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When you own a shop, restaurant, company or any other business, you want it to perform well and quickly. Many people overlook Feng Shui to choose their business location, and overlook it again to create the right layout to boost their income and the amount of clients it generates. In some cases it goes well (especially if your astrology remains supportive for a few years) on its own…But when it goes wrong and success is lacking, the right Feng Shui often holds the solution to turn your business around.

I see it all the times. People who open their business with a lot of good will, good ideas, stamina, a great team, an apparent good location…And two years later they are not in business anymore. One day you pass by and it is now closed. Why is that?

I’m going to be straightforward here. In business, your ideas and management skills are important and can take you far. However, if you don’t know what is the right place and what is your right time, you are fighting big odds. No business owner opens thinking that they will fail and have to shut down quickly, and yet many are eventually failing. Add to this a very competitive environment and the change in clientele’ habits – who often prefers to shop online nowadays. It is obvious that you have to make of your business a very special place to attract your clients, make money and simply last!

If you go against your luck by choosing the wrong timing, or if you take on a place with a subpar Feng Shui environment, you end up having a hard time making it month after month. It is exhausting! A few of my clients didn’t think that Feng shui was essential when they chose their business premises. Once they’ve experienced troubles, they quickly changed their mind and were very happy to fix it through the right setup and design. It’s even better if you start with Feng Shui from the beginning!

The different type of Feng Shui consultation

So, what can a Feng Shui business consultation do for you, wheter you are in London or somewhere else? There are different stages at which we can work together to insure your success.

First case: you want to open a new business.

Stage 1: Depending on your business type and needs, I can design a guide for you to select the right location. The guide will list major Feng Shui aspects to respect and also include specific recommendations that are suited to your type of business. You see, each business needs a different type of Qi to thrive, like each person needing a different Feng Shui for his or her home.

Stage 2: I can then help you to choose the right business premises with a Feng Shui audit of each place. In term of energy and Feng Shui setup, the requirements for success are entirely different for a restaurant, computer shop, law firm, café, hotel, property development etc. The right facing and the right door location will already go a long way into insuring that the right energy comes to your place. When it does, the clients will follow. The knowledge of which energy your business needs is truly the expertise of a Feng shui master to choose the right place.

Stage 3: We design your business from scratch around your needs. I then do the Feng Shui business consultation to assist you into choosing the right setup, the most efficient design, the best colours, the ideal materials and into creating the right energy and mood for clients to come over and over and buy what you are selling…

A Feng Shui business consultation focus on:

  1. Understanding the current flow of energy for your business
  2. Implementing the optimal energy/Qi that your business needs to prosper
  3. Respecting the cycle of wealth for your premises
  4. Stimulating the right sectors to brings in liveliness and clients in
  5. Choosing the right colours and design to support the Elements needed for your business

Second case: you have a struggling business, or want to improve your income.

Stage 1: I audit your business to tell you if it would benefit from a Feng Shui conversion without having to redo everything. Based on my conclusions you can then choose to continue with this business premises or look for one that will work better.

Stage 2: We do the Feng Shui business consultation to convert your premises. Change in colours and design and a different flow of the Qi are implemented to turn your business around and generate a steady income all year long.

To those options, you can add an analysis and understanding of your timing. Location is one thing, but your own energy and the right time can make the whole difference into a business that succeeds or not. I do this analysis based on your Bazi that is derived from your complete date of birth. It allows me to understand your current Luck Pillar (which goes on 10 years), then to see the prospects for each year and each month. The combination of the right Feng Shui and knowing when to open, renovate, expand or do promotions is a powerhouse. Finally I can choose the right date for your business opening (based on its door location, facing and your own Bazi) and for selling it if needed.

Better be safe than sorry. Your business is sometimes your life investment and you depend on its success to live and support others. Feng Shui is the ideal tool to conceive and enhance any type of business. The economic centre of Hong Kong is entirely designed by Feng Shui masters and it makes quite a lot of money. I have seen countless businesses around the world that have been designed around Feng Shui without “advertising it”. Yours can be next to finally be in the flow: contact me now to book your Feng shui business consultation in London or wherever you live.

Feng Shui London

The prestigious Brody Studios in Budapest, a members club for which I gave a Feng Shui consultation.