Chinese astrology month of the Horse

Bazi for Horse month, June 2015. Part 2: Fire & Water clash. 1

Now for an analysis of the Heavenly Stem and Earthy Branch of the month of the Yang Water Horse, that runs (see what I did? Haha. Nevermind…) from the 6th of June to the 6th of July 2015. The first part of this analysis that review the Snake month can be found here. Those of you who are familiar with the 5 Elements theory and interactions used in Feng Shui, Bazi and Chinese medicine can already guess that this month has some troubles in store for us!

Chinese astrology month of the Horse

Bazi for the Horse Water month of June 2015. Copyright:

Why is that? Well, this month we have the powerful Yang Water on top of the Fire of the Horse. Water and Water are opposite in the cycle of Elements; more precisely, Water controls Fire. So when we have Water on top, the Fire is struggling to survive and could be totally extinguished…And this will have consequences. If you look at the 5 Elements logic in details in my recent posts here and here, you will see that Water always go to the lower point and Fire to highest. We are now entering the full summer season, at least in the Northern hemisphere. We expect the Fire to be strong and rise on top at this time of the year. If now we see Water on top, the conflict is strong. It would be ok to see the delicate Yin Water, contained in the mist, coming on top of the Horse. But here with the Yang Water we have a much stronger, more powerful form – akin to the current of a river, waterfall or the sea. So the Fire is really struggling. We also need to see this in the context of the Wood Goat year, but more on this later.

The first main predictions will be trouble for all sort of transports. If you read my monthly Bazi analysis, you will remember of the one for the Yang Fire Rat month of December 2014. The problem came from the appearance of an Element totally out of season that created a violent Fire-Water clash, with the Yang Fire on top of the Rat. Here we have a very similar occurrence, but reversed: the Yang Water appears in top of the Fire in Summer, as compare to the Yang Fire on top of the Water in Winter. During the Rat month, there was a great occurrence of planes crash and boats wreckage. During this Horse month, I think we can expect something of the same nature. I do not wish for this to happen, but plane crashes – especially at sea – are a strong possiblity. Boats are less likely to be in jeopardy here, but fire or explosions on boats, such as tanker, are not unlikely still. Following the logic of Fire-Water clash, an oil spill is also possible. Why? Because oil relates to the Fire and such Fire Element is moving on the sea, lot of Water. This month dynamics show the Water Elements submerging the Fire – therefore an oil spill at sea or in a lake is likely (on the land too, but less so). Finally, even trains and trucks could be in trouble, especially if they transport chemicals. Those are not fun predictions, but let’s face it, there are plenty of dramatic events happening every month and we need to account for those.

What else can we foresee through this Water-Fire clash? For the good news, I would tend to think that the drought affecting California and other part of the world would either see solutions emerging, or get better. People will put some good will into it. Astrologically speaking, a lot of Water is coming in – and therefore the droughts effects should be less drastic this month. Fingers crossed that it happens!

5 Elements Water Fire

This month in Bazi: Fire & Water clash. Copyright:

With the Water emerging and the Fire in dire situation, this does not bod too well for the Fire related industries. We could certainly see a bug or a product recall for a major company of telecom or new technologies this month – Apple for example. The Water Element has to do with emotions as well, so it is the image of customers who are not happy with a Fire product like the Apple watch could make the news for the wrong reason, or something along those lines.

In the Water-Fire clash we can also see conflicts between women and men, so I expect that women rights or feminist issues will make the news during the Horse month. But more on this when we’ll look at the Wood Element this month.

The Water-Fire Chi together obviously recalls the idea of the blood in our bodies, a very special substances that combine Water (liquid) and Fire qualities (red, going up). So in the good news department, I expect some important breakthrough in the field of cardiac surgery or cardiology (like last month), or for the management of high blood pressure or similar problems. I suspect that a drug for high blood pressure could make the news during this month. In a similar fashion, but less optimistic, we could expect more heart attacks and kidney infections during this Horse month, and some celebrities could make the news for health problems related to one or the other.

Now we also have to see this Yang Water Horse month inside the Yin Wood Goat year to get the full picture. What does the interaction tell us in term of Bazi? Remember than in my yearly analysis of the Wood Goat, I have highlighted the lack of Water this year. The Fire was also not in a strong position.

This month, the Water emerges will a lot of strength. So, it can help nourishes the Wood – which can benefit from both the Water and softer Fire at work this month – but the Earth of the Goat will have a harder job to do. The Wood itself can therefore benefit from this month. We should see Wood-related industries do fairly well. Before we go more into details, let’s not forget that the darker side of the Wood Chi is anger. We are therefore likely to witness some strong protests and violent conflicts through the month still. This combination of feeding the Wood and having a clash against the joy and exuberance of the summer Fire is a sign of conflicts in some part of the world, unfortunately.

However, there is plenty to be hopeful for. One very important aspect shall be analyzed is the depart interaction between this month Stem and Branch. Each branch contains some Roots, the hidden Stems that tell us what the Chi is like. The Horse sign contains Ding and Ji, respectively the Yin Fire and Yin Earth. In Bazi, there are some special combinations of the Stems. Ren-Ding is one: it is the combination of Yang Water and Yin Fire that together form some Wood Element. It is happening during this Horse month, as Ren is the Stem of the month and Ding is inside the branch.

This is a very interesting fact. It shows that despite the Fire and Water clash that is, the Wood will grow very well and really benefit from the month. Fire and Water forming Wood is the image of a beautiful exotic plant, like an orchid, that grows and blossom. How will it translate in the world? I would say that we will see interesting partnerships formed this month, or new bills and laws to be proposed that could benefit the environment, education, children or the arts; as well as the fashion and design industry. We will monitor what happens in those domains then. It could also means that some points of views that are very different find a common ground. I would expect that both marriage equality and marijuana regulation shall keep making the news. Expect also more fairness to be introduced for the respect of women rights or for equality at work. This Wood alliance, inside a rather benevolent Good year, will bring us plenty of interesting developments in this very active Horse month.

Something else to notice is that the Horse and the Goat usually help each other. So while this month is a bit more hectic with the Fire and Water, the union of the two Branches through the month and year also bring the ideas of partnerships, alliances, common ground and resolutions. This month could bring a major development in diplomacy. Everything is faster and more spectacular during this Horse month that takes place inside a Goat year. As the Horse is a fast animal and the Goat about earth, the idea of trains and tunnels come to mind. So the transport industry will be in focus also for probable good news, such as developments around trains.

Speaking of Earth and the other Elements, both Earth and Metal have a difficult job to do this month with the incoming Water. The Fire strengthens the Earth Element, but the Water is a bit too much to handle. Let’s not forget that with the Wood getting stronger, the Earth is weakened too. This does not bod too well for historical artifacts that could be destroyed this month – through the progression of the Islamic state for example but also through natural events. Minor earthquakes could happen, but it’s more around dams and nuclear power plants that we will turn our eyes to, as incidents will likely occur in those structures. With this strong Wood/Water, weak Fire/Earth combination, we can in general expect people to show little patience and strong emotions this month, hence more conflicts. Traditional people could also be seen to protest and fight to protect their rights, as they represent the Earth traditions: think in term of native Indians, in Brasil, but also Africa. We should hear about conflicts between traditional lifestyle and modernity this month, but the Wood forming could mean a happy ending here.

What about the Metal then? The Metal is quite weakened this month, by both the Fire and Water. It is, with the Fire, the Element that is the weakest this month. Expect Metal-related industries and activities to take a hit. With both Fire and Metal weak, we could expect some stock markets to go down and some excitement about this during the Horse month. Banks will be in the spotlight and probably for the wrong reasons. A scandal in the field of medicine involving some medication is also possible, and corruption shall be exposed in some governments or organizations. Paradoxically, while the Metal is withdrawing this month, it does so with style – the Water and Fire makes it shine a lot. This could benefit some Metal related industries and I am betting on music and research, above all.

