Boost your luck during the month of the Fire Rat

So here we are for this new month of the Yang Fire Rat, also known as Bing Zi, that starts on the 7th of December; and the Qi Men Dun Jia best directions to use and sector to activate in your home. For the complete explanation on this Chinese oracle […]

Month of the rat

Danger mouse: the month of the Fire Rat

Predictions for the Yang Fire Rat month

  On the 7th of December we entered the month of the Yang Fire Rat known in Chinese as Bing Zi; let us have a look at what this particular Chi brings us. It is going to be an eventful month and we will see why in this article. This […]

Predictions for the Yin Wood Pig month

On November the 7th we will enter the month of the Yin Wood pig; let us have a look at what this particular Chi brings us. First, a summary of what happened last month in regard to my predictions. I was expecting tough time for the despiteful fracking industry for […]

Month of the Wood pig

2014: predictions for the year of the Wood Horse

It is this time of the year when we can look at and prepare for the next Chinese year. 2014 will be the year of the Yang Wood Horse. If you know a little bit about the cycles of the Chinese calendar, the previous Yang Wood Horse was 60 years […]

Home toxic for children

Toxic home: is your house making you sick?

The aim of Feng Shui is to tune your home so it can be in synch with your own energy and support you. However, your house, despite having a good Feng Shui, can still harbor sources of toxicity. In this article, I discuss some aspect of our homes and lifestyle […]

London Feng Shui & Bazi talk

I am thrilled to announce this unique talk on The 3 Lucks: how Heaven, Human and Earth factor shape us our lives and can bring us everything…Or nothing! And the ways to find your true self, be aligned with your life mission and be in the flow. We’ll talk about karma, […]

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