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How to boost your love and money luck with Qi Men Dun Jia 2

How to boost your love and money luck with Qi Men Dun Jia: Rooster month 2014

So here are my tips on how to boost your luck for this month, using the Qi Men Dun Jia oracle. Qi Men Dun what? The QMDJ is a Chinese oracle that was first used for military purposes, and most notably to win the battle of the red cliffs. Nowadays we can use this oracle in conjunction with Feng Shui to boost some house sectors, but also as a travel oracle. By travelling in a specific direction at a certain time, on a certain day, we can enhance our general luck and even focus on some specific aspects such as: relationships, finance, health or reversing challenges. Like with the flying starts, the influence is transient and change regularly.

The potency of the effects and its length will depend of which charts are used: an auspicious time chart activated lasts for some day, time + day chart longer, time + day + month charts can last for a couple of month and if the year is combined too, the luck can be lasting for great periods of time.

So what about the chart for this month of the Yin Water Rooster 2014? This month only the North sector really stands out with a good influence especially for money. This is the one we are going to try activating, or otherwise use with a special trip to catch a better luck.

For the activation you need to know where is the North sector of your home or business premises. This activation shall not be noisy or loud, like drilling, knocking on walls etc. as those would disturb the San Sha that is this year in North. And if you have been told for other Feng Shui reasons to not stimulate this sector of your home or company, then respect this as well. The activation can be with a small water feature that would be active in this area, or a small fan.

In the coming days, Friday the 19th is one we can use. On that day, you need to start the activation between 7 and 9 am.

If you cannot activate in your home, you can take a trip on that day in the same direction, so North of your living place, and leaving your place between 7 and 9 am. 8 am is ideal. Then, when you reach your destination, stay in the area for a few hours. Ideally you would start your return trip to your home by living this area between 1pm and 3pm; this way you also benefit from a very good configuration to travel South – as your home is now South of where you spend those few hours. Even it can be said that the North is not the best direction to travel to this month due to the 5 Yellow Star being in the South sector, this specific trip shall bring good effects.

How to find the direction from your place? Well, here are some examples based on London, UK. The idea is to superpose a pie chart with the 8 directions: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West and Nortwest, with the centre being your home, the point where you live in Google maps.

What matters is where your destination is in comparison to where you start from; so for the time, day and month we have chosen it needs to be NORTH of your home. But the way you take to go from point A to B doesn’t matter; you don’t have to drive North all the time.

So for example with an address in Hackney, you can see that Cambridge is an ideal location to go North on that day. If you don’t want to go as far, then you could go to Ware, Buntingford or Royston. How exciting!

Directions from Hackney London

Same logic with a Kensington based address now. Cambridge is still good, but Ware is now a bit borderline with the Northeast sector. Welwyn, the garden city, is another option then.

Directions from Kensington

Finally, let’s assume you would rather leave from the Heathrow area. Cambridge is now out, as it would in Northeast sector, but Luton and Bedford are in the North sector of your area.

Directions from Heathrow

So here you have it. By either activating the North sector in your home this Friday, taking this trip or even better doing both (start the activation just before you hit the road, in the right timeframe) you shall see good effects until the month of the Rooster is over, on the 8th of October.

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