Month of the Tiger Chinese astrology

Chinese astrology for the Earth Tiger month, February 2015. Part 2 2

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What about this new month of the Yang Earth Tiger (Wu Yin) then? The Tiger is the beginning of the spring season: it is the young Wood coming back to life after the reign of the Water Element in winter. The trick with the Tiger is that it is also part of the Fire frame: Tiger-Horse-Dog, and as such it contains quite a bit of Fire. The Fire is associated with joy and warmth, but also with some aggressiveness and possible incidents. This month, the Stem on top is the Yang Earth. The Yang Earth is like the one found in boulders, large stones, mountains.

Month of the Tiger Chinese astrology

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Depending of the Elements that we are looking at, it is a good or more challenging situation. Inside the Tiger sign, the Stems are: Yang Wood, Yang Fire, Yang Earth. The Yang Earth on Yang Wood, and on another Yang Earth, are both signs of blockages and unfortunate events. However, the Yang Earth on Yang Fire is a an excellent combination that helps to resolve tricky situations. So we are going to see both situations getting stuck this month and some others having real openings.

To summarize, the situation is more difficult for the Wood, Water and Metal this month. The Fire and Earth are doing fairly well. Overall, it is a very dry month, too dry actually: some Water would have made things a bit easier.

What does this configuration brings? With the year of the Goat starting and the Wood getting stronger, but stopped by an heavy mass on top, we’ll see some Earth-Wood tension this month. This could translate into:

  • Focus on the oil industry and fracking. This will go into two directions: some problems related to fracking will be highlighted, with maybe a change of policy on the matter. An incident related to it is not unlikely this month, which would put this practice in the spotlight. This is because of the dryness of the month. However, for more conventional methods of oil extraction, it is not bad; the oil industry will make the news but for partnerships, trades, negotiations. Look around the keystone pipeline.
  • Possible collapses: sinkholes appearing, or landslide, or collapse of a building, bridge or man-made structure. It could very well be around a tunnel, as the month is Yang Earth. On the challenging aspect of this month, this is what I foresee: the Yang Earth is simply too heavy on the Yang Wood that cannot bend well. As the Wood also relates to fabric and garment, as well as paper, there could be an incident of this nature in a paper or clothes factory.
  • Military operation in countries that are dry and rocky, with mountains: think along the lines of Irak, Afghanistan, Egypt, Morocco or the Middle East.

It is interesting to look at the energies of the month to refine the analysis. This month the North East is affected twice: I will therefore expect problems coming from Northeast Africa (so toward the middle East) and Russia. Putin and the Ukraine situation are going to make some waves this month.

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Influences for the Yang Earth Tiger month. Copyright: Laurent Langlais

If we delve more into the logic of the Yang Wood Tiger, the cruel lack of Water Element this month means that is tough, again! For the transport industry: boats and planes. We certainly had a confirmation in the very first day of this Tiger month (my bad if I am late to write this article) with another plane crash in Asia!

What a series it has been for planes in Asia in 2014, as you can see here:

The lack of Water and control of the Earth also means that this not an ideal month for the hospitality business and for the service industry.

Another expression of the Earth-Wood tension will be the struggle between digestive organs. Expect some case of food poisonings or food products recalled this month…

The Metal is nowhere to be seen. The Yang Earth is not productive yet for the Metal, and the Fire and Wood tiring to this Element. It is not the greatest month for research, medicine or the banks. I expect bad results to be announced for a bank, or some kind of banking regulations to be in the spotlight. Expect some news around a Casino as well, probably in Nevada…

About not respecting some rules, there will of course be some movement in Greece this month: no need to be psychic to see this. However, it will influence the Euros and the stock market. It should be a fairly low-key month for the stock market due to the lack of Metal and some weakness of the Fire.

As mentioned, the Yang Earth on Yang Fire influence can however be very good to unblock difficult situations. I expect diplomacy to make some good progress this month, and overall some governments to be surprisingly helpful and accommodating.

This influence can also benefit something like solar energy: I am betting that we will see important announcements in this field during this Tiger month, with maybe some incentive from a country to push for a shift to solar energy. Keep your eyes peeled.

This is also good once again for archeological discoveries, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this month brings some major findings or advancement in archeological methodology.

It is also a month when the mining industry will make the news: either with a major discovery (think of huge stone or something along those lines), either with what I have already mentioned, something collapsing (hopefully not!).

