Chinese astrology Rabbit 2015

Predictions for the Yin Earth Rabbit month: part 2

So what does this Rabbit month has in store for us then? From a Bazi point of view, this Yin Earth Rabbit month is particularly interesting to analyse in conjunction with the Chi of the Yin Wood Goat year itself. This month brings Yin Earth over the strong Wood of the spring season. The Yin Earth is like a fertile soil, much more productive than the Yang Earth of last month. The Rabbit contains a Chi that is 100% Wood (Yin Wood) and it is the peak of the spring season: the Wood Chi is therefore in full blossom mode. So we have the Wood full of vitality that is under the soil – the image of seeds that have been sprouting and growing and that are ready to burst open above the Earth, while in the previous month they were still underground.

Yin Wood on earth: Wood goat 2015

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The association with the year is very interesting, because it is a bit like the reverse image of the Yin Wood Goat year that is 2015. This year, we have the Yin Wood above the productive Earth, full of Wood itself that is the Goat sign. This month, we have the Yin Wood under the productive Yin Earth that wants to come out. The Yin Wood is above in the year’s Chi, below in the month’s Chi. Either way; there is obviously a great tension between the Wood and Earth Element this month because of this double dynamics that involves the two Elements.

And the Wood shall win. Why is that? Well, first and foremost, in the cycle of the 5 Elements, Wood controls the Earth. Even if this month it is still below the Earth, it is strong enough to burst it open. Second, in the month of the Rabbit in a Goat year, the Wood is particularly alive as Rabbit and Goat combines into forming more Wood: they are part of the Wood Elemental frame that is Pig-Rabbit-Wood. Therefore the Wood is clearly the winner this month and the Earth, having the Wood taking from it above and below, is greatly weakened.

In term of events, the most obvious we can expect is in my opinion a major earthquake this month. With so much tension put on the Earth, and the Yin Earth representing the soil or ground, it will very likely be shacked quite a bit! To determine where is always tricky, but this month both the East and West sector are particularly affected. So this is in those two directions we shall look – East and West coasts of countries such as the USA for example, rather than other areas. Let’s hope for the best and see what happens.

With the Earth Element crumbling down and the Wood popping out, we can also expect another great month for archaeological discoveries – that could be linked to finding old fabrics or food for example, or fossil plants, all related to the Wood Element. I wouldst be surprised if the discovery of a new plant makes the news this month too, as the Wood is showing up everywhere. East and Southeast Asia could be the areas of such a discovery.

I also expect ecology to make the news: climate change is possible, but it’s more about deforestation and measures taken around this that we should see some announcement. As the Wood is clearly winning, the optimistic in me hopes to see some governments regulating better the timber industry and implementing some measures this month against deforestation: the creation of natural reserves is not out of the question either. Agriculture should also be in the spotlight this month for one reason or another – organic methods should make the headlines but not only.

With so much Wood, the anger associated with this organ and sitting in the liver is awakening. We can expect some movements from citizens in different countries this month: East and Middle East are more likely. Possible strikes, protests, and fights for greater justice will appear and can especially come from young people such as students under such an influence.  As for the Ukraine situation, I don’t think the end of the crisis is going to be so easy: it’s in the East part of the world which is under great stress this month, and the possible ties of Putin with the recent murdering of its opponent are fueling the anger…

What for the other Elements then? The poor Water is another time the great loser – which indicates disruption and more problems with transports. We hope for the best and it shouldn’t be as bad as the Rat month of last year for planes and boats, but there will be incidents again, guaranteed! Some droughts or shortage of water man-made could also appear in some areas of the world.

The Metal is not that strong either, but the Yin Earth produces Metal. The trick is, there is too much Wood to try to control for the Metal this month. It will translates into repressive measures trying to be implemented by governments, police and armies probably in the face of the citizen movements that I am predicting, but failing to do so in a civilized manner. Rules and law abiding forces are weak this month, and it will show. Another reason why I think the Ukraine crisis is not done yet. We shall also witness some incidents with cops behaving badly, unfortunately. The good aspect of this month’s influence is that citizen initiative and local movements, and even petitions, have a greater chance to get somewhere – democracy and equality could be winning often. Maybe marriage equality will make some huge progress during this Rabbit month? I predicted that it should win over the whole of the USA during this Goat year.

The Fire is in a weird spot: supported by all the Wood showing up but used quite a bit by the Earth. It is a push-pull situation. It won’t do too badly still: stock market will hold and shouldn’t see any crash, and the entertainment industry should perform quite well overall. With such a push from the Wood, several indie movies could surprise us at the box office.

