December Rat month

Chinese astrology: world news review of December 2016, Rat month.

Here we are, back on the Chinese astrology blog for another month. Before I get into the Bazi analysis of January, the Yin Metal Ox month, let’s review as usual what has happened during the previous month. The Yang Metal Rat month has been eventful again, with the terror attacks that I was foreseen. You can find my initial predictions in this article.

December Rat month

The Rat month of December 2016 brought us into a dangerous realm. Credit:

Below is my review of December 2016 with Chinese astrology. In italic are the excerpt from my predictions.

The bad

Major floods. Several countries will have to deal with an excess of real water and floods over quite a few cities

We had floods in Spain

In the Fiji islands:

In Australia:

In Congo

But also Vietnam and other places. And even water pipes breaking in urban London!

A large landslide/mudslide. I strongly feel that the Chi of this month could manifest a great mudslide and I would expect it to be in Central or South America.

The mudslide that I was expected manifested in Colombia, so indeed in Central America. It destroyed a highway and took the life of 6 people:

Somehow it could have been bigger and worse with the energies of this month.

There has been several smaller mudslides causing damages and life losses around the world this month, such as in California:

In the Philippines:

Possible collapse of a big structure such as a sport stadium; or news relating to a trial around such event. Something along the line of the Hillsborough disaster is possible.

It wasn’t a stadium, but it was a place of gathering and worship of another kind. A church in Nigeria indeed collapsed and killed more than 160 people:

There was also a building collapse in India killing 11 people:

And while no stadium collapsed as far as I can tell, the month started with a terror attack outside of a stadium in Turkey:

Ships at lost or boats sinking. The excess of Water will have consequences on maritime and fluvial transport.

Problems with migrants: a ship full of illegal migrants could think, but furthermore there will be debates about migrants quotas, violence possibly associated to some etc.

Various boats sunk this month indeed:

Migrants’ shelters on fire in Hamburg:

And those two predictions merged once again unfortunately with migrants boats sinking and killing many.

This month will expose the worse of the worse in humanity. I expect cases around pedophilia, maybe human trafficking, slaves, and dirty politics all over. Sex abuse or pedophilia cases in particular are what I foresee, as an excessive Water Element can represent a sexuality that is out of control and become perverse.

Ugly month for scandals. Expect the exposure of another pedophilic ring, possibly compromising high political figures

Well here it is very interesting. There was the coverage of a major case of sex abuse in the US exposed in the world of gymnastics:

There was also one of the biggest pedophile ring and network uncovered in Norway this month:

But this is where it gets interesting. Almost no mainstream medias beyond the Independent and a Norwegian newspaper reported it…

I let you come to your own conclusions on why.

The human trafficking is also related to the idea of “dark” Water, moving slave around. The shit is REALLY hitting the fan this time and so brace yourself, Winter is coming…

A human traffic racket was exposed in Nepal this month:

And human trafficking on the rise in NYC also made the news:

Famous people compromised. This is the month when some famous faces are exposed and compromised publicly for aspects of corruption, illegal behaviour etc. 

Banks, more sex abuse, you name it…

“Wells Fargo scandal spreads to Prudential insurance”

“EU fines JPMorgan, HSBC and Credit Agricole $520mn for rate manipulation”

“Football child abuse scandal: Police identify 155 suspects”

For my Asian readers, you well know that South Korea and Malaysia kept being shaken by major political scandals this month:

India was not spared a sex scandal either:

Famous people dying too. In a year that has taken many great names, the overwhelmingly strong Water energy will likely bring a few heart attacks, especially in the world of entertainment: cinema, television, music.

Well, if there was one prediction were I was spot for each single world…George Michael, AA Gill, Greg Lake, Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, and many more died this month. The overwhelming water inside a month lacking daylight was too much for weak hearts. Carrie Fisher really shook me, and the poetry of her mother following her the next day was astonishing. Talk about karmic bounds!

Fierce legal fights. One will be about the recount around the Trump election.

