Bazi Four Pillars July 2015

Bazi for the Yin Water Goat month. Part 2: world predictions. 1

This is the part 2 of my Bazi predictions, part 1 is here.  So, what does this month of the Yin Water Goat taking place inside a Yin Wood Goat has in store for the world and us? A thorough analysis of the Stems and Branches interaction is in order here. We have to start with the obvious, Goat with Goat. The repeating of a similar structure in Chinese metaphysics is known as Fu Yin, a kind of “trap” that weakens the structure. Think of two plants that grow in the same pot: they both have to share the same soil, water and nutrient and end up competing and weakening each other if they are of the same species, rather than complementing each other. So this Goat month is in a “trap”, Fu Yin structure with the year. Which means that the qualities associated with the benevolent side of the Goat are going to be eroded here.

Bazi Four Pillars July 2015

Goat month July 2015, world predictions. Credit:

I think that we could therefore witness numerous communication misunderstanding for corporations, governments and people (this order reflects the current priorities of the world order haha! I wish that I was kidding on that one…). Expect diplomacy misunderstanding, statements that put CEO or famous people in hot water, recall of products and generally situation where people have a hard time communicating. This could create amusement and mockery but also more severe problems, especially as far as diplomacy is concerned. A Fu Yin on the Goat sign is not a good time for negotiations and agreement; it is a very different situation from last month with the Goat helping the Horse, hence the win of marriage equality in the US. I am unsure about the scale of a diplomatic crisis that would take place this month, but I expect apologies and clarification between some countries governments, as well as coming from contrived CEO.

If I mention CEO, it is because I expect as mentioned more technical bugs; flaws and product recall this month. First, because the Fire helping the high-tech industry is now weak. Second, because the two Goats together is also known as a self-punishment: we therefore going to see companies and people shooting themselves in the foot this month, and especially in relation to the Fire industries: telecom, high-tech, and in the entertainment.

What is a self-punishment you ask, young man at the back of the room? That is a GOOD question. Thanks for asking! A self-punishment in Bazi is a punishment of the self. Any other question? What? I should expand and clarify? How demanding!

Ok then. A self-punishment is like signing a wonderful contract to rent a new apartment and not reading the small line which says that you have to give 3 months salary, one arm and your liver if you leave before the end of the lease. Which will happen as you realize later on during that year that really, you cannot stand living in such neighborhood. Or it is signing for your new job in this prestigious law firm and then discovering that really, you didn’t want to be a lawyer, at all. You actually wanted to be a gardener. Well too bad! Those are basically mistakes of judgment. When you are in a year, luck pillar or month affected by a self-punishment in Bazi, you should read the small lines, be careful what you sign for, not commit lightly, take time to think etc. It happens when Dog, Goat and Ox are next to each other or next to the identical sign. In my experience, it also happens with the Dragon but on a milder level; the Dragon is not considered a proper self-punishment. So during those times, mind your speech, mind your actions. With both a Fu Yin structure and self-punishment, you now understand why I expect plenty of faux pas this month. If some major contracts or agreements are also signed during this month, between countries or companies, we shall see how they unfold in the following months. Hidden problems could emerge before the year is over.

If you read my previous article, you know that I prefer to analyze the branches in term of Chi rather than in term of analogy with the animals. Nevertheless, analogy cannot be discarded altogether when one speaks about Chinese metaphysics. The Chinese language itself is very symbolic, hence the difficulties in translating some characters into a single world. So, now we have two Goats together; and Goats are also Rams, or Sheep in Chinese astrology. Same character, different animals. If we think about the sheep, two or more of those could quickly adopt a herd attitude. With two sheep together, I expect that some stories will highlight dissident point of views toward the “herd” or sheepish attitudes this month. What’s good for the greater good, or what we are told is good for the greater good. I think some stories or headlines will put in focus the dissidence of alternative vs mainstream medicine for example. Think along the lines of vaccinations, typical example of a medical act supposed benefiting the greatest good but with more and more issues being highlighted – vaccines injuries, adjuvants and less freedom of choice. The concept of “herd immunity” is often talked about for vaccines, so it would be logical to see major news around this topic when the herd is in focus! I also foresee this month tentative from some government and corporations to erode basic freedoms and try to introduce more monitoring of citizens for example. On the positive side, the “sheepish attitude” could mean agreement where before there was none and less opposition on controversial subjects. Rendez-vous in a month!

