Bazi analysis for babies and children.

When it comes to understanding your baby and later on which education is best for your child, Chinese astrology offers a fantastic tool. Let’s take babies born during the Chinese year of the Dog in 2018. Those babies are Yang Earth Dog. This combination of Yang Earth + the Dog sign influences their personality, tastes, and future destiny. However these babies are not “just” of the Earth Dog sign. The year of birth is only one Pillar in their chart, called the Bazi. Another name for it is the Four Pillar of destiny. The other Pillars are the month, day, and time of birth of your baby or child. All those Pillars interact together and give each of those children a unique makeup: a personal map to navigate in this world and lifetime. There are thousand of combinations possible for babies born in every given year!

Chinese astrology babies


Now imagine if you could understand this map, and the full potential of your child early on in life! This would give you a great opportunity to nurture the best qualities in your children, and to avoid forcing them in a direction that does not fit their destiny.

This is what the Bazi analysis of your child can provide you with: a clear understanding of who your baby is, and what to do for them to blossom. With my personalised child Bazi analysis, you get the following information:

  1. The personality of your baby or child: what works for them and what doesn’t
  2. The best hobbies to encourage for their personality to blossom
  3. The right colour for them to wear, based on the 5 Elements that they like
  4. Their relation with their parents, grandparents and siblings
  5. Advice on the right lifestyle to fit their personality
  6. Their possible life mission

This report gives you invaluable information to help your child manifest their full potential. It also explains their baggage at birth, by looking at their karma. This work can be completed by a Feng Shui consultation for the whole family that gives the best support to each of you, and create harmony at home. To order, you can contact me through: