Metal Snake in Chinese astrology

Bazi for May 2015 Snake month.Part 2: world predictions

Once again, the analysis of the stem and branch of the month and its relation to the year of the Goat will help us to determine which events can occur. We are using the Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny here.

The previous Chinese month of Geng Chen, the Yang Metal Dragon, was quite obvious in its dynamic, with some heavy metal on top of the wet and soft earth of the Dragon bringing possible collapses. This month is less obvious. Above all, it is characterized by its shinny aspect: Metal Snake is an animal that one notice, and in astrology the combination of Metal and Fire contained in the Snake is a “wow” factor; on top of it we now have the Yin Metal that makes it even more shiny. Xin, the Yin Metal, is the form used in jewels, arts and crafts and any fancy items made of Metal. It is the pretty, shiny, glamorous side of the Metal Element. The Snake itself is an odd animal in Chinese astrology as it contains both Metal and Fire, two opposite Elements. The combination of this stem and branch make for a month especially shiny and noticeable.

Metal Snake in Chinese astrology


In term of world dynamics, the obvious winner should be the entertainment industry here. Cinema and television should perform very well, as this combination of Yin Metal and Fire is exactly what is needed for the glamour and star factor to attract us. The Avengers 2 will continue to shatter box office records but other movies and TV series should perform very strongly. In the domain of new technology and communication, we shall also see some movements. Apple, Google or other tech giants should make some major announcements and I expect those to be good. The Fire Elements relate to the web and networking and all this fast dynamics: Facebook or other social networks could also make significant announcements. As the Snake is a mix of two very different Elements, we can expect some alliances and partnerships to be forged in those domains this month.

Another domain which to me will see major announcement is renewable energy: as the refined metal and fire combo is a perfect illustration of solar panel for example that harness the fire Chi of the Sun and carries it through metallic parts. Expect some developments and big steps in this domain during this month.

To finish with high tech, I also think we’ll see something interesting around electronics and especially materials such as super-conductor: for the same reason, this combination of Fire and Yin Metal. I think we’ll hear about some technological advancement in that field. In term of medicine as well, we shall see something major : a breakthrough in term of medical technique or procedure. I would especially look into the field of cardiac or eye surgery, but also around the brain and neuroscience. I bet there will be an innovative treatment in brain surgery or neuroscience for example. Why? Well the brain is more a Metal organ, but the rapid fire symbolizes the fast synaptic connections of the neurons. I invite you to read my article in a month time to see the discoveries this month has brought us in those domains.

Of course, every Element has two sides: Yin and Yang, but also positive or challenging. The Yin form of the Metal Element is not devoid of possible challenges. What might they be? Well, I don’t expect another major earthquake here, as the dynamics is different from last month: the month does not show the same tension on the Earth Element with too much weight to carry. In Bazi, the Yin Metal (Xin) can however be sharp and cut through, with more efficiency than the Yang Metal (Geng) actually. This month we have to see the dynamics with the Goat year to discover a triple conflict or elements clash. There is the Yin Metal-Yin Fire opposition contained in the Yin Si month. That is one. The other one is the Yin Metal-Yin Wood clash between the stem of this month and the stem of this year. So we have: Yin Fire controlling the Yin Metal and Yin Metal controlling the Yin Wood; and in return the Yin Wood fees the Yin Fire, so it appears like a vicious cycle between the Ding (Yin Fire), Xin (Yin Metal) and Yi (Yin Wood) stems in the Bazi. To understand this difficult dynamics you have to go back to the cycles of the five Elements: Fire controls the Metal, Metal controls the Wood, Wood feeds the Fire. This tension is not so good actually and this month, besides an apparent benevolent and pretty aspect, might show an ugly side to it.