Of course if we keep surfing on the wave of analogies, then we can talk about the “black sheep” of the herd. Here, I am referring to Greece vs Europe. No need to be an astrologer to predict that this month headlines will be a lot around the evolution of the situation. What I can however tell you is that the agreement is not a given, for reasons that I have highlighted: it is a bit of a minefield for diplomatic relations this month. I remain optimistic but doubtful that a satisfactory agreement will be reached between Greece and the rest of the EU during this Goat month; after all, two Rams together often fight.

Along the same idea of individuality/herd, expect more noise around marriage equality and people refusing to follow the new law in different states. The law has passed, but the application of it will be eventful this month, this is a given.

To go into more predictions we shall see which of the Five Elements are winning this month. The month is Yin Water, Gui, over the Goat. The Water is a bit stronger than for the rest of the year. Last month saw the strong Yang Water, Ren, coming but the Fire of the Horse partly dissipated it. The Water is partly absorbed by the Earth of the Goat, but it is not as violent as the previous month. The Water Element is therefore not too weak. It is good news for the hospitality industry for example and for transports.

The most interesting situation this month is however for the Wood, and most particularly the Yin Wood. Follow me here as it is a bit technical. The Goat is the storage of the Wood Element; it is therefore an Earth sign full of Wood. It is also where the Wood ends its cycle, started with the Pig and then in full blossom with the Rabbit. So, somehow, we can say that the Wood is getting very weak at this time of the year, before autumn and winter come. Winter is coming! Not yet mind you, but when you can include a Game of Thrones reference, you always should. Here, during this month, the Gui water, like the morning dew nevertheless helps some Wood to grow back. The Yin Wood, Yi, is contained in the roots of the Goat sign too. So yes the Wood withdraw, but the two Goats contain plenty and the Yin Water help some to grow. So the Wood is not THAT weak this month, compared to other year. It is a process that I have highlighted in my yearly predictions for the Goat year here.

So the Wood is under tension but sprout back when it should withdraw. Result? More anger rather than total agreement, first and foremost. Another reason why I believe agreements are complicated this month. The good aspect of the Wood sprouting back is however sheer creativity for example. Expects amazing art during this month, in term of performances and pieces revealed. As the Wood spring from the Earth of the Goat, I predict that actually some important pieces of art shall be unearthed or found back this month. It would be logical to see a long lost painting or some drawing re-emergence for example. Bold prediction and I count on you to tell me about it if you see such news!

The Wood is also potentially good news for education and we could see development in those areas, as it combines Wood (teaching, young kids) and the idea of a group already highlighted. We could see news around schools for special kids, specific therapies or method of teaching (Waldorf/Steiner schools for example). The Wood resurgence is also excellent news for the fashion industry and all the fashion weeks taking place around the world during this month should make some noise, more than usual. Finally, in term of agriculture and environment we could see things moving as well – with more focus on plant food.

What about the rest of the 5 Elements? Well the Metal is not too strong – the Earth of the two Goats doesn’t help much, and the Wood and Water keep it busy and gently eroding. So not again a great month for financial markets or medicine overall. I also don’t expect the month to be as spectacular as the Horse month for the box office and movie industry. The Fire is not helped much either reason why the stock market will plunge a bit – of course linked to the Greek situation. There is however no clash like last month, so the transport industry WILL get better and witness less accidents overall.

Now we have to look at what is contained in the hidden roots of the Goat to see the full relation with the stem of the month. The Goat sign is Earth containing mostly Yin Earth (Ji) but also some Ying Fire (Ding) and some Yin Wood (Yi). Last month as you remember we discovered a combo with the Stem of the month and some hidden Stems in the Horse: Ren + Ding, Yang Water + Yin Fire = Wood. This month we don’t have harmonious combination between the Stem and Branch hidden Stems. We actually have a hidden clash: Gui-Ding, Gui being the Yin Water Stem of the month. So, another Fire-Water clash, but more subtle and not as powerful as the opposition Fire-Water of last month. I therefore do not think that it will translate by an increase in plane crashes or transports problems this month for example. However, with Fire and Water clashing we are bound to see some steam. With the opposition that I have also highlighted, the logic of the “black sheep” vs the rest of the herd, I think that we might witness another terrorist attack. I hope that time will prove me wrong…What make me think of it is also that the Yin Fire is clashed away: the Yin Fire is associated with wisdom, knowledge, people guiding, showing the way. So this Water-Fire clash inside a tumultuous Goat year might illustrate a clash of point of views between different civilization and some obscurantism vs enlightenment, as seen in most terrorist attacks. As I would like a positive note here, in the opposition of Yin Water and Yin Fire but buffered by the Yin Wood (contained in the Goat too), we can foresee spectacular artistic performances and creativity all over the month, a fact that I have mentioned previously.

