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Chinese astrology for the Earth Ox month 2016. Part 1: last month…

Welcome back on my Chinese astrology/Bazi and Feng Shui blog for my monthly predictions, this time on the month of the Ox. First and foremost, happy New Year! Well Western on that is, as the Chinese New Year will be celebrated on the 8th of February this year but starts with the solar calendar on the 4th of February…So, while those 3 articles (p1, p2, p3) are titled “Ox month 2016” to be found on Google as we are in January 2016, the Ox month is technically the last month of the year 2015 for the Chinese.

Ox Feng Shui

Relax! It’s just the Ox month…Yaks in Nepal, during my 2003 trekking. All rights: Laurent Langlais.

Time for us to review what has happened last month in regard to my astrology predictions and the Chi as seen through the Four Pillars/Bazi. Let’s go through the previous forecast then that you can fin here.

Heavy on top, weak at the bottom plus Earth sliding on water: earthquakes, landslides and buildings collapsing.

In that regard, the month of the Rat delivered, so to speak. There was some major building collapses due either to landslide, or to water flooding, therefore fulfilling exactly this aspect of predictions. Most notably, there was:

A major building collapsing in Shenzhen, China:


A bridge collapsing in Mumbai, India:


In the UK, The Birnbeck Pier’s collapses


And so did the Tadcaster’s bridge:


As well as various buildings that did the same in the US…

As for the earthquakes, we had not one but three medium size earthquakes that made the news this month:

One in Northern Afghanistan:


One in Vancouver, B.C:


And one in Northeast India:


Fracking continues to create more local earthquakes that made the news in the US too. Fracking is a perfect illustration of the dynamic of “crumbling earth” that was at work in the Yang Earth Rat month.


Water accumulating at the bottom of the mountain: heavy snowfall with roof collapsing.

Well I was certainly spot on for the heavy snowfall this month too. They have been very disruptive in Turkey:


And other part of the world that are usually snow free have been dealing with record snowfall. Climate change is real folks! “Record Snowfalls hit Canada, Mexico, Texas & China – ‘Insanely cold’ in Calif. – Peru sees ‘heavy snowfall’ in Summer”


Various roof indeed collapsed under the snow weight in Texas and New Mexico, most notably. London had one as well, early on during the Rat month.


Flooding hit hard Latin America and the UK, due to the Water/Earth opposition of the month.


Earth stopping Water: forces of conservatism vs wisdom, but also down to earth logic vs fear and anxiety.

With the Obama’s administration finally taking action to limit gun circulation and violence, we are seeing a turning point in US politics that perfectly illustrates this opposition.

Earth/Water clash plus Fire formed: another bloodshed situation. Plane crash likely as well as a boats sinking.

As the human species like nothing than killing each other, bloodshed there was indeed. The Pakistan suicide bombing certainly did not make the news as much as the Paris one, but killed about 30 people still!


As well as a shooting in Israel:


While there was minor planes crash – nothing very striking in regard to the statistics of any given year for such accident, two major boats sinking made de news. One linked to the refugees crisis of the Greek coast:


And another in Indonesia with


The month had boats sinking written all over, with the image of a heavy objects falling into the Water.

Oil spill or contamination of a water stream, similar to the dam breakage of last month in Brasil.

The oil industry will be in the spotlight with new pipelines, drilling and probably offshores discoveries.

On that front, what happened is very interesting. There was no new oil spill that I am aware off, and this is tremendous news. However, the oil spills of recent past all made the news. First with Shell sued in Nigeria:


Then for the disclosure by the chief executive of BP that their company was nearly ruined by the oil spill of 2010 and the settlement that went with the US government:


But we also had the state of Tennessee suing Chevron over oil spills cleanup:


That makes 3 majors oil company that made the news for oil spills during the month of the Rat!

And as for water contamination, besides the Brazilian mining leak that now spills in the ocean, the city of Flint, Michigan, witnessed the outing of a man-made scandal of epic proportions: “The city of Flint, Michigan, has declared a state of emergency over contaminated water supplies amid calls for a criminal investigation, the resignation of the state governor and a class action lawsuit that could top $1bn.”


