Danger mouse: the month of the Fire Rat

Predictions for the Yang Fire Rat month 1

Danger mouse: the month of the Fire Rat


On the 7th of December we entered the month of the Yang Fire Rat known in Chinese as Bing Zi; let us have a look at what this particular Chi brings us. It is going to be an eventful month and we will see why in this article. This rat is very active: we could rename this month Danger Mouse or sing “This rat is on fire, this rat is on fiiiiireeeee”…

First, our usual summary of what happened last month in regard to my predictions. It looks like I was spot on the different social movements and strike: they have flourished everywhere (figure of speech) with the anger brought by the surge of the Wood Element…

There was a strike unheard of: the first sit-in strike in the history of Walmart, with employees asking for better wages. Hard to argue against that one! Here is an article on the matter.


Then the situation in Mexico has been escalating quickly, with one of the tensest month ever between the government and the protesters. If you haven’t followed what is happening, the corruption of the actual government is exposed and people go in the street because they can’t take it anymore. It seems to be a mostly youth-driven movement, similar to the “Arabic spring” of 2012; that was totally expected in term of the Chi of this month. I predicted that such movement shall be victorious against the police during the Pig month, and this is what happened with the resignation of chief of police in Mexico


We then had numerous other movements: in Hong Kong still and in Australia, with the G20 protests:


In Ferguson, after the grand jury announcement


I was expecting disturbance for the travel industry and especially flights again: well, I am in the middle of it, as I was a victim of it with the Lufthansa strike.

The Earth did move with several mudslides, as expected, in both Switzerland and Italy


The state of emergency has since been declared in Italy areas touched by the tragic event


There was also a strong earthquake in China


And the Typhoon on the Philippines is bringing more disasters along those lines http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-30356298

And finally some volcanic activity in Japan

Now is time to look at the Chi of this new month. This one has the potential to be a bit of a rollercoaster: can you guess why? Yang Fire on top of the Rat: think about it…

It is a contradiction in nature, two Elements that are opposite to each other. The Yang Fire is like the Sun, hot and bright, burning; the Rat is the peak of the Winter season, that brings a very Watery Chi – the Water Element at its maximum. The opposition is at several levels: the Yang Fire (named Bing in Chinese metaphysics) goes upward, while the Rat goes down; Bing is expansive, Zi (the Rat’s name) is inward; Bing is hot and dry, Zi is cold and wet…It is therefore a major clash. Let’s not forget that this clash takes place into a year full of Fire too…

What it means is that there is a surge of the Fire Element that is totally “out of place” during this winter season that is ruled by the Water. Remember, the Stem (in this case Bing) is more about the celestial influence, while the Branch (Zi) is about the effect on Earth. Overall the Heaven doesn’t want us to have a quiet, peaceful end of the year, but an eventful one. And finally we have the Horse-Rat clash within the year that usually brings a lot of movement: it is actually a TOTAL Water and Fire clash this month then!


Water on Fire: month of the Fire Rat

Courtesy of Nestor Galina on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/nestorgalina/


So, a surge of Fire inside the Water: what does it means? It’s like Water boiling: the Water Chi is warmer than usual for this time of the year. The Fire Element is going for another surge: it is of course greatly weakened by the Water, but it’s not going out without a fight. A Fire-Water clash is going to translate into different things. Movements in the stock market, first and foremost: while this trade is usually not doing too great during the Rat month, this one will be full of up and downs. The Jia Wood of this year helps to bridge the two Elements still, so I don’t expect a crash for this year. In other areas related to the Fire, this clash makes some noise and attract the attention: think of the steam produced when you our some water on a fire. That means that it will most likely be a record month for the box-office, as movies are mostly Fire related. The Hobbit last movie is of course a strong contender here, but there will be other surprises. Electronics and telecom should see announcements and movements – look toward Google, Apple, Samsung and so on.

