The cosmic trinity creating your life: Heaven, Human, Earth.

The 3 Lucks sounds a bit like a scratch card game or a Las Vegas one eyed Jack, doesn’t it? And yet this Taoist Chinese notion is one of the most important concept in metaphysics. One that gives you essential keys to understand and more, on how to live your whole life.

Those 3 forces talks about the Why, When and Where of your life – which altogether relate to the WHO: that is YOU. Here I’ve tried to include a Doctor Who joke, as I am a bit nerdy, but couldn’t. So let’s continue…

The 3 Lucks concepts allows us to change our lives on several levels. So follow me to explore this notion and go deeper into the Rabbit hole…

Heaven Human Earth 3 Lucks

Here is your portal to the 3 Lucks. Follow me!
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So, what are those 3 lucks, or 3 realms composing our lives? They are traditionally know as:

  • Heaven luck
  • Human luck
  • Earth luck.

Using the right spiritual concepts

An important note before we continue. Chinese philosophy and metaphysics in its current state contains a lot of different notions from different school of thoughts. The initial works that are the foundation of Taoism/Daoism: the Tao te Ching or the writings of Chuang Tzu do not speak about reincarnation or karma. They speak however of virtue and cycles still. Those notions are more Buddhist, and Buddhism greatly influenced the Chinese philosophy too. And so in Chinese metaphysics:

  • Some notions are Taoist: the 3 Lucks
  • Some are Naturalist: the 5 Elements theory
  • Some are Buddhist: karma…
  • Some are from mixed influences: astrology, Feng Shui…

And yet they all interact and inform each other in a consistent and beautiful system to explain our world and universe. So, in our current understanding of the 3 Lucks we are going to include notions that make a lot of sense to explain it: karma, the cycle of reincarnations, and astrology.

1. Heaven luck:  the roads to…

The concept of Heaven luck refers to our fate programmed at birth. There is a mapping in all our lives, determined prior to our birth. Hence the concept of “Heaven” luck as this choice and programming is made in the spiritual realm. It doesn’t mean that we have no part in it: but it’s not free will either, as it is decided before our incarnation and written in a code that is our exact date of birth.

Heaven Luck is therefore the part played by the spiritual realm in our lives, and the plan at birth. To me and to many others, this plan is best understood as determined by karma: past experiences given through a cycle of lives and reincarnations. This is the organising principle at birth: our accumulated karma at this point it time and the karma of our parents and family we are born into.

And so this date of birth is not random at all. It contains precious information, most notably a blueprint for your life called FATE.

Fate is not destiny.  It is often used with a negative spin nowadays, like something one can’t escape. It is however a neutral term, that rather means: the plan, the map, and some important cosmic rendezvous planed in your lifetime. Fate is basically your personal realm of possibilities that you can experience in this life. It is your map and your borders. And it also includes your forecast for each decades. So it is a map AND a forecast. A realm of possibilities in time and space.

astrology map

We’ve got your map and the weather forecast. Photo by Hendrik Morkel on Unsplash

Your fate is deciphered through any form of accurate astrology. Astrology is basically the reading of your own fate through your date of birth.

We’ll go back to the difference between fate and destiny later on.

The form of Chinese astrology that most accurately reads your fate is called: the Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny. Through a great Bazi consultation, you will get to know your spiritual blueprint, your possible life missions and your forecast to best inform your life decisions and take the path of happiness rather than struggle.

And so to summarise. Heaven luck or the Heaven realm is made by the cosmic, spiritual forces that gives you a life blueprint, according to your karma. This blueprint contains your fate: your spiritual map and forecast for this life. All of this, as well as your strengths and challenges, your affinities, your skills, your possible life missions etc. are seen through your personal Bazi analysis.

With this information read, you can then make informed choices. This is the free will part that takes us to the second luck, human luck.

2. Human luck: should I make a right turn?

With such a mapping of our lives seen through the Bazi, you may think that you have no free will left. Far from it! In astrology and oracles, there is a always a question that comes back: was it meant to be, or up to you?

Well, the 3 Lucks here again provides us great insight. A short answer: it depends…And your free will luckily plays a big part here.

