wood Rooster month here, and part 2 about my Bazi predictions for the world here. Ok! So now, in term of our […]

Bazi predictions, Yang Fire Dog month. Part 3: Chinese signs ...

Chinese astrology Bazi Dog Sheep
Welcome back for part 2: time to analyse this Yang Fire Dog month and to see what it has in store for us. Remember that we are using the luni-solar calendar and the time system and method known as Bazi, our Four Pillars of destiny. This advanced form of Chinese astrology work with the notion of Stems and Branch, one […]

Bazi world predictions, Yang Fire Dog month. Part 2: cute ...

Bazi Rooster Dog month
Here we are! On the 8th of October started the new Chinese month of the Yang Fire Dog. A very different animal from last month, and with the return of the Fire so close to the winter season, we can expect interesting things to manifest…But first, let’s review the previous month in regard to my Bazi/Chinese astrology predictions, and see […]

Bazi world predictions, Yang Fire Dog month. Part 1: review ...

Rooster month Goat year
After a summer break, spent for me in travelling around Europe and learning to build natural homes (more on this later on), I welcome you back to this monthly Bazi/Chinese astrology blog. We are going to keep having a look at the energy of each Chinese month and see what the Stem and Branch of the month means in term […]

Chinese astrology: Bazi predictions for the Rooster month

London Feng Shui conference may 2015
This year I was blessed into being invited to be one of the speakers at the prestigious UK Feng Shui Society conference. This 9th conference featured a very diverse range of speakers and subjects connected to Feng Shui. I gave a talk about my favourite topic of the Three Lucks, or how to put Feng Shui back in a spiritual […]

UK Feng Shui Society conference: a review and talks online

Bazi Four Pillars July 2015
This is the part 2 of my Bazi predictions, part 1 is here.  So, what does this month of the Yin Water Goat taking place inside a Yin Wood Goat has in store for the world and us? A thorough analysis of the Stems and Branches interaction is in order here. We have to start with the obvious, Goat with Goat. […]

Bazi for the Yin Water Goat month. Part 2: world ...

Bazi Four Pillars Goat
Here we are for a review of the previous month, the Yang Water Horse and the Bazi predictions for the next month, the Yin Water Goat that starts on the 7th of July 2015. We are going to review the monthly predictions that I made last month and that you can find here, based on the analysis of the Stem […]

Bazi for the Yin Water Goat month. Part 1: last ...

Feng Shui Bazi UK
Here is the article that I wrote for Kindred Spirit magazine, the leading publication in the UK on metaphysics and esoteric topics. This piece give you an insight in the 3 Lucks system, or how Heaven, Human and Earth factors all interact in your life and can be influenced by your Bazi, free will and Feng Shui setup. Enjoy!

Kindred Spirit: my article on the Taoist three lucks.

Chinese astrology month of the Horse
Now for an analysis of the Heavenly Stem and Earthy Branch of the month of the Yang Water Horse, that runs (see what I did? Haha. Nevermind…) from the 6th of June to the 6th of July 2015. The first part of this analysis that review the Snake month can be found here. Those of you who are familiar with […]

Bazi for Horse month, June 2015. Part 2: Fire & ...

Chinese astrology Bazi Horse
So here we are for another round of predictions based on the Chinese astrology of the Four Pillars, also known as Bazi. This interpretation of the Chi of a specific month and year can also be combined with Feng Shui. To start, let’s review on what I saw for the month of the Yin Metal Snake that has just finished. […]

Bazi for Horse month, June 2015. Part 1: Snake month ...

5 Elements Bazi
So here is the last article on our series on the 5 Elements concepts used in Feng Shui, Bazi, Qi Men Dun Jia, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and generally in the traditional Chinese system. You can read the part one on what are the 5 Elements and part 2 on the 5 Elements cycles. He Tu, Luo Shu: Feng Shui numerology. Finally, […]

The 5 Elements guide. Part 3: Feng Shui numerology, career, ...

Bazi Chinese astrology snake.
This Goat year is full of surprises and dramatic events and for those of us who know about the astrology of the 4 pillars of destiny or Bazi, it is not unexpected. The Dragon month that has just wrapped up has been intense and in line with my world predictions really. Let us review what happened and why then… The […]

Bazi predictions for the month of the Snake May 2015: ...

Month of the Dragon
We are now in the Yang Metal Dragon month – I am a bit late on posting this article for the month due to various travel commitments. So as usual, let’s review what we have learned from the analysis of the Stem and Branch of the past month and of this Goat year, as seen in the Chinese calendar and […]

Chinese astrology for the month of the Yang Metal Dragon

Chinese astrology Rabbit 2015
So what does this Rabbit month has in store for us then? From a Bazi point of view, this Yin Earth Rabbit month is particularly interesting to analyse in conjunction with the Chi of the Yin Wood Goat year itself. This month brings Yin Earth over the strong Wood of the spring season. The Yin Earth is like a fertile […]

Predictions for the Yin Earth Rabbit month: part 2

Feng Shui consultant London
My Chinese New Year event with the Virgin Money Lounge London went very well and here are some pics. On the 1st of February was the Feng Shui & Bazi for the year of the Wood Goat event; on the 2nd of February was the Feng Shui for Business 2015 event. We reviewed the auspicious and inauspicious sectors for the […]

Chinese New Year event with Virgin

Month of the Tiger Chinese astrology
The first part of this article can be found here. What about this new month of the Yang Earth Tiger (Wu Yin) then? The Tiger is the beginning of the spring season: it is the young Wood coming back to life after the reign of the Water Element in winter. The trick with the Tiger is that it is also […]

Chinese astrology for the Earth Tiger month, February 2015. Part ...

Yang Earth Tiger month
First of all, I’d like to wish you all, or a good Chinese New Year. The Year of the Yin Wood Goat (or Sheep, or Ram) has officially started on the 4th of February 2015 at 12:09 pm. The 4th of February is the first day of the Tiger month, and the first day of the spring season for Chinese […]

Chinese astrology for the Earth Tiger month, February 2015. Part ...

Four Pillars 2015
The year of the Wood Goat in the world. First, a fabulous video showing some clear goats riding on horses. Perfect illustration of the Year of the Wood Goat/Sheep about to start after the year of the Wood Horse! Let us see how the expression of this Chi shapes up the world then. With the Wood growing and getting stronger, […]

Astrology: predictions for the year of the Wood Goat 2015. ...