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Chinese compass Feng Shui

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Recently, I had a rich client in England who was about to completely redesign the mansion he bought in the UK. He contacted me to see if we could implement a Feng shui consultation once the work will be completed…And I quickly convince him and his wife that it was so much more efficient to have me come over and work on the design at the beginning, in harmony with their desires and the architect vision. We were all glad we did it this way, because we discovered major flaws in the initial layout and we greatly improved all aspects of their beautiful house.

This is one thing I will never, ever mention enough, for everyone to understand:


It makes your life, my work, and the results so much easier and efficient.

Conceiving your plan with Feng Shui

If you call me in early, at the designing phase, or before you make your renovations, we then have a fantastic opportunity to conceive a place that is a proper extension of who you are, that fits you perfectly and work at every single level.  Likewise, my work can be maximized when I design your business with you.

While I can still do wonders once your place is already build or bought, the difference is like having a suit perfectly made by an expert tailor to your measurements, or fitting a suit you bought in a store afterward….

That also goes for scouting new locations, if you do not wish to design your place. My work and mastery is at your service: I am happy to design a guide to help you understand what you should be looking for, to advise you on every single place you consider and then to do the Feng Shui work on the one you end up buying.

Ready to buy, or ready to build? Wait no more and look at my services, then contact me now to have the best possible environment to support your whole life, and the ones you love.

Already owning or renting your place? Then discover what Feng Shui can do for you and read my page on Feng Shui home consultation. Contact me now to book your consultation!