May 2016 Chinese astrology

Chinese astrology: the 12 signs & Bazi forecast for May 2016 (Snake month).

Finally, here are the predictions for your Bazi and Chinese signs for the Yin Water Snake month of May 2016. The first part is a review of the Dragon month of April 2016. Part 2 is the world forecast for this Yin Water Snake month of May 2016.

Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart; contact me to order your chart and to know the whole story about your overall life blueprint and personal tendencies for the year.

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Let’s start with the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac = your year of birth. Remember that likewise, it is only 1/4 of your chart: the year Pillar. A Four Pillar Bazi chart is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar, not the year only.

  • The Rats have an affinity with the Water combo and Stem of the month, despite not being in their season. You could find unexpected support in your endaveours and be in the spotlight. There is also money to be made, if you are realistic and not too cocky Rats;
  • The Oxen have a Metal affinity with the Snake. You can find support, network and make new friends this month. It is a time when meeting like-minded people is very likely. It can be a tiring month however with all the Water forming, so don’t bite more than you can chew;
  • The Tigers are in a difficult situation with both the Snake of this month and Monkey of the year showing up. It is a self-harm. Respect yourself, don’t push your body, avoid “experimenting” too much this month. A sex, drug and rock’n’roll lifestyle could backfire this month, despite your affinity for it Tigers. Listen to your body and what it tells you…Avoid being arrogant as well. Romance could be good for women;
  • The Rabbits can find some support in their career and continue moving in the right direction. It is a good time to wrap up some project and reap the benefit of seeds that you have planted earlier on this year. If you are a single Rabbit man, you could meet someone this month;
  • The Dragons have a better time than last month. It is good for new friendship, networking and to experiment a bit. Still, know your limits that you often overlook as a Dragon. It is a time to be gently assertive but not aggressive, know the difference.
  • The Snakes are in an odd dynamics. You could undergo a bit of a personal crisis this month and it is a good time for self-analysis. Don’t be too harsh on yourself Snakes…Relationships of all sort will need work and gentle communication: if you accept to evolve, you can benefit from this month;
  • The Horses find help and support this month, but also face opposition due to the Yin Water. Your stamina and charisma could be a bit off at this time. Adopt a low profile and be willing to listen to other people pov. Romance can be good for women of the sign, and your love life will be a focus anyway with interesting discussions if you are in a couple. Listen, answer with kindness but without compromising your principles and you should gain a lot;
  • The Goat can have a good time of both inner growth and develop their projects as well. Besides, this month is good for friendships and to meet new people, regardless of your gender. Generally the month is on your side so it is a good time to develop your ideas and go out;
  • The Monkeys, like the Snake, experience a very transformative month. By now you can see how your sign return call for self-examination, analysis and transformation. While you might have been lost into your own thought and memories since the beginning of the year, you can now put this therapy in action and take steps to be a better self, physically and mentally. The month is ideal to kick off some old habits and left some luggages behind. If you are arrogant and speak from a strong ego, you could experience a hard time however, so be humble;
  • The Roosters are in an excellent situation to network, expand their project, progress in their career and meet new people. This month offers you a lot of support and you are in a strategic position to solve problems. Don’t overdo however, or you could experience a lot of fatigue. The month is also auspicious for travels and discovering new cultures;
  • The Dogs can evolve this month and see new perspectives and new ways of doing things. It is a actually a good month to meet for bog of both genders, if you are looking for romance. Keep in mind that arguments can occur and that you could feel some fatigue due to the Water clashing with your inner Fire;
  • The Pigs are in direct opposition with the Snake and therefore must be cautious in all things this month. Avoid extreme sports (especially involving water or snow), don’t gamble and take good care of yourself. Food poisoning if possible if you travel to foreign countries, be careful with sources of water. A direct clash is always a good time to be safe and humble: if you do you should be fine.

Now we move to the Bazi tendency if you know the nature of your chart. If you want to finally understand your full Four Pillars, you can order your analysis through a Bazi consultation anytime…

  • The weak Wood Bazi should receive some support on one side, but feel under pressure on another. Nevertheless the Water combination of this month and the year means that you receive unexpected help and can achieve a lot by the end of this month;
  • The strong Wood Bazi are under pressure and have too much to do and too many people on their back. While you can perform at work, the increasing amount of Water of this month and last one is draining;
  • The weak Fire Bazi are on shallow ground and get less support from a Snake month than usual. You are prone to fall into arguments this month and must be careful to be as diplomatic as possible;
  • The strong Fire Bazi are in a better position and could shine and be put on the map this month. It is not a quiet month, but it is one during which you can impress and maybe even find a potential partner, for the ladies;
  • The weak Earth Bazi seee the right conditions to make more money than usual and advance their career. It is also good for males to go out and meet, as luck could be on your side;
  • The strong Earth Bazi also benefits from the month but must be careful to not bite more than they can chew. Check if your friends or co-workers have your back before you make a bold move;
  • The Weak Metal Bazi have a better time than last month but will still feel that the month is a roller coaster of emotions. If you feel that you are in a personal crisis of some sort since last month, then congratulations! You are well aligned with the astrology for you…Ladies could meet someone this month;
  • The strong Metal Bazi can have a good time, shine, advance in their work and romance can be good for the ladies. It is a time to be bold and make your move, both at work and in your love life;
  • The weak Water Bazi gain a lot of support this month and it could be one of your favorite time this year. Job interviews, promotions, pay rise are all possible, depending of your chart. It is your time, so make sure you use it wisely. Romance should be good for males;
  • The strong Water Bazi to the contrary are drowning a bit during this month and must be sure that they don’t take risk, both in their private life and at work. Socialise but don’t make any waves…

As you can see, a lot can be said and predicted from just a Stem and Branch of the month and its interaction with the current year. But what is in store for YOU until for the years to come? When should you make your business move? What is the best profession for you? When can you meet a good partner at last?

If you want to master your destiny and get much more out of your life, get in touch now so we can analyse your unique Bazi chart and then improve your life through a Feng Shui consultation in London, Paris, Budapest or wherever you are at the moment.

May 2016 Chinese astrology

The Water Snake month forecast for the 12 signs. Photo credits: