Are you feeling stuck and don’t know where to start with Feng Shui? You’d like to get a better luck, see more opportunities in your life, change work, meet the right people? But you cannot change your whole place right now? That it the typical chicken-and-egg situation: you need the right Feng Shui to change your life and get an easier one, but you cannot afford a Feng Shui consultation right now!

And yet, there is a solution that I have designed for you to help you get some Feng Shui benefits and increase your luck to a better life without having to change your home for now! Infringing, isn’t it? Follow me to discover how!

Increase your luck EVERY MONTH to get a better life…

I understand that you might not be to have a Feng Shui consultation right now for several reasons:

  • You are on a budget.
  • The timing is not right
  • You  live far away 
  • You cannot make the changes

Still, you would like the benefits of Feng shui to get luckier, make more money, meet good people and get a better life right?

  • If you want a real, classical method to increase your personal luck month after month,
  • If you want it to be easy to do at home, with clear instructions on what do do

Then those exclusive Feng Shui memberships are designed especially for you.

With this monthly and yearly plans, you’ll get 5 Feng Shui activations minimum to do at home EVERY MONTH. Each of these Feng Shui luck boost trigger the right energy and boost your luck  so you can easily:

  • improve your income, career and relationships all year long
  • manifest the right opportunities in your life to move to the next level

What exactly are the Feng Shui luck boosts?

This method is about activating a room in your home or business on a specific time and day. Basically what we do here is tapping into the right energy (the right Qi) for good luck, at the right time and in the right place. By doing so we start a chain of good vibes and events should manifest to help you with what you really need: making more money, getting a better job, a promotion, improving your relationship, meeting good people…

Is this magic? Yes and no. Those days and sectors to activate are determined through the combination of monthly Feng Shui influences and a Chinese oracle known as the Qi Men Dun Jia. The Qi Men is an old oracle that gives a “map” of the optimum Qi (energy) for good luck on any day and any hour in the 8 directions. In old times, it was used to know when and where to lead a victorious battle. Today it is used for peaceful purposes, such as boosting your income, getting promoted or meeting people whom are helping you.

How do I make those activations?

Here you have two choices. The method at home is done by using either a large indoor water fountain, or a fan in front of a basin of water. What we want here is to have movement and water to activate the right sector at that time. Yes, it is that easy. The trick is to respect the time, day and location that I give you. Every 2 hours the energies move in our homes and this is the reason why those Luck Boost must be done on the right time and day.

After each activation, positive effects should manifest in your life in the following 2 weeks.

The second method is to drive in the direction indicated, on the right time. No need to go very far: a trip is 10 km is enough. To understand the Feng Shui Luck boosts and the method to apply them, please read the method: Feng Shui luck boost.

Why a Feng Shui membership?

For 3 years I have given a free Feng Shui Luck boost every month and people have seen great results. I know from experience that good luck ACCUMULATES: the more Feng Shui activations you do, the more benefits you get! This is why I have created this Feng Shui membership to give you not 1, but 4 Feng Shui luck boosts to do every month! By using them every month you can raise your own Qi and manifest a better life, week after week, month after month. Luck is not random: it can be calculated, triggered and used to get the life that you want.

With these memberships you can get 4 V.I.P monthly Feng Shui luck boosts per month and can benefit from a good Feng Shui’s energy at home,  even if you cannot yet do a Feng Shui consultation!

What are you subscribing to?

With the yearly membership you are subscribing to get 5 or more V.I.P Feng Shui luck boosts each month to do at home, or by travelling. Once you sign up, you are able to access the VIP member area and its exclusive content. In this area, you find each month the Feng Shui luck boosts for the whole month (posted in the first week of the month). You can also download and print the file if  you wish as a pdf (Please refer to the Membership terms and conditions).  Finally you have automated calendar with reminders. The instructions are clear and simple for you to apply at home on the right days and times. Here is the method again.

Ok this sound exciting! But what is the price then?

As many wanted these memberships to manifest, I was able to design and offer you a very affordable price.

The Green Dragon membership is only £188 for one year and 60+ Feng Shui Luck boosts!

That is about €222 (for Europeans) or $255 (for Americans) for a whole year.

Yes, you read that right: that is less than £4, less than €4 and less than $5 per luck boost!

Each of those activations will help you to raise your energy levels and boost your luck, career prospects, opportunities and income week after week and month after month. I repeat that the effects are cumulative: so the more you use them, the more positive effects you get in your life!

(The scale of positive effects can be different from month to month. To understand why, please refer to the Membership terms and conditions ).

To give you an idea: the fee for a Feng Shui activation calculated on a personal date of birth usually start around £250. How am I able to offer this price? It is simple maths: as a lot of you subscribe, I can keep the price very affordable…

To make sure that you understand all about this membership and its rules, here are the terms and conditions: Membership terms and conditions. This page is also a F.A.Q on all questions you might have about the membership and subscription.

The Feng Shui lucky membership summarised.

Here is the whole membership point by point:

  1. The membership gives you 5 Feng Shui activations every month of the year, for a whole year
  2. These activations can be done at home or while travelling
  3. At home, they are done with a simple fan or a water fountain
  4. They use the Qi Men Dun Jia oracle and monthly Feng Shui
  5. The goal is to tap into the good, lucky energy of each month
  6. You should expect positive effects in your life on your career, money and relationships
  7. The more you do, the better luck and Qi you should gain
  8. The membership is a yearly payment of £188 that can be cancelled before the renewal
  9. This Feng Shui membership is a method for good luck exclusive at

So what are you waiting for? Try and see by yourself what happens in your life! Register now and get lucky!

Green Dragon
187£ / Year
5 Feng Shui Luck boosts per month, every month for a full year. 60 luck boosters per year!
Feng Shui lucky activations
Based on the Qi Men Dun Jia oracle
You receive 5 Feng Shui activations each month
Those activations can boost your luck, career, income and relationships
You pay once for the whole year
Each Feng Shui luck boost add to the others: the good effects are cumulative!
You benefit from my free support with your house plans to apply the method