Taoism here talks about the Human luck. Human luck is about choosing which path we take ( on the paths traced by our Heaven Luck) and how they shape our destiny. Here it is: I’ve told you that destiny would come back, like the Terminator. So for now we can define destiny as: the hike that you go through by reading your map and deciding to take on a road.

Which path astrology

Which trail, path or road to know take? The choice is yours.
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Our life blueprint indicates some directions to make our life easier and some lessons to learn: but to take one path and to accept the journey is part of our free will. This is how we build a different karma! Without free will there will be no choice, therefore no concept of karma…

Traditionally a Taoist way was to be virtuous and live according to a code of conduct that recommended taking very limited actions. Not to encourage laziness or procrastination: rather, to not interfere with the perfect order of nature, and attain the Wu Wei, a perfect and effortless state of being in the natural flow of things.

Nowadays our lives offer much more options and endless choices, which all transform our destiny. In old times, they did not have to choose everyday between fast food or a healthier diet, chat on Facebook or working, buying online, planning on holiday, change careers…We have to make much more choices an in a chance we have more options and less pre-determination. But, as Uncle Ben says to Peter Parker: with more choices comes more karma. Wait, he didn’t’ exactly said that. Rathe he said: With great power come great responsibility (which is known as the Peter Parker principle, for your nerds out there). But you get the idea: more choices, more free will, more outcomes, more leverage on karma! Thanks Uncle Ben.

And so we live in the time of instantaneity and our karma and destinies have transformed too: karma is faster! Some events are written in stone in your fate and some others are a matter of choice. Most are a combination of both.  Knowing which are which, through Bazi and astrologic forecasting, is a definite advantage in our modern society:

  • Should you stay live in London or move to the US?
  • Is this city working for your astrology?
  • Is the timing right for a change of career?
  • Which career suits you best
  • Is this new partner compatible with you?…

If you don’t know yourself and your fate: how can you make informed choices to change your destiny? And so fate and free best work hand in hand to create destiny. Heaven and Human luck. Once you know your Heaven Luck, you can generate a better Human Luck.

And yet there is a third wheel in the system that interacts with Heaven and Human: the Earth luck.

3. Earth Luck: should I stay or should I go?

Finally, another major factor in our lives is the influence of Earth luck. What is Earth luck? It is the influence of the places we live, but also of our tradition, communities, and beliefs…For now, let’s focus on the places as this is relevant here.

The places where we live and work all have a specific energy and influence greatly our lives. There are some “lucky” or “cursed” house for example. But here as well we have a huge, fantastic leverage: Feng Shui. Feng Shui, the method that analyses and changes the Chi/Qi (universal life force) of our environments to give us the best possible soil to grow, blossom and thrive. And so Feng Shui is part of the Earth luck.

For most people who are not aware of Feng Shui, it is not possible to understand which part of their life is so heavily influenced by their home and work place. However all of us have seen very different outcomes after we moved in a new place, or when a business moved to new premises. Feng Shui is the tool used to correct places, “Chinese medicine for buildings” and therefore can create a much better Earth Luck in our lives. To understand more, please read my article on How Feng Shui works.

There are more Earth Lucks levels to account for:

  • Your city and country own energy, astrology and influence (seen through astrocartography or astro-location for example)
  • Your nationality
  • Your ancestors
  • Your family and personal traditions
  • The communities you are part of…

Basically if it related to the soil (home, building, nationality), to where you live (city, community), or to the influence of a greater collective past on your life (ancestors, traditions): it is part of the Earth luck. And so to continue our hike metaphor. If Heaven Luck is your map and weather forecast; Human Luck the path that you chose to take; Earth luck is the actual territory you walk through and where you’ll sleep.

Path and refuge

Walking to your refuge: your Earth luck.
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And so before you declare that a city does not work for you, make sure you analyse and transform your home with a good Feng Shui consultation first! It might be that London does not work for you at a city on a destiny level; but it might be that you live with a subpart energy in your flat or house, and that transforming with Feng Shui will create this deeper connection.

Here is a real life example for you: I once scouted for a suitable apartment (well, a flat) for me in London. Of course I always visited them with my Chinese compass, the Luo Pan, to see if they were compatible with my own Chi. One of the real estate agent then asked me what I was doing. Once I explained, he told me: I don’t know if I believe in this, but we have in the agency a home that we call “the divorce house”. 6 couples moved in, and all of them ended up divorcing afterward! And yet he was still not a believer in Feng Shui and the influence of places…go figure!