Well it’s not the recount exactly, but the Democrats can’t accept that they have won to the Electoral College. So they keep pushing their “Russian hack” theories to invalidate and weaken Trump’s presidency. So far they have not presented solid evidence beyond the CIA and Obama’s statement. Obama went as far as expelling 35 Russian diplomats. No matter what the truth is to this story, one has to wonder why Obama handle the matter with Putin THIS way…Here as well, I let you come to your own conclusions.

But so far the CIA refused to show to the congress the evidence and so it’ll get interesting real soon…

Another one about the North Dakota pipeline/Standing Rock.

It didn’t happen, which is good actually.

One or possibly more terror attacks. This month is ruled by fears to some extent and everyone will be on the edge. There should be numerous “alerts” around terrorism – like the one happening these past few days in Brussels. One of those attacks could unfortunately happen fully. If an attack occurs, it is likely to be around a transport hub (airport, train station) or transport itself.

This manifested in many ways around the world. Someone on my FB page questioned the “doom” of my December predictions, but unfortunately there was possibly more terror attacks in one month than in any other during the Monkey year.

There was two in Istanbul: one at the beginning of the month near a Stadium:

And one on New Year’s Eve in an Istanbul’s nightclub:

There was the Berlin’s Christmas market attack:

There was also a gun’s attack on a mosque in Zurich:

A bomb attack again a Cathedral in Cairo:

Killing in Jordan:

And so on…

Governments trying to pass more coercive measures such as patriot act, military enforcements to watch over citizens etc. It is a month when fears rule and motivate politics all over the world. It could be a direct consequence of an attack. With the same logic, progresses of neo-facist and repressive political parties are to be expected

Indeed. It was done discreetly, but Obama passed a new surveillance bill PREVENTING the closure of Guantanamo among other things during this Rat’s month:

Thai hackers were fighting the government censorship of the Internet in their country:

And Polish citizens also protested the restriction of press freedom in their country:

Finally the stock market could REALLY crash this month. We’ll see if my prediction of the financial sector manifest during this year. If it does, this month is the one for sure…

Well it didn’t happen! And here I am coming clean: predicting patterns of the stock market and its potential crash are much more complicated than predictions a government move or a natural disaster. In fact I have yet to see an astrologer who is able to consistently predict what the stock market, and this is due to the fact that millions of human lives with their individual destinies influence the stock market. In comparison, a natural disaster just…happens. And so the stock market collapse that I was foreseeing during the Monkey year didn’t manifest. I am relieved it didn’t happen and find solace into thinking that I am in good company, as many eminent economists were also foreseeing the crash of the stock market in 2016….

The “in-between”

Italy referendum is under scrutiny. Matteo Renzi has proposed a reform of the government that needs to be validated through a referendum. If the vote is against, he will have to resign and it could further weaken the Euro-zone. A look at its Bazi shows that he has chosen a terrible month and day to do it; but he is however in a fairly good luck period, with the second half of next year being beneficial to him. It is therefore difficult to see the outcome just based on astrology this month…I think Renzi’s reform will pass, but with a score that is not spectacular, therefore still weakening his power for now.

Ah well actually Renzi was out and didn’t save his buttocks…We’ll see if the good luck period will bring him back at some point.

The Good

The Standing Rock fight is getting uglier before it gets better, but it gets better eventually. A victory for the native Indians is indeed in sight.

At the peak of coercion and abuse, something will happen during this month that should be the tipping point. A first amazing aspect is all those veterans now at Standing Rock to form a human shield and protect the natives. Another aspect that I foresee is that corruption or malpractice around the financing of the North Dakota pipeline might be exposed during the Rat month. Either way I think that a legal fight will be unfolding besides the real fight on the ground, with consequences seen next month. Eventually I foresee a victory in the re-routing of the pipeline.

It happened and early on in the month.

Despite maritime transports being on rough sea right now, the month should benefit the transport industry. I expect one or more major announcement about transport development in several countries.