Another very interesting fact is that a major gas leak contaminating California and that has been ongoing for 2 months made the news this month, through social medias and activism. It is deemed the worst environmental disaster in the US since…wait for it…The BP’s 2010 oil spill, of course!


The leak started on the 23rd of October 2015, a day that show a full punishment during the Dog month/Goat year, and that also contained a lot of Earth and Fire. You can see what my predictions for the Dog’s month were here:

Bazi world predictions, Yang Fire Dog month. Part 2: cute puppy or fierce hound?

Records for the movie industry: unusual Fire surge for this season

Well, with the new Star Wars: the Force awakens shattering all records one after the other (40 box office records broken so far!) and potentially becoming the most successful movie of all time (already above Titanic in only 20 days!), I think this prediction has been more than fulfilled don’t’ you think?


The surge of Fire became quite literal with the Dubai hotel on fire at the end of the year:


Water is the wealth Element of Earth: good sign for real estate, insurance companies.

Also major discoveries in archeology in a year that has been very auspicious in this field. Expect discovery of underwater

city or ships, treasures, as well as discoveries relating to sewages, water pathways etc. Treasures will be found underwater this month.

There was indeed some major discoveries this month, including the likely tomb of Suleiman the magnificent.


There was just one important underwater discovery with a roman shipwreck full of jar still containing the “Roman’s ketchup” known as garum, a fermented fish sauce popular at the time:


There was nevertheless two archeological discoveries related to the Polynesian maritime migrations:


And a Greek trading maritime city in old Egypt, so both related to the sea as expected:


The month also finally brought us a live recording of the elusive giant squid in Japan, and that was certainly a very interesting underwater discovery!


As well as the discovery of the badass “ninja lanternshark”, also a biological underwater discovery:


Probably some spectacular announcement around a museum project.

The departure of Neil MacGregor as the head of the British museum and his last acquisition made the news:


The surge of Fire coming from the union of Earth + Water = some joy from the union of forces. More massive solidarity movements in response to adversity and tragic events. Nature will show a tough side, but humans will unite to help.

German researchers are helping the refugees:


As well as the EU that allocated €80m to Greece to help relocate some of the refugees:


Science: interesting developments in term of quantum physics. Possibly a theory on a new state of the matter.

Well! How’s that for a precise prediction for December 2015? “&T physicist earns NSF grant to study new states of matter”


Astronomy: news about the moon and the sun. Possible discovery of a new star system with a sun and moon. Possible breakthrough about a new mode of propulsion or mode of transport.

What about a new planet discovered in our solar system then?


Interesting debates on the theory of gender, or gender-related teachings and policies at school.

There was plenty of very interesting gender related new and policies indeed during the month, and from where we would least expect them. The Czech republic recognized gay adoption:


And Gambia finally banned female genital mutilation, hopefully showing the way for the African continent to stop such horrific tradition:


Relation Month-year: The Goat is the benefactor of Wu, Yang Earth. It means all Earth industries greatly benefit form this month. But also that the force of conservatism temporary win all over.

 Well, the conservatives won in the Spanish Election this month!


And mixing the two aspects of conservatism winning and gender issues:

Slovenia repelled the law for gay unions its parliament implemented in March:


And unfortunately, the Orthodox Greek Church decided to illustrate obsolete conservative forces at work by voicing its opposition to gay marriage one more time:

Church of Greece Reacts to Bill Giving Civil Partnership Rights to Same-Sex Couples

On the plus side, tradition will stop the madness of too much development – for example traditional tribes winning some trial, possibly over mining on their land or pollution of the water stream.

Indeed, as predicted, Indigenous people won a landmark case in Indonesia invalidating their government claim over millions of hectares of rainforest!


Let’s not forget that this GOP21, despite been as much a farce as the other GOPs, saw an unusual amount of indigenous people coming to Paris and their delegation voicing their concern on the state of the planet:


 And that wraps us our review of the month of the Yang Earth Rat that ran from the 8th of December 2015 to the 5th of January 2016. Now for the story and prediction of the Yin Earth Ox month, please go to part 2 here.

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