Chinese astrology Snake
Welcome back to  and the Chinese metaphysics blog, where we talk about monthly Feng Shui, Bazi and world events. In this article we’ll explore what happened during the Snake month of May 2016 in regards to my Chinese astrology predictions, that you can find here. In italic are excerpt of my previous article…First, let’s see if the natural disasters […]

Chinese astrology for June 2016, Horse month. Part 1: review ...

May 2016 Chinese astrology
Finally, here are the predictions for your Bazi and Chinese signs for the Yin Water Snake month of May 2016. The first part is a review of the Dragon month of April 2016. Part 2 is the world forecast for this Yin Water Snake month of May 2016. Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions […]

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Chinese astrology May 2016
Welcome back to the Feng Shui & Chinese astrology blog! We now move to the May 2016 world predictions, based on the Bazi analysis of the Yin Water Snake month. This new Chinese month starts on the 5th of May 2016. Here are my world predictions based on the analysis of the Chi of this month according to the Bazi, or Four Pillars of […]

Chinese astrology for the Snake month, May 2016. Part 2: ...

Sectors Feng Shui May 2016
Like every Chinese month, you can find on this blog a free Feng Shui method, easy to implement for a real luck boost every month. I am sharing here a technique to boost your monthly luck by activating a precise sector/direction in your house (or business) with the combination of Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia oracle and sometimes monthly […]

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London Feng Shui conference may 2015
This year I was blessed into being invited to be one of the speakers at the prestigious UK Feng Shui Society conference. This 9th conference featured a very diverse range of speakers and subjects connected to Feng Shui. I gave a talk about my favourite topic of the Three Lucks, or how to put Feng Shui back in a spiritual […]

UK Feng Shui Society conference: a review and talks online

Chinese astrology Bazi Horse
So here we are for another round of predictions based on the Chinese astrology of the Four Pillars, also known as Bazi. This interpretation of the Chi of a specific month and year can also be combined with Feng Shui. To start, let’s review on what I saw for the month of the Yin Metal Snake that has just finished. […]

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Metal Snake in Chinese astrology
Once again, the analysis of the stem and branch of the month and its relation to the year of the Goat will help us to determine which events can occur. We are using the Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny here. The previous Chinese month of Geng Chen, the Yang Metal Dragon, was quite obvious in its dynamic, with some […]

Bazi for May 2015 Snake month.Part 2: world predictions

London Feng Shui conference may 2015
A reminder that the UK Feng Shui society conference is in London this weekend: if you haven’t registered yet you can do it at the door.  This year there is a fantastic line up of speakers with subjects as diverse as Feng Shui and garden, the peach blossom factor in your home or feng shui cycles for your business. I […]

Feng Shui society conference London 9-10 May 2015.