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Chinese astrology: Bazi predictions for the Rooster month

After a summer break, spent for me in travelling around Europe and learning to build natural homes (more on this later on), I welcome you back to this monthly Bazi/Chinese astrology blog. We are going to keep having a look at the energy of each Chinese month and see what the Stem and Branch of the month means in term of dynamics for the world. Like a weather forecast, is it a general pattern, and individual variations happen from countries to countries due to the individual Feng Shui, karma and the free will of the lands, cities and people involved. Nevertheless, the general tendency is a good indication of the Chi at work for this time of the year.

Since the 8th of September we have now entered the Yin Wood Roster month. The Yin Wood Rooster is an interesting contradiction in itself and illustrates a typical Metal/Wood opposition. Remember that the analysis is based on the Chi provided by the Stem (surface Chi) and the branches (deeper Chi) of the month, a system of coding the time used in Bazi. The Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny is an advanced form of Chinese astrology, one that can be efficiently used in Feng Shui.

The Rooster itself is the peak of the Metal Element: it is associated with the West sector and direction and represents a Chi that is 100% Metal. The Stem on top of it this month is the Yin Wood, which is the type of Wood associated with young leaves, sprouts, and generally soft, bendy plants. Think along the lines of grass and young bamboo shots, rather than the large trunk of a tree, which is the Yang Wood that was at work last month (Jia Wood in the system of the Stems.).

Bazi Rooster Wood

The Yin Rooster month that should not be called a wooden coq. Credit:

Now, if we go back to the cycles of the 5 Elements, you probably know that the Metal controls the Wood; therefore those two Elements seemingly have a relation of control and opposition. This month, the Chi at works is mostly the Metal trying to control the Wood.

What does that means for the state of our planet? This is a dynamics that I have highlighted before in monthly articles. Metal represents different things: regulation, controls, order and by extension military forces, polices, governments. It is the idea of human intervention that regulates. When well guided, Metal is a force of order that shapes the world: progresses and advancement in science are mostly Metal related. When unwisely guided, it becomes a force of repression and oppression – dictatorships for example are an excess of Metal forces at work.

The Wood, to the contrary, is about natural expansion: it is about wilderness, imagination, creativity – the symbol of a free spirit type of Element, one that doesn’t want to be bound and limited. If we go to the core of the 5 Elements, Wood has an expansive, centripetal type of energy, while Metal is contracting and centrifuge. If you want to explore more the dynamics of the Five Elements used in Bazi and Feng Shui, I refer you to my articles here, here and here.

It therefore seems logical that we will see during this Rooster month an opposition between free thinkers vs society, citizen movements vs governments and even rebellions vs military forces. This could take several aspects; let’s review the most challenging first.

  • agitation in some countries if the form of local, citizen initiative challenging the law;
  • new cases of whistleblowers
  • potential conflicts and repressing of people protest by militaries forces.

My predictions are therefore as follow. We will see several cases of people or citizen challenging the law. Some will be fair and for the greater good, especially in term of environment and pollutions, as well as civil rights. Why those domains? Because of the Wood that is both associated with nature but also individual liberties. Expect potential interesting class actions around those issues and “Erin Brockovich” type of scenarios appearing this month. The government and authorities will fight back and not lay low, as the Metal is strong this month.

Of course, there will also be some case of challenges that are unfair and need to be regulated under the law. An obvious case during this month is Kim Davies, the county clerk who refuses to deliver marriage licenses to same sex couples in Kentucky. What a prick! If I may so so…She has been briefly jailed and released. Here we have a perfect illustration of the Wood-Metal opposition: someone thinking on the fringe and the law that needs to be enforced. As the Wood-Metal opposition is strong this month, the case will escalate. The energy of the year however supports civil rights and fairness in the evolution of society, something that I highlighted in my yearly predictions here. I was foreseeing marriage equality winning all over the USA and it did happen.

