Feng Shui luck boost.

Here is your full manual for the monthly Feng Shui Luck boosts/activations.

Through your exclusive monthly Feng Shui memberships, you get 5 Feng Shui Luck Boosts to do every month. What follows is the complete manual to apply the method. If you are not yet a member here, you can easily register here now.

What is a Feng Shui Luck boost/activation?

For the newbies, I invite you every month to find a Feng Shui method, easy to implement to boost your own luck. I am sharing here a technique to activate a precise sector/room in your house (or business) to boost your luck without having to do a full Feng Shui consultation or change anything else. To determine this auspicious date, I combine Feng Shui, the monthly Flying stars and the Qi Men Dun Jia oracle for each Chinese month. The method that follows is valid for all Feng Shui Luck boosts given on this website (the scale of positive effects can be different for everyone. To understand why. please refer to the Membership terms and conditions, thank you).

Finding the centre, sectors and direction at home.

Each time I tell you to do the activation in a precise sector of your home (or business if you prefer). To determine this sector, you need to first find the centre of your home or business premises.To do this, it is much easier to have your floor plan.

If your place has a regular shape, just trace the diagonal and see which room is under the centre (= crossing of the two lines).

Another easy way is simply to fold your printed plan to have each wall touching each other, and then see where those medians lines crosses.

Once you have found the centre, just go there with a regular compass. Align the needle with north (or south if a Chinese compass) and see which rooms of your place are under the 8 directions: south, southwest, west, northwest, north, northeast, east, southeast. We will never activate the centre itself.

Once you have identified those rooms in each sector, then you can do the activation on the right day and time in the good sector which is the room that you have found under that direction. For example the Northwest sector could be your living room.

If you have a rather big or to the contrary a rather small place, you will often have rooms covering more than one sector. So it will help to draw the directions on the floor plan to be sure where to place your featured to do the activation.


Let’s say we do this in a flat located in London and you want to experience the Feng Shui effects with this method. And let say that on this month the activation needs to be in Northwest.

  1. Look at the layout on the floor plan: you need to find the physical centre of the flat.
  2. Then go there with your compass.
  3. The compass indicates that the Northeast direction and sector is in the living room.
  4. So you’ll use a fan or water feature in living room on the day and at the time listed: not before, not after.

Of course this is an example and your flat plan might differ in term of rooms placement and directions.

How to do the Feng Shui & Qimen activation?

To do each activation you will either need a fan with a large bucket of water, or an indoor fountain. The principle is to have water in movement and a bit of  noise. The water needs to move for the activation to work.  So if you take the water fountain, please consider one that is moving water enough and make a bit of noise. If the water is just a small drip running down, it’s not going to do it. One with an upward water flow is usually quite powerful and the one that I advised.

If you are on a budget, you can buy an aquarium air pump with some air outlets and put them in a bucket full of water. The water will bubble and the pump makes noise and it works very well! I used this method when I was freshly graduated from my Feng Shui studies and lived in New Zealand at the time (getting weird look from my flatmates, but hey I landed a good job doing so…).

If using a fan, any small one that can move freely will do; pair it up with a large basin of water. Place the fan close enough to see the water actually moving. If possible, let the fan swing from left to right too. Be mindful of the water being too close to the electric fan or socket, of course.

Another important point: you don’t have to stay in the room where you put the feature on, but you DO have to stay at home during the 2 (or sometimes 4) hours of the activation to fully take on the positive effects. If you really cannot do those activations at home on that day, you can travel in that direction unless otherwise specified. See the following paragraph on the travel method instead.

Finally, and I really emphasise this point: ALWAYS take your local time (time of your clock) as listed for the hours given. Do not correct for solar or Chinese time etc. So if it says activation 9:00 to 11:00 (9 am to 11am), please start when you see 9 am on YOUR clock time. However please also pay attention to summer or winter time (daylight saving), depending on which hemisphere and country you live in

So to summarise those important rules:

  • The activations are done with a fan moving the water in a large basin, an indoor water fountain, or even an air outlet (aquarium pump) in water.
  • You need water in movement and a bit of noise
  • If using a fan with a bassin of water, be careful with safety hazard
  • You want the sound to remain pleasant, not like a plane motor
  • Put this feature inside the room  is located in the right sector. Don’t worry about which direction it is facing. So, if the activation is in South and your kitchen is in South, that’s where you do it for those 2 hours. It doesn’t matter if the fan is not facing South for example.
  • Place the fan and water or indoor fountain in the right room/sector/corner and turn it on at the time that I have listed.
  • Use your LOCAL, clock time. Check if you are under daylight saving or not.
  • Turn it off after the 2 hours, unless otherwise listed. If you leave it on it twill keep activating other hours, which might not be auspicious anymore for this sector.

The travel method

So you cannot stay at home to do the activation? Then you could choose to travel in the right direction instead…Which works just fine.

If for example the activation is Northwest for that day/hours: it means that you final destination shall be Northwest of  your starting point.

How to find the direction from your place? The idea is to superpose a pie chart with the 8 directions: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West and Northwest with the centre being your home: the point where you live, as seen on a map.

What matters is where your final destination is in comparison to where you start from. So in this example, it needs to be Northwest of your home, as the activation is Northwest on that day. But the way that you take to go from point A to B doesn’t matter; you don’t have to drive toward Northwest all the time.

The location needs to be at least 5km away from your starting point, but no more than 25 km away to remain practical.

Here is an exemple based on London, UK. With an address in Hackney, you can see that Harringay is an ideal location to use as it is Northwest of Hackney and less than 10 km away.

As the activations are for 2 hours, if you prefer to travel, make sure that you leave shortly after the hour where it starts. You shall arrive at your final destination no latter than 45 min after you have left (taking public transport or driving, it doesn’t matter).

Then stay there at least until the end of the 2 hours/activation. You don’t have to stay in just one spot, but once arrived do everything on foot and go slow: don’t drive anymore. Stay in the same area. After the end of the activation hours, you can then go somewhere else or come back.

Focus on the intent

Do we also activate energies when using a fan in summer for example?

The answer is “sometimes”. Technically, when you slam a door, play loud music, use a hammer on your wall or a fan for more than 30 min, you activate some energies. Without looking into the oracles, it’s all random, with positive and negative effects that can be generated. The effects however are sometimes not that strong because of the INTENT. When we do QiMen/Feng Shui activations, we use a specific intent and focus on what we want to achieve by activating this energy. This is the reason why it has a much stronger effect.

The right energy/Qi is one thing, but your active participation takes your whole life further and faster. While doing the activations in a room/sector, you can be anywhere in your home but focus on what you want to manifest in your career, with wealth, in your family and relationship. Try at least to focus on this intent in the first 30 minutes and to think about it again before the end of the boost. The idea is to both ride on the right wave of energy and be in the pilot seat to direct this Qi in the direction you want to.

If you want to experience more positive Feng Shui effects and get an easier life, why don’t you join the Feng shui memberships?

With love and light, 

Laurent Langlais.

Home Feng Shui plan

Pictures by Marc Broussely.