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Location, location, location! The motto of real estate agents is even truer than you  might think…Especially in London, Paris and Berlin, 3 cities where I live. The views and the neighborood are one thing; but even more, each place has its own energy and works differently on your life.

We have all seen this happening in our lives, haven’t we?  Once you move into a new place, things do change in the following weeks or months…I am not talking about changes of neighborhood or habits. I am talking about suddenly getting a promotion or changing work; finding a new partner or starting to experience marital difficulties etc. Or you might come up with brilliant new ideas, or terrible ones: this might also be related of your late night alcohol consumption, apparently. Just kidding on that one.

However, the same goes for your company. Once you move into a new building or shop, you can see major changes happening to your business, income, clientele, regardless of how you manage your company. Even if you don’t change your attitude or team, things start to work very differently…Which can be good, or bad!

This, my friends, is the influence of locations on your life. This is what we, Feng Shui masters, treat for your benefit. Specifically, rather than being the sarcastic Doctor House, I am your house and business doctor!

Earth Luck

Here is a secret for you: when you want to change your life, you first have to make changes in your living place. Likewise when you want to evolve with your business, you first have to modify your premises.

Many of us want to gain better life but in the process they only work on their personalities, and forget to take care of their roots: where they live. Well, every gardener knows that if you want a beautiful flower to bloom, you first have to give the plant a good soil and nutrients to grow…Foundations first!

I first saw Feng Shui  in action many years ago when I visiting South East Asia. You can read my life story in my bio; but suffice to say that I went the extra miles to then settle in Malaysia, learn from a Chinese master and be part of a historical lineage.

Asian people have long understand that the placement of your home or business and its design support or affect your whole life. This is traditionally part of the 3 Lucks and is known as Earth’s Luck.

How does Feng Shui work?

We all benefit from the proper environment around us. Your place can be your best ally if you know how to convert it: this is the secret of Feng Shui.  You might be a London business or home owner or renting a flat; you might also live somewhere else in the UK or Europe, in the USA or Canada. No matter where you are and what you want to achieve, the right Feng Shui setup for your house, flat, apartment or business will help you to manifest abundance and reach your life goals: a supporting relationship, attract the right partner, a family in harmony, a better income and more clients or simply to be in the flow.

Feng Shui can best be described as harnessing the good energies sent by your environment, and taming the aggressive ones, to use them to your advantage.  Once we convert your living or working place, it then works for you, supporting your whole life day after day, rather than against you. If you live facing Hampstead Heath in London for example, you might benefit from the amount of natural Chi that comes from the woods over there. If you live in Kensington, Vauxhall, Soho or Westminster, the setups are all very different. We need to understand what Chi your premises receive and how to make it work for YOU. Of course, the same logic applies if you live and work in Paris, Berlin, L.A or Portland…

It’s a deep transformative process, and a fun one too! Many people don’t really inhabit their home; it was designed for them, or around considerations that do not understand the subtle, invisible energies that works around us. Your home is basically an extension of who you are, and different area resonate differently with your mind, body, and future. If you don’t know about this secret mapping, this resonance between your home and yourself, then you are a guinea pig in your own place, rather than the master of it. This has consequences on your whole life, everyday.

If you want to reach your goals in life – love, fame, money stability, wellbeing, and happiness for your whole family – then you need to have the right foundations. Remember, you can’t move a mountain, but you can work your way around it…

Feng Shui & Bazi working together

The mind-blowing combo is then to implement an accurate Feng Shui environement, based on the acute knowledge of who you are and what you need to succeed. This is done through the analysis of your birth chart, or BAZI, and premises. Do they both match or work against each other?

To master even more aspects of your destiny and manifest what you want to, this work is best completed with your Bazi analysis. The Bazi is your spiritual DNA as I call it. It is your personal map for this lifetime that explains your strengths and weaknesses, your best suitable careers, your possible life mission and above all it give you the taylor made solutions to improve your whole life. With the Four Pillars analysis you then know your ideal timing to meet your life partner, to change work, to open a business, to get married, and can find your true self. And when it comes to Feng Shui and Bazi working together, it is a fantastic synergy: this is the way it was done for the Chinese emperor. Once we have your personal Bazi analysed, we know which Elements work best for you and how to place you in your home as well as the colour conversion that we need to implement to see results.

This is the Feng Shui that I master: first a diagnosis of your life blueprint and potential, then a physical work on your places, home and business, to support your life for years to come.In other words, it aims to put you in the flow…And if you want to discover how your fate, decisions and place all combine into making your life easy or complicated and what to do about it, I invite you to read the 3 Lucks .

Exciting isn’t it? You can finally understand your life own energy and change the dynamics for good! You can be a London home or business owner, or live anywhere (UK or overseas): I am here to help you with a decade of expertise in the field of Feng Shui, Chinese astrology and oracles as well as guidance through the Tarot.

So are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and go to the next level of your life and own energy with the right Feng Shui? No matter where you are: London, L.A, Berlin, Dubai etc. I can assist you into reaching your goals: more money, a better relationship, getting your stamina back and being in the flow, at last…Look at my testimonials here and on Linkedin! Ready for your home or business Feng Shui consultation, or for your Bazi analysis, or for the proper guidance through Tarot? Then contact me now!

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