Bazi Four Pillars Goat

Bazi for the Yin Water Goat month. Part 1: last month…

Here we are for a review of the previous month, the Yang Water Horse and the Bazi predictions for the next month, the Yin Water Goat that starts on the 7th of July 2015. We are going to review the monthly predictions that I made last month and that you can find here, based on the analysis of the Stem and Branch of the month and their interaction with the year of the Yin Wood Goat. As a reminder, the system used is only the Four Pillars of Destiny (Bazi) and what the current Chi tells us about the state of the world.

I predicted a very eventful month with some troubles but also major advances in some social questions. Pretty much everything was spot on, so let us see what happened during the month of the Horse that mostly took place in June 2015 (as a reminder, Chinese months start between the 4th and 8th of each Western month). In italic, exerpts from my articles from last month that you can find here and here.

Bazi Four Pillars Goat

Predictions for the month of the Goat. Credit:

The first main predictions will be trouble for all sort of transports…During this Horse month, I think we can expect something of the same nature. I do not wish for this to happen, but plane crashes – especially at sea – are a strong possibility.

Several planes crashes took place this month. While they were mostly on small scale, a few days ago the Horse reserved us one last kick with a major military plane crash in South East Asia claiming the lives of more than 130 people. In my opinion a major crash was almost unavoidable with the Fire/Water clash seen during the month of the Horse, but I wished it didn’t happen still.

A smaller crash that was very talked about is the crash of a small personal plane that killed the award-winning movie composer James Horner, who made the music for movies such as Titanic, Braveheart, Aliens…A great loss for music and movie lovers.

Other crashes reported where one in Alaska, killing 9 people

And in Colombia; this one is a bit of miracle, silver lining, as a mother and her child were spared in the crash

As well as one in Carlsbad

And in Missouri

The list could go on, but you get the point!

Boats are less likely to be in jeopardy here, but fire or explosions on boats, such as tanker, are not unlikely still.

Smaller boat collision were reported through the month, but a major wreckage happened a few days before the Horse month with the China River cruise Eastern star sinking and killing hundred of people. This cannot therefore be counted as part of the effects of the Horse month

However, I predicted that we would see problems involving tankers and fire on boats. This was related to the Fire-Water clash seen in the month. Both events happened; one tanker got lost in the South China Sea:

Another one sank on the Yangtze river; the Wan Dong Fang tanker contained chemical, therefore it was very close of my oil spill prediction:

And we saw a major Fire on a cargo in Indonesia waters close to Surabaya:

While there was no oil spills to report (thanks for that!), the agreement reached with BP about the California oil spill that has been deemed “the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history” made the news during this month of the Yang Water Horse. We are talking of a $18.7 billions settlement here…

One of the most spectacular illustrations of the Fire/Water clash was however a major incident involving Fire in a water park in Taiwan! I didn’t think of amusement parks, but it is a very logical illustration of the clash of the Elements involved:

For the good news, I would tend to think that the drought affecting California and other part of the world would either see solutions emerging, or get better. People will put some good will into it. Astrologically speaking, a lot of Water is coming in – and therefore the droughts effects should be less drastic this month. Fingers crossed that it happens!

Well, I was a bit optimistic here. Solutions were implemented, but quite drastic rather than pleasant ones. At least people are understanding the urgency of the situation and we can hope for a wake up call in term of environmental policies: factories and extensive agriculture have to change

With the Water emerging and the Fire in dire situation, this does not bod too well for the Fire related industries. We could certainly see a bug or a product recall for a major company of telecom or new technologies this month – Apple for example. The Water Element has to do with emotions as well, so it is the image of customers who are not happy with a Fire product like the Apple watch could make the news for the wrong reason, or something along those lines.

BINGO! And this is Samsung who mostly had to deal with a major bug involving the “small amount” of more than 600 millions users of their phones…

But there was also a major recall of the uber-popular latest iteration of the Batman/Arkham game in its PC version, that hurt the company and will need time to be solved. The problem here was the timeframe rate:

And, as I was foreseen it, there was also a bug involving Apple with a major security flaw exposed during this Horse month!

The Water-Fire Chi together obviously recalls the idea of the blood in our bodies, a very special substance that combines Water (liquid) and Fire qualities (red, going up). So in the good news department, I expect some important breakthrough in the field of cardiac surgery or cardiology (like last month), or for the management of high blood pressure or similar problems. I suspect that a drug for high blood pressure could make the news during this month.

Well yes, an advancement related to drug and blood was announced this month; with the drug Idarucizumab (seriously guys, is that a name?!) used to prevent sudden bleeding occurring for patients taking the drug Pradaxa . While it is not a revolution in medicine, a development related to blood was logical.

There was also major “Breakthrough points to cure for debilitating heart and lung disease” through the identification of a specific protein linked to those illnesses

Before we go more into details, let’s not forget that the darker side of the Wood Chi is anger. We are therefore likely to witness some strong protests and violent conflicts through the month still. This combination of feeding the Wood and having a clash against the joy and exuberance of the summer Fire is a sign of conflicts in some part of the world, unfortunately…With this strong Wood/Water, weak Fire/Earth combination, we can in general expect people to show little patience and strong emotions this month, hence more conflicts.

Conflicts and protests between citizen and governments were to numerous to all lists last month, but we can name a few:

Protesters storming in the house of chambers in London

A huge anti-austerity movement in the UK this month:

A MAJOR Armenian protest due to unfair prices rise in electricity among other things:

Protests blocking the Eurotunnel

We also had major terrorist attacks happening almost simultaneously in Tunisia, France and Kuwait and claiming many lives:

And of course anti-austerity protests in Greece:

And in other Europeans countries, movements to support Greece.