For the movie industry, it should be a good month: the Fire is strong enough. There is a lack of Metal however, so no records in sight in my opinion, and some strong contenders will actually bomb. But Paramount, of all studios, should make the news with something important.

I don’t expect a month as challenging and as eventful as the last one. The energy of the Spring and the pressure of the Earth keeps the tensions in control, in my opinion. While a Universal influence cannot account for all individual charts, I don’t think we’ll see any other major hostage or rampage situation. Fingers crossed!

For our health and wellbeing: with the month being so dry and the lack of Water and Metal, I would actually support a bit too too Elements. Eat salty food over sweet ones (that would be too much Earth) and seafood especially. Keep the bone broths and soups, even if we are now entering spring. Raw dairy and good fats – such as butter and coconut oil – shall be used to lubricate the body better. Put them on your skin too – shea butter, coconut oil. If you are prone to skin ailments, chapped lips, and dryness of some organs, this month is hard on you. Minimize the bitter taste and support the Wood just a bit with some sprouts, salad and vegetables in season: but steam them or stir-fried over raw, that would otherwise increase the dryness.

For your personal predictions now. Remember that only the analysis of your full Bazi that you can order here allows for accurate predictions. That being said, here are some general tendencies if you know your Bazi.

  • The weak Wood Bazi is not happy: crushed by the overwhelming Earth, it still receives a bit of support from the Yang Wood of the Tiger. While this is close to your season weak Wood, don’t bite more than you can chew: with finances especially, be cautious rather than ambitious.
  • The strong Wood Bazi have some opposition: it can be a month that triggers arguments. You can make money and feel productive, but there is electricity in the air so keep cool;
  • The Weak Fire Bazi is feeling energetic and can benefit from this month to be productive and achieve a lot. With the Earth on top, there is however a limit to your strength and ambitions, and if you are cocky you’ll feel sorry later on;
  • The strong Fire feel a push, and probably too much of a push. They are between the Anvil and the Hammer this month and should make their move carefully, rather than rush;
  • The weak Earth Bazi are feeling rather good this month. The assistance of more Earth plus the Fire of the Tiger is providing you with assistance. You can achieve a lot, but mind your boss still – the Wood is around;
  • The strong Earth Bazi are under pressure and feel like they could explode any minutes. It’s better to take some time off if you can;
  • The Weak Metal Bazi are not liking this month too much; they feel confused by the different influences and it’s no pain, no gain for you this month;
  • The strong Metal Bazi can do well and especially make money, but they should keep their sharp tongue in control and be diplomatic as much as possible;
  • The weak Water Bazi are really not having a great time. It is a very challenging influences and you have very little control about the events. You can only surrender and do what you are told for this month to work for you;
  • The strong Water Bazi are in weird situation; for some it can be a tremendous month, briging them everything they need; for some others it can be a lot of efforts for little results.

Now, for the sign of your year of birth. Likewise, it’s only 1/4 of your chart, so not the whole picture…

  • The Pig can do well, as it works in synergy with the Tiger. It’s good for friendships and meeting, less for money and career;
  • The Rat is used and feel the lack of Water. You have little control over the events, so keep a low profile Rats;
  • The Ox is in a punishment with this New year, but they can make money this month and even shine. They should remember to be humble this year still;
  • The Tiger is in his month. You feel the drive to do things, but don’t take any situations or people for granted as surprises could occur, Tigers;
  • The Rabbit has good support this month but the Wood is a bit crushed. You have resources but should have realistic plans, if you are overly ambitious it might well backfire;
  • The Dragon is doing ok, this month is what you make of it; likeminded people are likely to come help you;
  • The Snake should be mindful of his habits and not abuse his body; Snakes would pay the price if they have a dissolute lifestyle this month;
  • The Horse is the great winner of this month; the Tiger helps him and the Goat year is a friend too. You can shine and score high this month Horses;
  • The Goat is now in a self-punishment with this year, and they should be cautious this month; not everything shiny is gold, and people can be two faced;
  • The Monkey is like the Snake under an influence when abuses would backfire; plus the Tiger hits it. Take care of yourself first and foremost this month Monkey. It is not a good sign to sign contracts or make drastic changes;
  • The Rooster does not like the lack of Metal of this month and feel all over the place; you could be like the proverbial headless chicken running this month Rooster, if you do not have a battle plan;
  • The Dog is in a good formation with the Tiger and can receive assistance in many areas, but careful this is now a Goat year: double check everything at work and with paperwork Dogs.

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