Sell your property with Feng Shui

Feng Shui for architects and real estate

This page is for you, architects, interior designers, real estate agents, property developers and conceptor of buildings and spaces. If you are in the business of designing residential and commercial spaces, redesigning them or selling them, here are the benefits of Feng Shui that you can implement in your practice.

Together with my expertise in Feng Shui, we can:

  • scout for the best locations,
  • review building sites
  • identify good properties with the best potential for a return on investment.

You can prevent a lot of problems and maximise the benefits of any space by inviting me to analyse the piece of land that you are targeting, or the properties that you are thinking of buying. With Feng Shui we can even predict when some areas can pick up in a city, and if not for a whole area we can certainly foresee how any  building can be converted to be successful.

Designing with Feng Shui

That takes us to stage 2, which is the design itself.  If you work in the business of conceiving and designing houses, appartements, buildings or business such as malls, restaurants, hotels, spas, shops…Then you will have a major asset by calling me in at an early stage to design the premises.

It works on two levels: the first layer is to have a sound building, that will have a better energy flow and attract customers and business naturally.  That translates into more financial benefits of course.

The second layer is that if you sell some units, houses or businesses that we have designed together, any prospective client will be more inclined to be attracted to them and buy then. That means a higher sell price, and happier clients as they get a place that sustain their life and business, rather than work against them. You can use the Feng Shui work we do together as a selling point, or keep it for yourself and take the advantage over your competitors…Up to you!

Feng Shui for real estate development.

Finally, you can also offer your client the premium service of attaching Feng Shui designs to your real estate agency , your architect, property development or interior design firm. You can offer this Feng Shui consultation and designing service to your clients as a premium option, or as a gift you make to exclusive clients. Imagine how your firm will stand out when you offer an exclusive, taylor made Feng Shui consultation service to a client who buy is interested into one of your million dollar property…

Whatever you envision, and at whatever level you want to implement Feng Shui, we can discuss about it and have a referral program. It makes our work much more efficient and spectacular when we are working together at an early stage, and it insure your clients with a quality of service that won’t be match by your competitors.

Please contact me now to talk about it and make a difference for you and your clients.

Sell your property with Feng Shui

Laurent Langlais, Feng Shui consultant in London. Credit: Marc Broussely,