Bazi: Chinese astrology

C’est la vie! How many times have you heard of this French expression to describe the ups and downs of our lives? It sometimes seems so random, striking some luck or to the contrary going through life challenges.

  • Why do some of us become famous and successful, for example?
  • Does it guarantee a happy love life too?
  • Is it just all about hard work, or connection, or is there something else?
  • Is sky really the limit, or is everything programmed?
  • Will you take a Crème brulee for dessert, or a dark chocolate cake?
  • Can you take both and go all Eat Pray Love with it, or will you regret it?

Don’t worry: it’s not all random! There IS much more. There is a fantastic tool, a diagram of who you are, that gives you explanations about your own timing, your true calling, your life mission. Yes, all at once! This amazing code is called the BAZi, or Four Pillars of Destiny. And it’s all contained in your date of birth…

While our DNA is your  genetic blueprint, the foundations of your body and appearance, the BAZI is your spiritual blueprint that explains the WHY of your life, and give you clues about the HOW to transform it. Sky might still be the limit, but how do you reach it if you don’t know how to fly yet?

Four Pillars of destiny

Astrology is designed to guide you when you are at a crossroad. Photo:

So what exactly is the mysterious BAZI? BAZI means 8 characters in Chinese. Your date of birth is made of a year, month, day and time of birth: four components, also called the 4 Pillars. As each Pillar is made of two parts, a top and a bottom, then we have 8 characters all together = a Bazi.

Those characters code different aspects of the Universal Chi, in form of the 5 Elements. Each character is, beyond representing timing, also some physical or moral attributes. Their interaction then explains what you are given at birth to carry your life mission: your strengths and what you have to work on, your appearance, your upbringing, your body constitution…

Therefore, your karma and your life calling are also contained in your Bazi. This is therefore the perfect tool to discover who you are, why your life has been like this so far, and more importantly what we can do together to give it the direction you want to take! Once you know your own chart, then you will KNOW if you prefer the Crème brulee or the chocolate cake or both. That doesn’t take away your free will, but that gives you suitable options. A guideline for your whole life, and desserts are just the icing on the cake, if I may.

But there is even more to it! Why do you feel crap in winter and great in summer, or vice-versa? Why was 2009 super challenging and 2010 super easy? Is it a good time for you to meet someone, to sell your stock options, to open your new business? Your Bazi also contains your own timing, in term of challenges or blessings, which allow me to give you an accurate forecasting  with a monthly and yearly coaching, and also to select for you auspicious dates for important events. Nowadays I have done hundred of Bazi analysis for my clients in Londonb, Dubai, Los Angeles, Vancouver etc. and they are all amazed by what they have learned on themselves and their optimum timing. As a result, they have changed their life for the better.

Ready to discover your life mission, your best luck periods and to be in the flow? Then contact me now for your personalised Bazi analysis.

Four Pillars 2015

Bazi chart for the Yin Wood Goat. Courtesy of Joey Yap