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Home Feng Shui

Are you wondering what exactly is a Feng Shui home consultation, be it for your house, flat or apartment? If so, you are on the right page. Feng Shui often sounds obscure and mystical, and you might not know where to start. So let me take you through its methodology, step by step, you can understand the process we’ll unfold during your residential Feng Shui consultation.

Feng Shui for your home

I have given a few definition of Feng Shui through this website, but let’s go back to the basics. Why would you need Feng Shui in your home and how does it work?

The point of a Feng Shui consultation is to understand which energy comes into your environment and then to tailor it to your own energy. The metaphor that we could use is that you’ll go much further by sailing with the right wind. Feng Shui really is the Chinese medicine of your home. Each place can be sick or healthy, and people living in it will either thrive or struggle.

A Feng Shui consultant is a good matchmaker that transforms your home so it works with and for you. Your own energy can be totally at odd with your living place and this place can also receive a Qi that is not optimal. All of this is addressed and corrected through a home Feng Shui consultation.

To do so, the Feng Shui work is done in several steps:

  1. analysis of the external Qi that your home receives from the outside;
  2. analysis of your floor plans to see flaws or mistakes in design;
  3. analysis of flow, colours and placement of each room: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc;
  4. solutions to correct all the problems
  5. analysis of the Bazi of each person living in your home
  6. Attributing the right space, placement and colour to each person
  7. Cleansing the space once the cures are implemented

Once you have done through this whole process, you’ll manifest the right energy for you and should see your life changing in the first 6 months following our consultation (and often before). The changes are real and not just a vague sense of wellbeing.

Following this work together, you can expect:

  • your career opportunities to manifest;
  • your projects to be supported;
  • your relationships to improve;
  • to meet new people if you are single
  • to go to your next level of energy
  • to understand who you are and what you want to do with your life.

Your home Feng Shui consultation in details

The first stage for me is always to analyse your destiny. I do so by studying your Bazi chart, also called your Four Pillars of destiny. Prior to your Feng Shui consultation, I collect your date of birth and those of all people living in your place. With this incredible source of info and my analysis, I understand your personal story and where you are at now.

The great strength of the San Yuan Han Wu lineage that I follow is that the Bazi is totally integrated into the Feng Shui process. Your Bazi gives me the diagnosis to understand which of the 5 Elements (= the “blocks” of energy, the Qi) you need to be supported and go further. Not everyone can take all Five Elements and through your Bazi can find which ones work for you rather than against you! This is what makes this method so efficient. Suddenly we know which diet, lifestyle and environment work for you with an acute precision.

For example if your energy cannot take the Fire very well, I will not put you in a Fire-related direction and will avoid those colours for your bedroom. I find the Elements of balance through the cosmic flow of your date of birth, and then create this equilibrium through your home design.

We then review your goals, aspiration, struggles and see where you want to go from there: this allow us to set up the goals you want to achieve through your Feng Shui consultation.

Then I come to your place on the day of your consultation. For the sake of example, let’s say that you live in Marble Arch, London in a two bedroom flat. Once in your place, I look at the facing and sitting of your place with a Luo Pan. In other words, I see what is the precise direction and energy that your place receives through the use of a Chinese compass like the one below.

Home Feng Shui London

The Luo Pan used in Feng Shui. Copyright Laurent Langlais, picture by http://www.marcbroussely.com

I then analyse what the rest of your environment send, good or bad. The nearby street and their car flow, lamppost, neon signs, sharp corner, rivers or mountains all influence directly the type of Qi that comes into your place. Some will be welcomed; some other must be diverted or transformed.

Then it’s the work inside your place that is based on the reading of its plan and by analysing each room. There is an internal cycle of the Chi that we need to understand, respect and transform to support YOUR own energy. The understanding of your current home is therefore based on its architecture, the Qi it receives, the colours, the placement of appliances and your own energy.

After a couple of hours of work, I share my conclusions with you. We then go together in every room to see how you can convert your place to benefit from a more auspicious Qi to support you better and the people living with you. We see what works, what doesn’t and how to improve your entire place. We see practical solutions that change your home’s energy and that support your own.

Finally I also give you an herbal kit based on a Taoist recipe to cleanse your home Chi.

In the following days I send you a complete report about your home conversion. Everything is explained, step-by-step, room by room. You also benefit from a yearlong support and I answer to all your questions concerning your Feng Shui consultation, to make sure you do it right and see positive effects manifesting.

So, are you ready to go to the next level and have an easier life? If so contact me now!