As for countries themselves, there will be plenty of tensions in the diplomatic process this month, with some flexing their muscle. With the Metal-Wood conflict, we can actually expect the West and the East to be in conflict. More complex problems will be considered such as the immigration policy of Europe. I am currently in Budapest and the way Hungary handles the situation is…Interesting! But building a fence and limiting the flow of refugees as much as they can, the Hungarian government acts as a strong Metal force – enforcing rules and being oppressive. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Austria and Germany have been much more welcoming…This is a perfect illustration of the East-West dynamics at work, and the free spirit of the Wood Element vs the regulation of the Metal Element. The flow of refugees themselves is actually more akin to the Water Element in movement…

I also expect more citizen and civil rights movements spontaneously emerging in several countries. It seems unlikely that we will see something of the scale of Arabic springs, but expects some movements in that front that will be anti-governments, anti-corruption and anti-system.

Which side will eventually prevail in those movements? If we look into the hidden Root contained in the Rooster, we see the Yin Metal, Xin. So we have a direct opposition of Yin Metal vs Yin Wood this month. Now, if we look at the relation between this Yin Wood Rooster month and this Yin Wood Goat year we see something different.

Well, you might have noticed that there are two Yin Wood at play already: one in the month, one in the year. Moreover, there is a third Yin Wood Stem hidden into the Goat sign itself. So, we have 3 Yin Wood stems vs one Yin Metal stem during this Rooster month, inside the Goat year of 2015. In the conflicts that I have highlighted and citizens’ movements, we can expect a firm repression from the governments but eventually individual initiatives to be victorious. In the case of Kim Davies or of other fights that are “unfair”, the law will eventually prevail but the case will not go down quietly…

As for the benefits this month will bring, we can expect some strong developments in the Metal related areas. Medicine, research and science are three areas where I expect significant development and announcements. Which area of medicine would be most concerned? I expect that it will be around the spine, back, torso and generally around mobility and bones issues. Why? Well, we have the flexibility of the Yin Wood at play and the rigidity of the Yin Metal against it…The association of the two brings the picture of a device that would help people to move, or to fix the spine for example. Before the Rooster month is over, I therefore expect to hear about surgery, devices or new techniques in those areas.

As for research, genetic manipulations will also be in the news: the control of Metal over the wild aspect of the Ying Wood is a perfect illustration of genetic manipulation on plants. GMO results and methods of growing plants will be in the spotlight this month.

On another note, it is also a good month for the arts. The Yin Wood stimulates creativity and the Yin Metal contained in the Rooster is all about refinements, luxury, and pretty things. As the Yin Wood is also associated with drawing and painting, I expect that we will also hear either about an impressive painting in an auction this month; or about an impressive restoration of paintings or frescos. The association of Yin Metal and Yin Wood clearly brings this image of technology restoring an old work.

To refine the predictions, let us go back to the dynamics between the month and the year. The other two Stems hidden in the Roots of the Goat are the Yin Earth (Ji) and the Yin Fire (Ding). What is their interaction with the Rooster month? The Yin Fire makes the Metal shine by reflecting on it: it therefore should be a good month for the entertainment industry with a lot of glamour, shiny events or announcements in the air. Both the movie industry but also the luxury industry should do quite well this month. As for the Yin Earth, if we think of this association of Yin Wood Rooster inside a Yin Wood Goat year, we have such a scenario: the Yin Earth contained in the Goat, the Yin Metal that is nourished by the Yin Earth and the Yin Wood both hidden and on top. So, I make this bold prediction of a major archeological discovery that will involve a treasure, a tomb or at least some jewelry; it will most likely be found by digging the soil somewhere and should be hidden under vegetation. That would fulfill the shiny Yin Metal – Yin Earth – Yin Wood dynamics at play. Furthermore, expects some interesting announcement for the mining industry with also potential discoveries in that field…

Rooster month Goat year

A chicken and sheep situation for this Rooster month. Credit:

Speaking about Bazi, let us now have a look at our wellbeing and then individual predictions signs by signs. This month brings proneness for accidents or pain all over our joins: back and neck problems could arise, ankles could be twisted easily. If you are a woman or a drag queen, my recommendation is that it is not a month to run in high heels on slippery surfaces…The opposition of Yin Metal vs Yin Wood also brings two other aspects. People with a weak liver should try to gently protect this organ by reducing their consumption of alcohol and eat the right fats, such as butter or pasture fed lard and with lemon juice in hot water through the day. Those with illnesses affecting their lungs could suffer a bit more this month. We are now in the autumn season and should refrain from food that are too Yin. Try to incorporate more stews and soups, roots vegetable, mushroom, chestnuts and especially pumpkin. Lay low on the raw food in form of salads or smoothies, not good in such season. Limit juicing as well…Dairy can be eaten to help the lung – they are Metal – but take good qualities unpasteurized dairy such as artisan cheese; pasteurized dairy would have the opposite effect by producing mucus. Ginger and honey are great for this season.

