Dog's tongue

Chinese astrology: predictions for the Yang Wood Dog month 2014

Dog's tongue

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We are today entering the month of the Yang Wood Dog, in Chinese: Jia Xu. Let us start with an analysis of the Chi at work here.

This month is interesting first by its polarity: it is a Yang month, Yang Wood over Yang Earth. The Earth brought by the Dog is usually a quiet Element, not as active as Water for example, and the Dog is usually benevolent. This month however puts the Dog under stress by the pulling energy of the Yang Wood. In the cycle of the Elements, Wood controls the Earth; therefore having the Wood energy sitting on top of the Earth Element, and both in yang form, is tiring to the Earth.

The Earth Element is weakened this month, and the Wood Element is getting stronger. In the context of 2014, the year of the Wood Horse or Jia Wu, this effect is reinforced by the Yang Wood stem of the year: this month we therefore have Jia Wood in the month and in the year’s Chi. For the Earth of the Dog, it is a lot to take.

However, the Dog also combines with the Horse of this Fire into forming Fire. This is a two-way dynamics actually for the Fire Element: Horse and Dog combine into Fire as they are part of the Elemental Fire frame: Tiger-Horse-Dog. However the Dog is also the storage of the Fire Element, meaning that this is where the Fire goes extinct, eventually. So this dynamics is comparable to the last sparks and flames you get when you move the last piece of wood in a bonfire; it makes the Fire strong for a little while but it is not long lasting.

After those technical points, what does it means in term of events and industries? First, the Wood element is quite strong this month, and “sees” money in the form of Earth. Wood industries are therefore favored, and I expect this month to be a good one for the arts in general and the fashion industry as well.

The Earth Element is weakened, despite some support from the Fire. It is under stress through the Wood pulling it and the Fire going underground. That is therefore less optimal for the Earth related industries – such as real estate. Most of all I expect to see some volcanoes erupting this month, and some earthquakes as well. The Earth is too unstable and Fire is surging, Fracking will be a hot topic again, with more problems emerging, as it combines Fire and the weakening of the Earth and is therefore in line with this month challenges.

Earth's weakened by tracking

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As the Water Element is nowhere to be seen and very dry, the transport industry will probably be disrupted this month, especially with flights. It has been a tough year for the transports and this month should bring challenges again.

The Metal is also quite weak, and therefore science and medical industries among other sare not at their top. With the Fire surging once again, Earth and Metal weak, we have a combination that does not bod well for epidemics. Astrology speaking, epidemics can be brought by a turbid Water Element, or an excess of Fire. In this case, the Fire in excess – Horse-Wood combo- is bringing images of the Ebola illness, characterized by strong fever. The Metal is not strong enough to handle the problem yet – an image of the medical industry at loss this month. I expect Ebola to develop and top the headlines this month.

On a lighter note, the entertainment industry should do quite well as it benefits from the Fire and the stronger Wood that represents imagination and arts: keep an eye on the American box office for a strong performance this month. Of course those influences are general and the luck period people are in, as well as the Feng Shui setup of a place (home or business) can balance them out.

In term of your charts, if you know your Bazi, here is the dynamics:

  • weak Wood Bazi should do well and see money opportunities
  • strong Wood Bazi can feel the pressure and be in a competitive environment; they should go easy on their liver
  • weak Fire should like this month and feel a good stamina, and be able to achieve a lot
  • strong Fire feel in a spot and need a bit of a break, heated arguments are likely;

The Earth Element is a bit bipolar this month.

  • Weak earth Bazi can see opportunities but need to focus their efforts and pace themselves;
  • strong Earth Bazi can achieve a lot but also feel pressured and should, likewise, take some time off if possible;
  • weak Metal Bazi feel a bit aimless, all over the place but can make money if they focus their efforts on the right task;
  • strong Metal Bazi will not like this month too much, and have probably too much to do; it is very tiring
  • weak Water Bazi are not feeling at the top of their game and need to retreat if possible, it is a good time for holidays!
  • strong Water Bazi can do well and achieve a lot of work, and shine, if they don’t overdo.
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Now, for the sign of your year of birth. Remember, your personal 4 Pillars of destiny can go into a direction that is totally different; predictions on one Pillar only, which is the year, is a superficial level of interpretation.

  • The Dog sign feels restless but shall see good opportunities coming its way, especially if willing to work; in romance it is a bit dryer;
  • The Pig sign is so-so, its time is coming but the Earth and surge of heat depletes it a bit; don’t overdo pigs!
  • The Rat sign is feeling a bit poor, not enough Water, this month and year at too dry. It better adopts a low profile.
  • The Ox sign can make money, but the risk of mistakes is real, don’t overlook anything as the Ox has a self punishment with the Dog.
  • The Tiger sign is at ease, and it is a good time for efficient networking and new friendships; it is the luckiest sign this month;
  • The Rabbit sign is not doing too bad either, and it is a good time for romance and patching things up when needed;
  • The Dragon sign is of course hit hard this month and better keep a low profile; best is to postpone important decisions and contracts;
  • The Snake sign has no querel with the Dog, and the Fire in the Snake like this month, but the Metal also contained in the Snake not too much. It is therefore a month with up and down, and as long as they go with the flow Snakes shall be fine;
  • The Horse sign is feeling well, its charisma is strong and it this month benefits its reputation; it is an auspicious month;
  • The Goat sign has a self-punishment with the Dog, and therefore Goats people must avoid signing contracts and taking important decisions;
  • The Monkey sign gets along with the Dog but lacks the Metal and Water it needs; it should not look for arguments and secure his work;
  • The Rooster sign is under the weather, as the Metal is too weak this month and the Earth depleted. It needs some holidays!

To know exactly how the monthly and yearly influences work for your chart, you can order your Bazi profiling and annual predictions. For example, if you are a weak Metal person but with Horse and Tiger in your chart, your dynamics is totally different that if you don’t have those signs in your pillars this month. Knowing yourself allow for the right move at the right time, to maximize your luck and profits.