London Feng Shui conference may 2015

Feng Shui society conference London 9-10 May 2015.

A reminder that the UK Feng Shui society conference is in London this weekend: if you haven’t registered yet you can do it at the door.  This year there is a fantastic line up of speakers with subjects as diverse as Feng Shui and garden, the peach blossom factor in your home or feng shui cycles for your business.

London Feng Shui conference may 2015

I have the privilege to open the conference with my talk about the 3 Lucks, or how Heaven, Human and Earth factors all combine in our lives and how you can change your fate through the Bazi and Feng Shui. Here is a summary of my Feng Shui talk:

The Three Lucks: Heaven, Human, Earth (The Taoist View on Feng Shui and Life) – Laurent Langlais (UK)
Feng shui is part of a greater system of  Taoism. In Taoism, feng shui is defined as Earth Luck, one of the classical Three Lucks. The other two, Heaven Luck and Human Luck, are our destiny blueprint and our free will. In this presentation, Laurent Langlais will show you how they constantly interact together to define your life. We will see how you can turn your luck around and how your own Qi (life force) informs us about your optimal timing and best feng shui solutions.

All the details of the Feng Shui conference 2015 here:

See you tomorrow then!