In term of your wellbeing, the push of the Wood means that liver inflammation and pancreatitis could be commoner during this month. It will be wise to not overly stimulate your liver and Wood organs (no bad joke here please) and therefore avoid fried food and alcohol overall. Using a bit more Fire and Water this month will help – in term of bitter flavors and spicy food for example, as well as seafood and iodine-rich food. You can now start to sweat a bit more and it is actually not a bad idea to restart sauna session and more vigorous exercises: don’t overdo, especially with the heat, but it is a good month to activate the skin, detox a bit and welcome the energy of the spring. A traditional remedy such as the Swedish bitters before meals is particularly useful for this month.

Chinese astrology Rabbit 2015

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For your personal predictions now. Remember that only the analysis of your full Bazi that you can order here allows for accurate predictions on a whole year. That being said, here are some general tendencies if you know your Bazi.

  • The weak Wood Bazi is thriving ! So much Wood to support, and Earth around which is money to be made. Be reactive and you’ll score high in your work and with money. Great time for job interviews if you are looking, weak Wood people;
  • The strong Wood Bazi is under stress with too much Wood pushing it; it is the opposite situation, things could get out of control at work and you could spend too much. Take some time off and chill as much as possible – and have a light diet and drink consumption above all, strong Wood people;
  • The Weak Fire Bazi is doing rather well like last month ; supportive people and opportunities come your way, but be mindful to not bite more than you can chew weak Fire people; you’ll feel agitated and need to rest too;
  • The strong Fire is uncomfortable, but you can still be very productive; it is all about channelling your urges, stress and frustration, keeping your eyes on the prize and make calculated moves; chaos would not serve you well at this time;
  • The weak Earth Bazi are not doing too well, the Wood is controlling you. Nitpickers are on your back, and freeloaders might be around. There are chores and deadlines to deal with and you shall try to prioritize to cope with them;
  • The strong Earth Bazi are doing a bit better – they feel combative, maybe a bit too much ; mind your words and actions and use this month to get organized and efficient in your work ;
  • The Weak Metal Bazi can see some money and work opportunities, and it can be a good time for romance too ; the thing is, you should not be cocky and rather grateful for what you get. A bit of personal initiative will serve you rather well;
  • The strong Metal Bazi will make good money but also feel some pressure. You don’t have to do everything this month, strong Metal, know when to rest. Romance can be good too;
  • The weak Water Bazi are doing as poorly as last month: there is very little margin of action for you, you have to go where life takes you and wait for better time. You need a break above all!
  • The strong Water Bazi are doing quite well; they can express themselves eloquently, and it is a good time for public appearances, seminars, job interviews. You can be fairly productive.

Now, for the sign of your year of birth. Likewise, it’s only 1/4 of your chart, so not the whole picture that can only be given through your personal Bazi analysis and report !

  • The Rat is not doing too well: you could feel used by other people, and your own interest denied. You need to be diplomatic and cautious this month;
  • The Ox is in a punishment with thie year and the Rabbit reactive this formation. It is a contrarian month for you, with a lot of arguments; but you could make money and meet someone new if you are not too cocky;
  • The Tiger is still doing well in this season and should have a good time overall, in all domains; look for new people coming your way;
  • The Rabbit, despite being in his month can encounter odds situations: expect the unexpected. Be cautious with money but new friendship and romance can however show up out of the blue;
  • The Dragon is fine too, it benefits from the season but there is not enough Water for Dragon. Basically you can benefit from the month if you are modest in your ambitions and adaptive;
  • The Snake is so-so and better keep a low profile; no pain no gain this month for the Snake;
  • The Horse has some added charisma and should try to go out and meet people; it can be a good time for marketing and P.R in your business, Horses;
  • The Goat is in a tricky situation all year long but can do better this month with the support of the Rabbit: it’s good for romance, associations and friendship overall;
  • The Monkey is not doing too well this month, it should make its moves carefully and not be too bold ; arguments can occur ;
  • The Rooster is in direct opposition with the month and quite affected, it should therefore be cautious in everything and especially mindful with money and relationships; go easy on sports as well, Rooster
  • The Dog is in a good association with the Rabbit and should gain support and thrive overall; remember the self-punishment of the Goat year still and be cautious, double check everything;
  • The Pig should thrive; it is one of the best sign this month and should be overall lucky in many areas of its life.

If you want to know precisely what your life mission is, what your Four Pillars signs and Elements are and where you are heading to, why don’t you order your Bazi chart now? And don’t forget to read about the boost of luck for this month here.