Chinese astrology Ox month.
Welcome back to the Chinese astrology and Feng Shui blog. We have entered in a new Chinese month: the Yin Metal Ox since the 5th of January 2017. Keep in mind that this month must be analysed as the last month of the Monkey year, and not the first month of the Rooster year. The Rooster year will start in […]

Chinese astrology: world predictions for January 2017, Ox month.

December Rat month
Here we are, back on the Chinese astrology blog for another month. Before I get into the Bazi analysis of January, the Yin Metal Ox month, let’s review as usual what has happened during the previous month. The Yang Metal Rat month has been eventful again, with the terror attacks that I was foreseen. You can find my initial predictions […]

Chinese astrology: world news review of December 2016, Rat month.

Bazi April 2016
Welcome back to my Feng Shui & Bazi blog, with an article that apparently you like: a review of the last Chinese month and what happened in the world in regard to my Bazi predictions. Don’t forget that if you want to be kept up to date with my posts you can follow me on: And so […]

Chinese astrology for the Snake month, May 2016. Part 1: ...

Ox Feng Shui
Welcome back on my Chinese astrology/Bazi and Feng Shui blog for my monthly predictions, this time on the month of the Ox. First and foremost, happy New Year! Well Western on that is, as the Chinese New Year will be celebrated on the 8th of February this year but starts with the solar calendar on the 4th of February…So, while […]

Chinese astrology for the Earth Ox month 2016. Part 1: ...

Chinese astrology Fire Pig
The darker side of the Yin Fire is that it can start a Fire that will spread, and so with the Wood forming the Fire can run amok, even inside a normally watery month. Water is too little to stop it this month…And so, despite the Yin nature and apparent benevolence of a Yin Fire Pig, there will occasional surges […]

Chinese astrology for the Earth Rat month 2015. Part 1: ...

Chinese astrology Rabbit 2015
So what does this Rabbit month has in store for us then? From a Bazi point of view, this Yin Earth Rabbit month is particularly interesting to analyse in conjunction with the Chi of the Yin Wood Goat year itself. This month brings Yin Earth over the strong Wood of the spring season. The Yin Earth is like a fertile […]

Predictions for the Yin Earth Rabbit month: part 2

Chinese astrology predictions Rabbit month 2015
So ! This is this time of the month when we look back at what happened during the Yang Earth Tiger month in regard of my predictions, based on the Bazi ; and we then have a look at the Chi of this new month, the Yin Earth Rabbit month. You can find my previous articles on the month of the Yang Earth […]

Predictions for the Yin Earth Rabbit month: part 1.

Charlie Hebdo cover Today is a tragedy in France. We have witnessed a barbaric act that attack of fundamental principles of democracy – freedom of speech. At this time, when I am writing this post, 12 people have been killed by masked gunmen at the office of a well-known satirical magazine called Charlie Hebdo. The first elements let us think that this […]

Tragic terrorist attack in France: an astrological look…