Fire-Metal tension first. It is an illustration of blood shed and man-made conflicts usually, more than natural disasters. The Yin Metal can only be refined by human hands, so when it is involved it usually means the human Element. Fire-Metal is the illustration of weapons, especially firearms. The Snake is neither good or bad by itself: but step on any snake and it will bite you; depending of the type of snake, the bite can be very dangerous or even lethal. While Fire and Metal both live together in a relative equilibrium inside the Snake sign, this month the Yin Metal on top stirs the pot and the Metal is trying to overwhelmed the Fire, which is contrary to the natural cycle of those Elements (fire should control the Metal). And on top of it, we have the Metal-Wood opposition, which as I have explained in other articles here and here is usually a symbol of conflicts between the anger of the people and governments through the military or police forces. So, altogether, what can we expect? We can expect some major protests and repression in different countries: some citizens movements that could meet with violent opposition. This is a trend that I have highlighted for the whole year and that was seen last month in the Baltimore protests and violence. Expect more of the same this month but in other areas. Remember however that there is a plan in the Yin Wood Goat year and that is for the greater good and equality to win over, usually. So those difficult moments should eventually lead to more fairness and better regulations or laws to be implemented, but after some ugly conflicts. We are likely to see some better regulation of the police to be implemented later on this year, for example.

With the Fire involved, spirituality is also often at play. The Fire-Metal-Wood opposition means another level in the religious movement vs more equality, especially in the US. I predict that we’ll see more silly laws against gay and lesbians emerge or discriminatory ones to be implemented, only to be overturned by higher power eventually, either this month or later on this year. Remember that I have foreseen here that marriage equality should prevail this year. This Fire/Metal/Wood dynamics also make me think of some drugs: Fire-Metal can be the brain-lung relation and Wood has to do with natural substances. So I also foresee some announcements around the marijuana and soft drugs debate, with for example more states in the US legalizing it, or other countries following this example. Time will tell!

In term of natural or man-made disasters, it is mostly fire-related problems that we can expect. Think along the line of gas explosions, oil on fire, natural fire in very dry area etc. The Water Element has been deeply lacking this year, something that I have highlighted in previous article. This is also severely the case this month; the Metal supports the Water Element but the Fire and Wood use it too much. So droughts and global warming problems will be prominent again: the California drought will reach new levels in my opinion but other areas shall be affected. I expect less transports-related problems but a couple of planes might be in a dire situation again this month, with technical problems.

As we are speaking of the Water Element, it is time to see the dynamics of each Element during this Yin Metal Snake month in the Bazi. The Fire Element is getting stronger this month as we are soon entering the summer season in the northern hemisphere. It is also helped by the abundance of Wood in this Yin Wood Goat year, but has to fight to keep control of the abundant Metal this month. The Earth Element is in between two Elements, pushed by the Fire but used by the Metal it produces. So while it is a crucial Element to appease this month tensions, it is also in a difficult position. The Metal Element is the strongest this month since the year started, but it has to deal with the Wood of the year and the Fire of the Snake; still, it is in dominant but fight to keep its control. The Water Element is once again in a very difficult spot this month, like for most of this year, despite some help from the Metal. And finally the Wood is not as strong as in the previous month as it has to fight the control of both Metal and Fire. In fact it is a difficult situation too. So, Metal and to some extent the Fire are winning this month; the Earth is the balancing Element; Water and Wood are in a difficult dynamics. No Elements is really in a quiet, neutral state during this Snake month, there are too many conflicts to be handled for each of them.

In term of our health and wellbeing, this has implication. The Water and Wood Elements have to be gently helped this month: dark leafed vegetable, a bit of organic coffee, seafood and uncontamined seaweeds and more liquids will help your kidneys. This is the right season for more raw food such as salads, full of enzymes. I would not activate the Fire too much, so go slow on spicy foods, bitter tastes, nuts and fats and the use of saunas. You can increase your level of fitness and workouts this month as long as you don’t go for cardio too intense. The main problem with this Wood/Metal/Fire opposition is for the heart and for smokers this month. If you have lung problems you have to go easy and reduce your cigarette consumption: anything that can harm the lungs this month will be felt more intensely. I actually expect peaks of pollutions in some major cities, enough to create respiratory distress. People subjects to mental stress and having a history of brain ailments shall also take it very easy this month and lay low, do less, rest more. The use of recreative drugs and stimulants is even trickier this month than at other times: it can really backfire on the brain, due to the Metal-Fire tension. The Earth Element is the pacifying one during this period, so walk barefoot, meditate, sleep more; travel a bit less, and eat more earthy foods such as fruits and some seasonal ground vegetables: carrot juice for example.