In term of health, this Fire-Water clash is difficult on people who have heart problems: I expect more of those symptoms during the Rat month inside a Horse year. Go slow on the excitants. The winter season is ruled by the kidneys, that are thoughts in one school of Chinese medicine to be the origin of the body Chi. It is important to nurture them. To do so we need warm food, a bit more Yang and some liquid to be in line with the Water Element. However juice, smoothies and so one would be detrimental at this time of the year. Raw food and too many fruits are not advised. It is better to cook the fruits at this time of the year. Rather go for stews and soups, especially made of root vegetables that are in season: we nurture the Water but also add enough Earth to keep it in control. Root vegetables, some grains and meat are the best for this time of the year. Avoid cold food and liquids – not the season for cold dairy for example. Beans, foods that are dark and blue in color, and some seeds are good for this season. Chestnuts are a perfect wintery food that are in season and nourish the kidney: the can be our carb of choice along with some root vegetables. Some warming spices such as ginger and garlic are good, but don’t overdo, as the Fire is around – don’t go for spicy foods that make you sweat.

Stew for winter

Courtesy of Alpha on Flickr


The Water Element is actually weaker than usual for this season, as it is used both by the Wood of the year and fight with the Fire. This means that the Water industry that usually does well in the Rat month – think of tourism for example – won’t do as well as usual. It is necessary a month when we will see problems related to transport: with flights, potential strikes, and disruption overall. The tourism sector – hospitality etc – might take a hit as well. This year has not been easy on the transport industry but this month could be a culmination in challenges.

What about the Wood? It makes the bridge between the Water and Fire this month, so it has a lot to “do”; but it is not in season still…Which means that overall it is not a happy bunny. With the Fire/Water clash, it is another aspect of conflicts that express itself this month: after the anger of the Wood last month, it is the opposition joy/fear, and will translate into more conflicts. This is the main reason why socially I don’t expect the end of this year to be a peaceful one…

With the Fire surging, we could expect a couple of volcanoes to erupt actually: as there is a Fire-Water clash, it is not unlikely that those would be underwater volcanoes, that would trigger a tsunami. I don’t imagine it could be as devastating as the one in 2004. Hopefully there will be no casualties if such event happens. In term of the Chi involved, it is likely I would say.

The Earth Element has itself too much to do with all this Water, but benefit from the support of the Fire showing up. It means that it is a bit more stable than usual for a Zi month. It is still a good idea to gently strengthen it with stews, roots vegetables, and generally earthy, warming food –sweet flavors, no juice, smoothies or too much liquid during this season – if you live in the tropics, of course it is a bit different. I don’t expect major earthquakes or landslide this month, and the Earth-related industries should be ok.

Finally, the Metal is really not joyful this month. It has been a rough year for Metal people and industries overall, with the strong Fire; but they could still make money with the Wood showing up (Wood is the wealth of the Metal Element). This month, it is very tough: the Yang Fire melts it and the Water of the Rat weakens it. Metal-related activities are therefore not at their top: look at what will happen around the militaries and police (more fights are very likely), science and the medical industry. The automobile industry could also be hit – as it uses both Metal and Water (for transport): we’ll see what happens around F1 racing in particular, as this one combines Metal, Fire and Water (Fire for the speed) and is therefore the most likely candidate for some trouble, or a major announcement…

Well, it is a bit heavy isn’t it? Is there something to be looking for during this month really? Sure, there is. The Water being a bit warmer than usual, for people who do not like favor the cold water Element, it is good news. The surge of Fire can also helps the weak Fire people. It can actually be a good month for parties and entertainment, and for love affairs as well: it all depends of your chart, but it is passionate for sure! In the logic of the seasonality of Element however, the Fire showing up at this time is out of place. Remember that while this season is usually festive by nature, the Rat month should be used for retreat, and to resource yourself with plenty of sleep, a slower pace overall, and less of “sex, drug and rockn’roll”. If you don’t respect this logic of replenishing in winter time, then late Spring and Summer seasons could bring ailments. The main step to implement this month is to diner early, go to bed earlier, and use less computers and electronics after dark. As for exercises, go easy: the idea is to not sweat too much during the winter – saunas for example are not advised. In term of business, outside of retails activities, it is not an ideal month to launch any new projects; best is to wait the Tiger month, the first one of next Chinese year.

Of course those influences are general and the luck period people are in, as well as the Feng Shui setup of a place (home or business) can balance them out.