What about our wellbeing then? The Fire takes a hit this time, so it needs gentle support. As mentioned, both the heart but also the kidneys are under stress. Potential ailments can include tachycardia, high or low blood pressure, heart attacks, kidney or urinary tract infection this month for sensitive people. Skin problems such as psoriasis will be very common too. Those with mental disorders are likely to be more agitated too. For people struggling with their liver or pancreas, things could get easier however. My advice is to use some gentle tonics such as ginger infusions and Swedish bitters this month, and also frequent sunbaths. Proper hydration will be important during this month. Fried food and very spicy dishes shall be avoided. As the Earth is weak, try to sleep a bit more too. With both the Water and Fire activated, it can be a perfect month to detox in spas or thermal waters. This is what I’ll do myself in Budapest this month!

Now it is time to review the predictions sign by sign based on the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac and on your Bazi or Four pillars of destiny dynamics.

  • The weak Wood Bazi get some help this month and can rise to the occasion. Be reactive weak Wood and you could really benefit from this month;
  • The strong Wood Bazi do not get the support they usually have at this time of the year. You could be all over the place and unfocused. Be realistic and humble this month;
  • The Weak Fire Bazi are in a tough spot and confused. You are under a great stress and do not have the upper hand. One word for you: diplomacy. For female weak Fire Bazi, romance can be good however;
  • The strong Fire Bazi are also stressed out but will have the upper hand eventually, if they are determined and focused. Be prepare for a fight but it should benefit you;
  • The weak Earth Bazi are not in a good mood and have too much on their plate. The month is tiring and you should know when to withdraw and rest;
  • The strong Earth Bazi can make money, even if they will feel pushed and under stress. For male charts, it is good for romance;
  • The Weak Metal Bazi are having a hard time. You are noticed but also all over the place mentally. It is a good time to network but not to be cocky or confrontational. The Metal women can be lucky in love this month, still;
  • The strong Metal Bazi have much to do but can shine and see some great achievements in their career this month. Not the time to rest yet! Don’t strain yourself still, the month is intense;
  • The weak Water Bazi are regaining strength and can make money. The men could also be lucky in love. So it’s not bad overall;
  • The strong Water Bazi can do better especially with money, but you shall not be cocky and plan your move carefully. It can be good romance for males;

Now, for the sign of your year of birth. Remember that it is only 1/4 of your chart. To understand what each year and month bring to you, you need a personalized Bazi analysis.

  • The Rat is having a hard time as it is in confrontation with the Horse. You better lay low and don’t ask too much Rats. Take some time off if possible
  • The Ox is not in his season and should be cautious in everything he does. People will try to control you, but for females Oxen the month can be good;
  • The Tiger has a harmonious combination with the Horse and should see helpful people coming its way. Time to network or apply for jobs, Tigers;
  • The Rabbit is at the service of other people during the Horse month. If you work for the greater good rather than for yourself, you should do well for now;
  • The Dragon is not doing too well. The energies are contrarian and the Horse tends to exhaust you. Lay low and go with the flow, Dragons;
  • The Snake can have a good time with romance and friendship but should also go with the flow rather than try to have it its way;
  • It is an odd month for the Horse and it should be prepare for changes of plans. Expect the unexpected during the whole month. You should nevertheless receive help when you need it and meet interesting people. It is a good time for romance if you are a woman Horse;
  • The Goat is doing rather well as the Horse is helping this sign. Still, there is the punishment of the year, so you have to stay on the safe side in everything you do. Romance can be good;
  • The Monkey is all over the place. It is a karmic month and your attitude will bring good or bad outcome, so mind your words and actions Monkeys;
  • The Rooster can benefit from its peach blossom star, the Horse. You can shine and have an interesting flirt or romance this month. People will try to control you still, and the month is tiring, so be modest and pace yourself;
  • The Pig is doing better this month, but it is a no pain-no gain type of month. You get out what you will put in and should remain diplomatic;
  • The Dog should do well, due to its association with the Horse, like the Tiger. It can also handle the Water of the month and should see money opportunities or love prospects for male Dogs.

The method used to analyse each month is the same that I use to decipher your own Four Pillars. If you want to know where you are headed, what is your best timing, what the second half of this year has in store and how to be happier, wait no more and contact me now for your Four Pillars full analysis or for a Feng Shui consultation in London, the UK, or internationally.

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