My method

In the world of Feng Shui and generally metaphysics, there is much diversity. For me any spiritual techniques – Feng Shui, shamanism, dowsing etc.- my current understanding is that they should ideally answer to the following criteria:

  1. Be old enough to have been tested over many generations
  2. Have a consistent logic in their teachings and applications
  3. Allow for a deeper connection to the natural world
  4. Not take you on a ego trip

With this in mind, all the new age bullshit is of course totally out. I love true magic and ways to bring it back in our lives but cannot stand the fluffy and mercantile derives of new age. New Age is another iteration of « white men ruining everything » (thanks Bianca del Rio). Take esoteric traditions that are century old, water them down, add positive thinking to everything and market it into weekend seminars: et voila! It’s just another ugly face of capitalism that reduces spiritual development and esoteric knowledge to a cash grab with the fake promise of instant enlightenment. One tip for you: someone spiritually enlightened doesn’t post it through 237 selfies on Facebook…

So, you won’t find any of this in my consultation. No Mc Feng Shui, hipster or new age Feng shui. Changing your home or business premises is to give you an easier life and much more. It is meant to connect you more deeply with the natural world, your spiritual nature and unlock your potential. It is designed to induce a shift in your consciousness: the rest is up to you. I won’t bring you salvation but I will bring you an understanding of your own path, and the right place to grow and blossom. So how do I do this?

Feng Shui: how it works

The idea of Feng Shui is that the universal energy, the Qi, is both inside and outside of us. Chinese medicine and acupuncture treat the balance of the internal Qi in our bodies. Feng Shui treats the balance of the external Qi in your homes and working places. Balance the Qi, get the right one to support your life, and you will thrive. It is as simple as that in theory…

On top of this idea there is the concept of the 3 Lucks: Heaven, Human and Earth. In Feng Shui I work on your “Earth luck”. In Bazi, Chinese astrology, I analyse your “Heaven luck”. The last one is up to you: this is your free will. You can read more in The taoist 3 Lucks.

In the right Feng Shui there is a precise, almost mathematical logic to balance this universal energy. We must always go back to the logic of the 5 Elements and how the Qi works. Each environment will dictate which of the 5 Elements needs to be balanced, converted or enhanced for the right Qi. Each house, apartment, flat or business facing will bring an idea layout for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc. Each of them will have ideal and not so ideal water exits: toilets, sinks, shower, bathtubs, downspouts. There are basically architectural and design rules based on the understanding of the Qi!

The Fire Elemental frame: Tiger-Horse-Dog. Copyright Laurent Langlais.

Finally each of us, through our own Bazi chart and date of birth, has colours and placement that support or bring us down. This is where the true magic happens: when we put you back entirely in this equation. It’s not useful that you reduce your energy to fit into your current home. Instead, we have to find ways for you to expand and for your home to become an extension of your true self. It is like the best tailor made costume you could wear. Through my knowledge in Bazi, the Four Pillars of destiny, I can decipher and explain your personal map contained in your moment of birth. Something that previous civilisation has always known, as astrology has been part of humanity for a very long time. Your complete date of birth is a much more efficient to connect you to the environment, and this is why I never went back to the Feng Shui based on gua/kua numbers only.

You can follow this link to read more on how Feng Shui works.

The power of symbols

Finally, I’d like to share a short word on my own evolution inside the Feng Shui methodology. Today I practice a classical form of Feng Shui that of course takes into account modern aspects such as wifi, home psychology etc. However my western mind rebelled a bit against some of the teachings. For a while I practiced a Feng Shui that was focusing entirely on the flow of Qi and its mathematics. In doing so, I rejected the power of symbolism.

And yet, is there something more powerful than symbolism? Burn a flag and you can start a war; show a white one and you can stop it. Send a heart to someone and their own heart beat faster…Symbolism is truly the esoteric language, the one that speaks to our higher self, beyond word. Eventually it found me back through Chinese astrology and shamanism. Chinese astrology speaks entirely in symbols and pictures. Later on I was initiated into a shamanic path that I am practising to connect with other worlds. In doing so, I have rediscovered entirely the power of symbolism.


The most efficient Feng Shui in my current opinion combine the right symbolism to trigger a specific state of mind and its right placement that connects with the energy. This is where magic truly happens. Feng Shui is an animist practice at its heart, and it’s not doing it any favour to rationalise it and deplete it from the most esoteric aspects…When those two worlds work hand in hand, magic truly follows.

In the end I am merely a gardener that will help you plant the seeds of your bright future (through astrology) and give you the right soil to grow (through Feng Shui. If you take a Feng Shui and Bazi consultation with me, this is because you have a calling for something greater than your current life.

Welcome to the new you.

5 Elements Fire frame