Laurent Langlais: Feng Shui master & astrologer

Ok, so here we are on this page where I am supposed to talk about me. I aim at not making my ego bigger; you see, being born French and near Paris, it’s not my path and how I trained in metaphysics. After all you might soon invite me in your place or ask me to look at your destiny. It pays of to choose your Feng Shui consultant and astrologer carefully, to make sure that he or she is what you are really looking for.

If you want the short version on my training in Chinese metaphysics, here it is.

Laurent Langlais is a Feng Shui master, consultant and expert based in London and accredited by the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG). He is consulting in Feng Shui, Chinese astrology: Bazi/Four Pillar of destiny and date selection (Qi Men Dun Jia). His Sifu in Asia is Master GK Ham, 72 Gen of the Han Wu Lineage汉五派 (Grandmaster Lau Kai Chi).

Now if you want a more detailed version on how I came to be a Feng Shui consultant and an astrologer, please keep reading.

I guess you’re not really interested into knowing that I am geek at heart, that I have superpowers over wild squirrels or that I am a good cook? What you really want to know is how a Frenchman came to master authentic Feng Shui, Chinese astrology and oracles. So let’s get to this.

First Feng Shui master London

Laurent Langlais, Feng Shui master & astrologer. Pic credit:

I was exposed to divination through my family. My mother took advance classes in Tarot (the French “tarot de Marseilles”) and then numerology with a great and famous teacher, Jean Daniel Fermier. She saw my intuition and interest for the metaphysics developing as I was teenager and quite logically she then taught me to read tarot and practice numerology. The passion for Tarot had never left me since, and I have being using this oracle for 25 years now!

Fast track and after a life mostly spent in France, and a burgeoning career as a computer artist, I then had a calling. A very literal one, as I woke up one day and KNEW that I had to leave my work, (intense but creative) to travel the world. I was actually confident about this choice, considering that in my work I once spent 32 hours in front of a computer to meet a deadline and then went to sleep for 17 hours straight. It wasn’t the life I was dreaming of…And while I was making movie magic, I was looking for another one, more real and practical.

I clearly remember seeing my parents one morning and telling them I would go on a world trip. They didn’t take me seriously, but 6 months later I was leaving. During this world trip that actually went on 20 months, I spent a lot of time in Asia: India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. This is where I felt a real awakening. My interest for Buddhism became much more practical when I was hosted by a Tibetan family living in Kathmandu. What stroke me in Asia was the architecture. Architecture has, honestly, being another passion of mine from a young age and still is. In Asia I discovered a more sacred architecture, that was answering to not only to practicality but also to beliefs on energy. The biggest Buddhist temple in Indonesia, Borobudur, is for example modelled on a “3D” mandala and the energy felt when I visited was very real. More down to earth, I saw many places with an inner courtyard to let the Qi flow in Singapore and Malaysia. I also saw shops with tilted doors and the pieces finally came together when visiting the famous Blue house, Cheong Fatt Tze mansion in Penang. Here I hear the name of this practice over and over: Feng Shui.

The irony is that it was not the first time I was hearing about such practice. A few years back my big brother offered me a book on Feng Shui, thinking that I would like this practice at the crossroad between architecture and metaphysics. He was right and I was hooked…

Once this world trip was over, I felt at a crossroad. Travelling changes you, always…especially when you travel for almost 2 years! I didn’t feel like going back to my former work and its hectic pace; and yet I had to find another career that I felt connected with. I figured out that calling a Feng Shui consultant in would unlock things for me…and I was right. While she was not using classical Feng Shui, I saw many aspects in her work that I loved. That was truly another step in my spiritual journey…

The third one was to decide that this becoming a Feng Shui “master” was what I also wanted to do with my life. I first learned “westernized” and new age Feng Shui in Paris, then Montreal. However I remained sceptical, thinking that there was more to Feng Shui than clearing the clutter or the 8 mansions, when it was used to build the Forbidden city in China…

Then one of the most significant event happened in a striking manner. I was at my parents’ house again and discovered online that there was actually an academy of classical Feng shui in Malaysia: a country where I always wanted to go back…As in Malaysia I had a sense of déjà vu all over. However it was REALLY expensive. I then remember asking the Universe and my guides to send me a sign, to tell me if my path was to go there and spend all my savings on this teaching. In the next 5 minutes, my father called me to tell me about a documentary on Malaysia on TV! I had my answer, loud and clear.

I then went back and “just by luck” got a job in a French school so I could live and learn in Kuala Lumpur. I first learned from the Yap Cheng Hai academy, but I didn’t like the way the academy taught. Luckily, I then found by connection another Sifu whom is Master GK Ham. He took me in to learn Feng Shui, Bazi, Qi Men Dun Jia, Da Liu Ren and much more. The way its Han Wu lineage connected Bazi and Feng Shui made total sense.

The rest, as they say, is history. I then started to give my first consultation in 2006 in New Zealand, where I lived after Malaysia. I kept living in different countries and started giving Chinese astrology/Bazi and Feng Shui consultations, along with tarot. The word of mouth snowballed and there was no turning back.

And here we are today, when I have been living from being a Feng shui consultant and astrologer for 11 years now (in 2017). I have given Feng Shui consultations in the UK, Canada, the US, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Spain, and Switzerland, and Bazi consultations to people from all around the world. I have was featured on the BBC radio The Why factor in 2014 and I have written columns and articles for The Paper, DimSum, PrideLife and Kindred Spirits among others. Finally I have also being one of the main speaker at the UK Tarot conference in 2011, and part of the book The Tarot masters: insights from the world’s leading Tarot experts.

If you are still reading this, you now that I am the right Feng Shui consultant and astrologer for you. So why don’t you contact me now to book your consultation?