Bingo! The STX (French navel shipbuilder in Saint Nazaire) received major orders that relaunch its industry this month:

The DCNS (military ship company in France) also received a massive order of 36B Australian dollars to build some new submarines:

 Another industry doing well this month is hospitality. I expect announcement around a spectacular hotel being planned, or expansion of a chain etc.

The month was indeed full of announcements about major hotel developments in Australia, California, Dubai etc.

The news could also likely be around the idea of floating cities, artificial islands etc. 

Bingo again. Here I quote about this new project on an artificial island in Dubai: “Kleindienst, the largest European real estate company in Dubai, announced the beginning of the project “The Heart of Europe” to be placed in “The World Islands”

Spectacular discovery underwater: a sunken ship, a city underwater etc. As the North energy relates to the dead and the ancestors, the archeological discoveries can also be about a cemeteries, tomb or burial site this month.

There was several discoveries underwater this month: more ships than tombs.

“Spectacular cargo of ancient shipwreck found in Caesarea”

“Ancient underwater garden discovered in Canada”

And also underwater Hebrew tablets discovered in Israel:

And what is discovery of what is dubbed “Britain’s atlantis” was talked about at the end of the previous month:

Possible sightseeing of “mythical” sea monsters. Some real ones, such as the giant squid, might be seen and recorded during this month. 

The month was absolutely jam-packed with surprising news about the oceans and water indeed. This clearly shows that the Chinese astrology influences seen in the Bazi are not just symbolic, but also very literal.

So let’s start with a minke whales’ symphony in the Mariana trench:

Spectacular Metallic Symphony in the Mariana Trench

The discovery of 6 new deep-sea creatures close to Madagascar:

The deep-sea ghost shark was filmed for the first time:

And the elusive ocean blob was seen for the first time in a century!

Article about rare fish swimming upside down, because why not:

A weird object washed away on the shores of New Zealand:

A deep-sea Russian fisherman posting photos of the weirdest fish he gets went viral.

The discovery of new fossils of plesiosaurs, or other water related dinosaurs, is possible.

It wasn’t a plesiosaur, but a full feathered dinosaur’s tail preserved in amber was an amazing discovery. Jurassic Park will soon be a reality at such rate!

New around the cleaning of oceans, water filtering etc. Possible good evolution in the case of contaminated water in flint, Michigan.

A bit of a sad news here first with thousand of snow geese dying after landing in contaminated water

But what about a space laser to detect ocean’s pollution then?

A giant ice rift opening in Antarctica

Advance in medicine probably about: kidneys, blood or cerebral fluid. This month we could read about a medical breakthrough related to kidneys/dialysis.

Here we go: “Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment Breakthrough: Blood Test For AD May Be Closer Than Expected, Study Suggests”

And this one that I found fascinating: “Doctors Treat a Fatal Condition Using Magnets to “Pull” Bacteria From Blood”

Doctors Treat a Fatal Condition Using Magnets to “Pull” Bacteria From Blood

New around the planet Pluto are likely.

Well this time it wasn’t Pluto but Saturn actually!

“Women” power emerging more strongly in some countries. The feminine energy is taking over.

Both Lady Gaga and Madonna opened up about this month having been raped, suffering from PTDS (for Gaga) and still raising to stardom in a male-dominated industry

Some wisdom into finding another way for our civilization will be talked about

What about this then: “ASA is helping Stephen Hawking get a tiny ship to Alpha Centauri”

At the Box office, besides the obvious planned success of the new Star Wars movie, horror movies are likely to be very successful as they are in synch with the energy of the month, which is also about confronting fears.

Well the success of the new Star Wars is beyond a doubt. Do note that Fox decided to release its trailer for Alien Covenant the day of Christmas which is kind of odd, unless they actually read my predictions:

That is all for my comprehensive Chinese astrology review of December 2016, the Rat month. I now invite you to discover your 12 signs horoscope for the Ox month as well as your free Feng Shui luck boost for January.

Stay tuned for my Yin Metal Ox world predictions for this month of January, based on the Bazi.