Of course, what just happened in Greece in the last days of the Horse month – with the Greek people saying no to further austerity measures – created some movement in the stock market and some banks shut down in Greece; facts well in line with my predictions: With both Fire and Metal weak, we could expect some stock markets to go down and some excitement about this during the Horse month. Banks will be in the spotlight and probably for the wrong reasons.–finance.html

Mark my words: we are only seeing here the beginning of a domino effect. The year of the Fire Monkey will probably see a major financial crash…You still have a few months ahead to build your hobbit hole however! Just kidding…kind of.

The Fire strengthens the Earth Element, but the Water is a bit too much to handle. Let’s not forget that with the Wood getting stronger, the Earth is weakened too. This does not bod too well for historical artifacts that could be destroyed this month – through the progression of the Islamic state for example but also through natural events.

It happened of course and very unfortunately, with further destruction of Palmyra:

Minor earthquakes could happen, but it’s more around dams and nuclear power plants that we will turn our eyes to, as incidents will likely occur in those structures.

Well you want some failures affecting dams? Here they are! Isis opening one and flooding South Irak:

A dam breaks in Oklahoma City:

Another in Dallas:

Here I quote: “ Landslide dam collapse causes catastrophic floods in Tbilisi, Georgia”. Perfect illustration of what I was foreseeing:

And around the SAME day, a reported break in Delhi dam!

There was no incident as far as I can tell around nuclear plants and this is a reason to celebrate my dear readers!

Traditional people could also be seen to protest and fight to protect their rights, as they represent the Earth traditions: think in term of native Indians, in Brasil, but also Africa. We should hear about conflicts between traditional lifestyle and modernity this month, but the Wood forming could mean a happy ending here.

And so it happened in many parts around the world! The Hopi protested against the auction of a traditional mask in Paris; you can therefore blame it on the French here:

Native Indian tribes also protested against the California water summit from which they were excluded:

Venezuelan tribes protested against violence from mining gangs: THIS is exactly what I was talking about: “We should hear about conflicts between traditional lifestyle and modernity this month”

There were also protests from tribes in Irak:

A scandal in the field of medicine involving some medication is also possible, and corruption shall be exposed in some governments or organizations.

BINGO! DOUBLE BINGO! One of the biggest medical fraud in US history was exposed this month, involving hundred of doctors all around the country. I quote: “U.S. Attorney General Lynch Announces Biggest Medical Fraud Bust In DOJ History – 243 Arrested. National Medicare Fraud Takedown Results in Charges Against 243 Individuals for Approximately $712 Million in False Billing”

In a different domain, the mislabeling fraud of Whole Foods was also blatantly exposed this month. Anyone who has shopped at WF knows that 8 euros a kilo of potatoes or so is not exactly what it should be, so we could have seen this coming!

Paradoxically, while the Metal is withdrawing this month, it does so with style – the Water and Fire makes it shine a lot. This could benefit some Metal related industries and I am betting on music and research, above all.

Well, first and foremost it is the movie industry that benefited with the incredible success of Jurassic World, already the 5th all time movie of history for the billions of dollars it made during this Horse month alone! Inside out was also a surprise hit, one of the biggest of Pixar in recent years. This year of the Horse Goat has been spectacular for the US box office:

But my prediction for the music industry came through. First with a major win for copyright holder in the music industry vs the UK government:

But also with the case against Apple made by Taylor Swifft who got them to reversed their free trial policy and not pay the artists:

What I predicted for research was also illustrated with the “biggest breakthrough” in the past 50 years in cancer treatment:

That being said, some people have cured their cancer without big pharma before…

To finish on the best news of the month, it is a prediction that I announced as early as December last year in my review of what the year of the Yin Wood Goat 2015 would be. Here is my post from this month on the matter.

I am so proud to have announced marriage equality in my Chinese astrology predictions for this year and this month! Here it is making the news, an historic moment in time for the US and the world:

Here were my world in my yearly predictions for the year of the Yin Wood Goat: “As for more equality and a better society, it should be seen in various countries of the West: I think marriage equality will for example win all over the US states by the end of 2015. Call me an optimistic…”

Here were my predictions for this month of the Yang Water Horse:

I would say that we will see interesting partnerships formed this month, or new bills and laws to be proposed that could benefit the environment, education, children or the arts; as well as the fashion and design industry. We will monitor what happens in those domains then. It could also means that some points of views that are very different find a common ground. I would expect that both marriage equality and marijuana regulation should keep making the news. Expect also more fairness to be introduced for the respect of women rights or for equality at work.

Like with another historical Goat year, 1955, that saw the triumph of equality principles (end of segregation in the USA), time is cyclical and 60 years later brought the end of a major discrimination in the USA, this time for LGBT citizens. Here is what I wrote about 1955 in my yearly predictions here: “An evolution toward more equality and faire treatments of all citizens in the West: both Rosa Park and Claudette Colvin took a stand at different time of the year and in different states against segregation in transport, and some of it was abolished on that year (on the 5th of November 1955). The final blow and victory will be in 1956 with the declaration of segregation in public transport unconstitutional.”

Well done supreme court of the USA!

It was obvious to me that another blatant case of inequality would be abolished during this year of the Yin Wood Goat like it was the case in 1955. This is the benevolent side of the Goat sign at work. And speaking of Goat, we are now entering the month of the Goat inside a Goat year! What does that mean for our world? The answer is here with Bazi for the Goat month part 2 to read now…