London Feng Shui conference may 2015

UK Feng Shui Society conference: a review and talks online

This year I was blessed into being invited to be one of the speakers at the prestigious UK Feng Shui Society conference. This 9th conference featured a very diverse range of speakers and subjects connected to Feng Shui. I gave a talk about my favourite topic of the Three Lucks, or how to put Feng Shui back in a spiritual and Taoist context. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I often talk about those 3 factors at work in our lives: Heaven, Human and Earth, that can be translated into fate, free will and feng shui practice to form our individual destiny. During this presentation I show how you can act on the 3 levels and also give example of clients Bazi, as well as business premises, that I transform with San Yuan Feng Shui following this logic. I invite you to now watch the full presentation, which is sprinkled with a terrific French accent – which I hope you’ll enjoy!

The full listing was as follow:

  • Gary Grant told us how to put more nature in cities, with the inclusing of green roof and their benefits for urban lives; with his experience in China, he shown us how the woodlands were designed as place of great, auspicious Chi for the nearby village and how we can put back some of this natural Chi in our crowded cities;
  • Victor H. Garza gave us a perspective on garden and Feng Shui, informed by  a lot of classical training, which I really appreciated; Victor has humble but very knowledgeable take on his work that integrates a lot of timeless principles;
  • Kristiina Mäntynen gave us a talk on how she uses Ming Tua in Feng Shui design, as she is also an architect. Her views are modern modern Feng Shui thant classical;
  • Dr. Jin Peh, a personal friend who is always great fun, gave us a great talk about the peach blossom factor in our houses and how to stimulate romance with it. We both agreed on the methods used to do so, based on the personal Peach Blossom star that is determined by your day of birth in Bazi/The Four Pillars;
  • Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe gave us a brilliant presentation on the danger of EMF and wifi. She has a scientific training and rest assured that all the people attending this conference have since taken the habit of putting their phone on airplance mode!
  • Finally to wrap up the day we had the great Angela Wright who gave us a presentation on colour psychology, a subject she pionereed and is a master of. Her talk made us realised how powerful are colours, on both a physical and psychological level. In the San Yuan (3 factors) Feng Shui lineage that I follow, the use of colours in relation to the 5 Elements is one of the primary tool that we use to transform the Chi.

If you want to watch all the talks of this 9th UK Feng Shui Society conference now online, here is the link:

I invite you to let me know your thoughts about my talk and the way I presented the topic, as I am very open to suggestions for future presentations. Your questions are also more than welcome on the topic.

Laurent Langlais.