The Earth Element is not as weak as during the Horse month and should be able to benefit from the Water showing, despite the Wood of the year using it. So it can be good news for the real estate market, urbanism, architecture and archeology to name a few Earth-related domains. I actually would not be surprised to hear some governments proposing or agreeing on some major investments in infrastructure or major urbanism projects this month.

Now, time for a little prediction based on your own Four Pillars of Destiny/Bazi and sign in Chinese zodiac.

  • The weak Wood Bazi should thrive this month: Earth, Water and Fire help the Wood to blossom. Still, have realistic ambitions and don’t bite more than you can chew at work;
  • The strong Wood Bazi should also do well especially financially. It is also good for romance for the male Wood;
  • The Weak Fire get some support but are also under control. It can be good romance for women, but both genders should make sure they are not argumentative all month long;
  • The strong Fire Bazi can shine but feel under stress. It is about channelling your urges and focusing on what you have to do, it is actually a great time to get the job done;
  • The weak Earth Bazi are doing ok, as they receive support from the Goat. You need to have a plan for the whole month and make some careful moves; it could pay off, especially at work;
  • The strong Earth Bazi are in the same dynamics as last month. They can make money, even if they will feel pushed and under stress. For male charts, it is good for romance;
  • The Weak Metal Bazi are still not having a time of their life, but psychologically it is better than last month. Romance can be good for males and some money prospects will show up if you are reactive;
  • The strong Metal Bazi can however do much this month. It is a bit on the hectic side but you’ll be noticed, can make money and it is a good time to be out and seen;
  • The weak Water Bazi are doing ok, but should remain realistic in their ambitions. It can be good for women if looking for love;
  • The strong Water Bazi can advance in all areas of their life despite feeling a bit of competition and a sense of urgency.

Now, for the sign of your year of birth. Remember that your year of birth is only one of the four pillars. To get the real picture of your life mission career, romance prospects and predictions month-by-month and year by year, you need a personalised Bazi analysis and report. The year is only a general tendency for the month.

  • The Rat is having a slightly better time than last month. He can meet like-minded people and make new friends;
  • The Ox should take cover – double whammy with the opposition of the month and the year. Don’t do anything Oxen! Just go on holiday. Postpone all important decisions and contracts if possible…
  • The Tiger is doing OK; he is a bit by himself but can cope. No pain no gain this month Tigers;
  • The Rabbit is in an harmonious relationship with the Goat and should do well. It can be a lucky month. The Wood is however being depleted so know your limits, Rabbits;
  • The Dragon should be on the cautious side. While not in a direct punishment, he can expect odd events and funny people;
  • The Snake is doing all right as the Goat has an affinity for Snake and Horse through the Summer season. It can be a time for romance for male Snakes and for making money too;
  • The Horse should receive plenty of support this month and it can be a great time to go out, socialize and make contacts;
  • The Goat is in a precarious position, almost as much as the Ox. Be mindful of your words and speech and avoid big commitments this month, if possible;
  • The Monkey is feeling a bit of a push but can find its way through the month; money matters in particular can improve;
  • The Rooster is not doing as well as last month and can have a bit too much to handle. Keep things simple and in control, Roosters;
  • The Dog is in a self-punishment with the Goats and should also be on the cautious side in everything, this is not your time Dogs;
  • Finally, the Pig is in a good configuration with the Goat and should benefit from the month by meeting interesting people and maybe have some romance.

Fascinated by the predictions of the Four Pillars? Then why don’t you get to know yourself better and get your personalized Bazi chart done and analysed to know what the year has in store for you? This month, to celebrate more than 500 followers on Facebook, I offer 20% off all Bazi charts, Tarot and numerology! So wait no more and contact me now for your report and to see your potentials and future.

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