For your personal predictions now. Remember that only the analysis of your full Bazi can allow for accurate predictions. That being said, here are some general tendencies if you know your Bazi. Nobody is really winning this month, due to the clashes:

  • The weak Wood Bazi are really under the weather, quite depleted; the Water helps them a bit, but the Fire uses them. Be cautious in everything you do;
  • The strong Wood Bazi feel a bit better due to the Fire, but the Water puts it under pressure. They can shine, but shall not overdo;
  • The Weak Fire Bazi is doing a bit better than usual for a Zi month, due to the Water not as strong and extra Fire. It is not your season still weak Fire people, and don’t exhaust yourself, especially with the heart;
  • The strong Fire are doing ok. The extra Fire doesn’t hurt them much, as the clash with the Water diminishes it. They can get their life in order but shall expect a bit of opposition still;
  • The weak Earth Bazi are okish. Too much Water to control, but some Fire to help: they are able to make money then;
  • The strong Earth Bazi shall not overdo; they can also make money but feel under pressure, due to the Fire surge;
  • The Weak Metal Bazi are not happy; there is no way around it. More Earth will help: slow down, do less, and regroup. Avoid getting into arguments at all cost and be cautious with exercise and money;
  • The strong Metal Bazi feel a bit hectic and electric; it is stimulating, and they can do well this month, and shine, but will be all over the place. Careful with the sex, drug and rock-n-roll approach Metal people, as you often lack boundaries when you go crazy…
  • The weak Water Bazi are doing fairly well, they are in season. The extra Fire means unexpected money opportunities;
  • The strong Water Bazi can make money as well – Fire is here – but the extra Water means tension, and potential depressive thoughts. You must strive for balance this month and not focus on work and money at all costs.

Now, for the sign of your year of birth. Likewise, it’s only 1/4 of your chart, so not the whole picture…

  • The Pig is still good for this season, and it is a great time for friendships and networking
  • The Rat is in its season, but see opposition from the Horse of the year. It is argumentative and not as festive as usual: diplomacy will go a long way; money can show up still;
  • The Ox is doing fairly well during that time, as the Rat strengthen it; but the Fire surge attacks the Metal it contains. Oxen could feel edgy, argumentative, and generally a bit all over the place. By the way, sorry that I forgot to speak about the Oxen last month…
  • The Tiger is not too happy. With the Fire, it doesn’t know if it should be asleep or awake. Tiger are a bit lost this month and should rather regroup and not rush anything: stick to your plans;
  • The Rabbit is not in season, but the Rat has a Peach blossom on it, and the Fire brings a bit of warmth to the Wood. So, Rabbit shall have charisma this month, and should not abuse it, but can have a good time;
  • The Snake is under the weather, but can see opportunities if it is reactive;
  • The Dragon like its season, and can make new friends and see some romance; it is a good time to meet someone actually, due to the combination Dragon forms with the Rat. It is even better for male Dragons;
  • The Horse is direct opposition, and should be cautious in all things. It is a difficult month for Horse who have had a weird year overall. Fire-related ailments such as heart, eyes and inflammation should be helped or prevented through Chinese and alternative medicine when possible;
  • The Goat does not like this season too much; it is not the worth sign of the zodiac this month, but it’s an average month. As it forms Fire with the Horse of the year, it is also hit by the clash. Friendships can turn sour, and deals fall apart; be cautious, Goats;
  • The Monkey is in a good season, as it forms an harmonious combo with the Rat. It can generally have fun, and see some money too; carefull with your lungs and skin however Monkeys, due to the unusual Fire;
  • The Rooster is the peach blossom of the Rat, and doesn’t like the Fire; it is used on all side, and really just want to hide and sleep. And really this is what Roosters should do this month!
  • The Dog is also hit by the clash, so the month can be argumentative; however, money can be made, but outside of risky investments.

To know exactly how the monthly and yearly influences work for your chart, you can order your Bazi profiling and annual predictions. For example, if you have a weak Metal Bazi but have an Ox and a Rat in your chart, you can still do well this month. It’s all about knowing your own energy and when to make a move, or not.

Check the Qi Men Dun Jia article for this month that looks at which sector of your house to activate, Feng Shui wise. It works wherever you are – London, Paris, New York!

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