Home Feng Shui London

Feng Shui for your house, flat, apartment.

Are you wondering what is exactly a Feng Shui home consultation for your house, flat or apartment? If so, this page aims at explaining why and how it works. Here is the process I go through for my residential Feng Shui consultations.

Home Feng Shui London

The Luo Pan used in Feng Shui. Copyright Laurent Langlais, picture by http://www.marcbroussely.com

Feng Shui for your home

The Feng Shui works aims at tailoring your home environment and put it in synch with two Chi: the Chi of your environment and your own Chi, to make your home literally work for you. To do so, as a Feng Shui consultant I audit in several steps:

  • analysis of the external Chi and environment
  • analysis of the floor plans
  • analysis of the actual rooms: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc.
  • how to correct the structural problems
  • analysis of the Bazi of all the people living in your home
  • Tailoring your home to the Kua and Bazi charts so your place can finally work for you and your whole family

Weeks before the Feng Shui consultation I will collect the date of birth of all people living in the place. This allows me to work on your Bazi charts, also called the Four Pillars of destiny: your destiny! With this incredible tool of analysis, we understand your personal story and where you are at, right here, right now. We then review your goals, aspiration, struggles and see where you want to go from there: this allow us to set up the goals you want to achieve through your Feng Shui consultation.

On the day that we have scheduled for the consultation, I then come to your place: let’s say that you live in Marble Arch, London in a two bedroom flat for example. Once I arrive, I take inside and outside measurements, work on your plans and make my calculations.  The analysis of your home is based on its architecture, the Chi it receives, the colours, the placement of appliances and your own energy.  There is an internal cycle of the Chi that we need to understand, respect and transform to support YOUR own energy.

After a couple of hours of work, we then go together in every room to see how you can convert your place to benefit from a better Chi that supports you better and the people living with you.  What works, what doesn’t; what can be improved, we see it all through the Feng Shui and Bazi work. I also give you an herbal kit based on a Taoist recipte to cleanse your home Chi.

A week later I  then send you a complete report about your home conversion. Once you have made the change, you can then burn the chinese herbs that I gave you: a special Taoist recipe to cleanse the Chi in your place, either home or business. You can then have a follow up consultation at your place and I advise you further if necessary.

You also benefit from a year long support and I’ll answer any questions concerning your Feng Shui conversion after our consultation, to make sure you are guided step by step.

Bazi with Feng Shui.

The great strength of the San Yuan Han Wu lineage that I follow is that the Bazi is totally integrated into the Feng Shui process. It is not used as an add-on like for other schools. It is the main diagnosis tool to understand your own strengths and where you need support and then convert your home through the right Five Elements setup. Not everyone can take all Five Elements and this way we find which can find which ones work for you rather than against you! This is what makes this method so efficient. Suddenly we know which diet, lifestyle and environment work for you with an acute precision. Through the proper Chinese metaphysics we have all the tools to indeed understand who you are and how to transform your home so it works with you, day after day. So, are you ready to go to the next level and have an easier life? If so contact me now!