Now, for a brief overview of the tendency for your sign and Bazi. Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart; contact me to see how this analysis is made.

The weak Wood Bazi are having to fight with nit-pickers, demanding boss or partners this month. For women, it can be good for romance;

  • The strong Wood Bazi are very active and willing this month and should be able to handle oppositions, but will get tired doing so. Know which fights are worth fighting for, strong Wood…
  • The Weak Fire Bazi gain some support and can see money coming their way, if they are reactive and willing to work. Romance can be good for males;
  • The strong Fire Bazi are a bit all over the place and feel under pressure. There is too much to handle. Money can be made for you too, but you must be careful in your investments;
  • The weak Earth Bazi are in a difficult situation, depleted by the Metal and controlled by the Wood. They must avoid arguments, take some distance and be conservative. Romance can be good for women;
  • The strong Earth Bazi can get their act together and work very efficiently. It is a month during which you can score high at work and impress your superiors if you make the right moves;
  • The Weak Metal Bazi must go with the flow. Don’t force anything and see what the Universe brings your way. Be reactive but not controlling. Romance can be good for men;
  • The strong Metal Bazi can make money but will feel under pressure the whole month. Take some time off and rest often or you could take a hit, especially with your lungs. Avoid stimulants as much as possible;
  • The weak Water Bazi are between the anvil and the hammer. You can be productive in your work and gain stamina (it has not been your year, weak Water people); however don’t overdo and know your limits;
  • The strong Water Bazi are under stress and should channel this strong energy into creative fields or sports to feel better. Work can be productive;

Now, for the sign of your year of birth. Remember that likewise, it is only 1/4 of your chart: the year Pillar. A Bazi is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar that gives us the whole picture of your own dynamics at the moment:

  • The Rats are doing well as the Rooster increases their charisma. The Rooster is your Peach Blossom star…Go out and make new contacts, little rodents;
  • The Oxen is also having a better time during this rough Goat year for them. The Rooster combines harmoniously with the Ox into a Metal Frame. Oxen should gain more support and do more in their work. Money can be made, but remember the self-punishment of the year, so don’t be cocky!
  • The Tiger is doing ok, but you could have people on your back. Best is to lay low and avoid arguments.
  • The Rabbit is not having a great time. It’s you against the whole world this month, little bunnies. Be a good soldier, don’t argue, and don’t take any risks if you want to sail smoothly;
  • The Dragon is doing well, as the Rooster harmoniously combine with their nature. Expect helpful people and things to generally go your way this month, Dragons. No need to roast people with your breath;
  • The Snake is also having a good time as it combines with the Rooster. Romance can be good for men and money opportunities show up;
  • The Horse serves the Rooster (as its Peach blossom star) rather than the other way around. You are now out of your season Horses and must be nice to everyone and willing to work for others;
  • The Goat is, like the Tiger, in a rather neutral situation. This month is what you make of it but expects opposition and contrarian people. Mind your joins and don’t push your limits;
  • The Monkey is doing rather well, as it has an affinity with the Rooster. You have support and friends around you Monkeys;
  • The Rooster shall expect odd situations and a competitive month. It is not a time to be argumentative and cocky, Rooster. Your social life can be good, but work is more challenging;
  • The Dog is doing rather well and can be productive, but do not forget the self-punishment of the year Dogs; don’t take any chances.
  • The Pig is ok this month but have little freedom of action. Go with the flow and listen to what people tell you to avoid disappointments.

Excited by the Bazi and predictions in Chinese astrology? You should as it is a fascinating system of forecasting! You can see through my monthly articles that those predictions do come true. If you are wondering about your own Four Pillars and dynamics, why don’t you contact me now through my email: With your personalized report, you will then get a clear view at your own life blueprint and what is in store for this year and the next ones for work, money, wellbeing and your love life. So what are you waiting for?