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Feng Shui logo for your company

London Feng ShuiEverything in this world can be defined by a combination of one, or several of the Five Elements. Even if Feng Shui and Chinese astrology are not at first tool designed for business logo, the key they give on what works and what doesn’t can be applied to graphic design. Your logo can be declined in shapes, colours and energy that will match your personal energy, your true self, and answer to sound Feng Shui principles to make it work better.

Before I embraced my true calling and follow a metaphysical path, I used to work in computer graphics (postproduction). I therefore have solid notions of graphic design that I combine with my Feng Shui and Bazi knowledge to create the images that suits you and your business, but also take advantage of the 5 Elements dynamics for sucess. Here is an exemple with the logo that I designed for my services as a Feng Shui master and astrologer through this website

My process for your logo is as follow:

  • review of your current logo with advice on how to make it Feng Shui compliant
  • Analysis of your Four Pillars/Bazi and current line of business
  • graphic design suggestions for Feng Shui compliant logo.

Please contact me now to discuss your logo and branding needs. If you want to understand how logo can affect the fate of even the most established brand, you can read my article Feng Shui & logo: a case study with Mc Donald’s.

Yin Yang & Five Elements

The 5 Elements used in Feng Shui. Copyright Laurent Langlais