Month of the rat

Boost your luck during the month of the Fire Rat

Month of the rat

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So here we are for this new month of the Yang Fire Rat, also known as Bing Zi, that starts on the 7th of December; and the Qi Men Dun Jia best directions to use and sector to activate in your home.

For the complete explanation on this Chinese oracle and how to use it, I refer you to the first article here:

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This month the only good monthly sector is the West sector in the Qi Men Dun Jia structure. If we add the flying stars to be on the safe side, the negative 5 is in the East sector. That means that the axis East-West is not so good for travelling, and that the East should not be activated. So, for this month, we will do an activation through our homes but not use the travel boost then. The West sector stimulated this month will particularly help you with legal matters and paperwork.

By the way, someone versed in Feng Shui asked me if I was not concerned about disturbing the difficult sectors of the year with the QMDJ activation: for example the Sui Po is this year in the South, one sector we have used in the previous month. So here I’d like to clarify what an activation is: it is NOT a loud bang, loud music or knocking down the walls. This would be considered activating the Tai Sui, Sui Po or other negative influences if you are in their sectors and is not good. An activation is a small fan or a water feature and ONLY during the time I indicate. During that time, the good exceed the bad in a particular sector and this is the reason why we can stimulate it and still get benefits.

To stimulate the auspicious monthly Chi, we need to have the beneficial hours AND the beneficial day for this sector. If we have the hours only and not the day, the activation is short lived; if we have the day but no usable hours, the activation is not possible. The day bridges the auspicious timing with the favourable Chi of the month for the given sector.

The best formation that answers this triple filter and is not too far away is on Thursday the 11th of December. We have a good influence between 1pm and 3pm that will also helps you for work. Furthermore, 5pm to 7pm is also good for this West sector on that day. As the day itself is auspicious for the West, you can leave the device on between 1pm and 7pm for a longer activation.

Alternatively, we also have a very good formation on Saturday the 13th between 5pm and 9pm. I suggest that you use both days if possible for a decupled effect.

Activation in your home

Find the centre of your house, apartment and business. Go there with a compass. Let’s say we do this in an apartment in London; I am standing in the living room that is at the centre of the premises. Then I look on the compass that I am holding. The West direction, and therefore sector of this apartment, is what I am looking for. From where I am standing, it is in master bedroom. This is where I will put my fan or water feature.

So the activation is in the West room of your place with a small fan or water feature active during the day and hours I have listed.

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