You don’t have to be a victim of this invisible Earth Luck. The great strength of Feng Shui is that properly designed, it works for you day after day. Once your home and business are harmonised, you already regain some control on your life and can focus on improving the rest.

Now, I guarantee that there are several Feng Shui problems with this house but also that the fate of those couples were going through a sensitive period. And yet they decided to move there, because they felt attracted. This is the 3 Lucks interacting together…

4. The map, the hike and the territory

And so we know have this nice combination: a map to go on a hike, the paths you decide to take during this hike, and the places and people you come across  during the hike. Heaven, Human and Earth luck. The hiker is you of course.

And your experience is going to be different depending on:

  • How well you can read your map
  • Which road you decide to take
  • Where you sleep every night

If you don’t read your map, you might get loss and waste precious time.

If you take a challenging path, you might twist your ankle

But on this other road you would take, you’d end up in a cute refuge with 3 other Swedish hikers And one of them would become the man or woman you’ll start to date…

And so those 3 powerful forces should not be considered separately, as they endlessly interact with each others. And now we can revise Destiny that comes back again, like the Terminator still. Previously we have defined destiny as: the experience that we live, through the roads offered to us and the decision to take one or another. By integrating the third luck, your destiny truly is: the hike that you go through by reading your map, deciding to take on a road and going through a certain territory. That gives you a certain experience and you end up somewhere. It is a specific journey which, like all journey, changes the one who takes it.

Blue Pill red pill astrology

And so, dear Neo, which pill to change your destiny? Blue or Red?
Image courtesy: Matrix, copyright of Warner Bros.

Now, do you want and easy-peasy and smooth journey, or one challenging and painful? If you have ever seen the excellent movie 127 hours, you can’t help to think: What would have happened to Aron Ralston if he didn’t take his mountain bike on that day? I let you watch the movie and ponder…

For example, let’s consider that you are about to choose a new house or apartment to live in. Your own timing is changing, as seen through the forecast in your Bazi chart. This means that the influence of your Heaven Luck brings a different vibe and possibilities of choices already. This period is more challenging for now.

Because of this different influence, you might end up choosing a nice house but with hidden Feng Shui problems.  Problems that will resonate especially with your patterns and issues once you have moved into this new place…This home is a trigger for new life events and brings another road. And so we have a map that you didn’t know you had (the Bazi/Heaven luck) and didn’t read. Your timing and lack of awareness clouded your intuition. You ended up into a home that didn’t bring you support, or that you didn’t yet corrected with Feng Shui. And so the new timing, choice and territory form a more difficult hike, pardon destiny for now.

And yet all of this can be analysed, anticipated and changed for the better. Before, during or after the events, you still have leverage with the 3 Lucks. Consider the following options offered to you.

  1. You get to know your Bazi, your possible options and the timing you go through
  2. You wait for your best months to scout for new homes to not make mistakes of judgment
  3. You audit each place with Feng Shui principles
  4. You correct the final place with a Feng Shui audit

And so, even in a more challenging period, you know thrive because you have used the knowledge of metaphysics to positively change your destiny through the Heaven, Earth and Luck principles.

Now, if only you could find a Feng Shui and Bazi consultant which expertise would give you all this information and tools to change your destiny…cough cough…Wait, don’t google, it’s me, come back! Here, you can even go directly to my contact page to tell me what you need right now and how I can best assist you with Bazi, Feng Shui and selection of your best timing.

With my method, we’ll work on your Heaven,  Human and Earth luck to manifest your full potential and best destiny and avoid the challenging hike.

  • Your Heaven Luck: your Bazi to understand your fate at birth, your life mission and your personal timing,
  • Your Human Luck: by seeing best and luckiest choices that you can make to beautifully shape your life,
  • Your Earth Luck: the right Feng Shui to design the right place for you and take you to the next level of love, income and harmony

It’s a team work really! I give you a diagnosis but also all the solutions: you have the power to change your fate and create a beautiful destiny for yourself, right here, right now through the 3 Lucks principles. This is why I use both Bazi and Feng Shui in my method.

Ready to get to know your secret self and to go for this fantastic change? Then contact me now!

destiny and fate

Let’s discover your destiny.
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