Now it is time to review the predictions sign by sign based on the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, and then based on your Bazi or Four pillars of destiny dynamics. To understand your own life mission and dynamics, your personalized Bazi report and analysis that you can order by messaging me is what you need. With this you’ll know your current life dynamics and can make the best possible choices for this years and the following ones. I give face to face Bazi consultations in London, UK and Paris, France and distant consultations over Skype or email, wherever you are.

  • The weak Wood Bazi are in a difficult spot and have a lot to handle. Expect people to be on your back and duties to pile up: keep a low profile and be a good soldier to enjoy the month. It is good for romance if you are a woman;
  • The strong Wood Bazi can regain control of their life, get organized and achieve a lot this month. While it is not the month to necessarily make big money, it is perfect to multitask and advance in your work. It can be good for job interviews;
  • The Weak Fire Bazi are doing better this month; they can make money if they are not too cocky and are reactive, but shouldn’t bite more than they can chew. It is a better dynamics than during the Dragon month still; it is good for romance if you are a man;
  • The strong Fire Bazi can also make money but should know their limits. It is a tedious balancing act for you this month and diplomacy and caution will go a long way in all things. Skin ailments or “love surprised” could occur this month, so keep this in mind strong Fire people!
  • The weak Earth Bazi feel solicited and are in an uncomfortable situation this month; you are pressured on all sides and won’t have much free time. Resist the urge to take drastic decisions and go with the flow as much as possible;
  • The strong Earth Bazi are essential this month and in demand; if you can channel your urges and Chi, you can accomplish great things during this Snake month. In fact you could be the luckiest Bazi of them all at this time of the year, so play your move carefully;
  • The Weak Metal Bazi can do fairly well this month if they don’t go in all directions. There is some mental stress and you are under scrutiny so come prepare and be modest and you’ll get far. Women can have a good time with romance;
  • The strong Metal Bazi are under pressure and not in a comfortable position, like last month. Relax and do less if possible; don’t rush any decisions;
  • The weak Water Bazi are doing very poorly again. It is not your year weak Water people! You feel up and down and have a false sense of stamina; if you are too ambitious you could have a harsh wake up call. Be careful especially with money movements;
  • The strong Water Bazi can do better especially with money, but you shall not be cocky and plan your move carefully. It can be good romance for males;

Now, for the sign of your year of birth. Likewise, it’s only 1/4 of your chart, so not the whole picture that can only be given through your personal Bazi analysis and report here:

  • The Rat is not having too much fun this month. Lay low and don’t be overly ambitious, this is not your time and next month is though too, ratties;
  • The Ox is having a better time. The year punishment is still here but you receive support from the Snake and with all this Metal you are in your Element. Double check your work but you can make money and romance can be good for male Oxens;
  • The Tiger shall be careful this month as the Snake is not his friend. Don’t abuse your body, respect yourself and resist the urge to party hard Tigers; carefully with the hangover!
  • The Rabbit is also not doing too well; too much Metal to its liking. While female Rabbits can have a good time in relationships, it is tenser for males. Warm up before any physical exercise, your joins are under stress Rabbits;
  • The Dragon is still doing OK during this season. The lack of Water is a bit difficult but new friends can appear and generally you have some support Dragons;
  • The Snake is in his month, but that usually means that you can expect the unexpected. Money can be made and good romance prospects for make Snake, but stay modest in everything and be ready to adapt to any unexpected changes;
  • The Horse can have good support and make new friends, and also have a great time with romance. It is a very auspicious time for associations and partnerships; due to the Snake-Horse-Tiger fire Frame happening with the Snake month and Goat year. It shall be your lucky month Horses!
  • The Goat is doing ok this month; it is better for females than males, and like the Tigers you should be carefully with your joins and with any form of exercise this month, Goats;
  • The Monkey is in tricky situation, being in a self-harm with the Snake (like the Tiger). Respect your body and your own limits Monkeys and know that people will tend to abuse you this month, so stand your ground really;
  • The Rooster is in harmony with the Snake and can see opportunity coming its way. It is your time to shine Roosters, and it can be good for new friendships too;
  • The Dog is a rather neutral this month and should go with the flow really; next month looks more promising for you, Dogs;
  • The Pig is in trouble due to the direct clash with the Snake. Be especially cautious while driving and with transports in general, as the Snake-Pig clash usually expresses itself through problems related to movement and travel. Double check everything you do.

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