Chinese astrology May 2016

Chinese astrology for the Snake month, May 2016. Part 2: world predictions. 2

Welcome back to the Feng Shui & Chinese astrology blog! We now move to the May 2016 world predictions, based on the Bazi analysis of the Yin Water Snake month. This new Chinese month starts on the 5th of May 2016. Here are my world predictions based on the analysis of the Chi of this month according to the Bazi, or Four Pillars of destiny system of Chinese astrology

You can first read my review of what happened in the world during the Yang Water Dragon month.

Before we get to the technical aspects of the Bazi and this Chinese month interaction with the year, I invite you to watch my Bazi Vlog about May 2016, Yin Water Snake on Youtube at this address:

Now that you have seen the Vlog, let’s summarize my main predictions for this month and understand the logic.

Chinese astrology May 2016

The Snake month of May 2016: fierce or sleepy? Credits:

The challenges

  • Volcanoes erupting: those volcanoes are likely to be connected to the Water Element. Either on an island, close to the sea, underwater or covered by snow;
  • Tornadoes or hurricanes that might be off the chart;
  • Localised floods;
  • Eruption of violence in a month that is otherwise not to agitated, in form of a few isolated shouting and bombig.
  • Planes and boats will experience problems, possible crashes this month;
  • Other objects could be falling from the sky: meteorites, satellites;
  • Hacking of a large corporation or government agency;
  • Bugs, again, for some high-tech brands;
  • Scandals regarding some high figures exposed on the public place: think along the lines of very egotical people (Trump, Clinton, some presidents of hot countries and/or some CEO) in hot waters. More revelations in the lines of Panama papers, wikileaks etc. are possible this month;
  • Weird month for the diplomacy: one step forward, two steps backward type of scenario.
  • Heated debates on genders and discrimination in some states (USA)
  • More debates in regard to religion and possible scandals.
  • Fracking incident or oil spill at sea very likely this month
  • Stock market. Will the crash happen this month? Most markets will have a Yo-Yo effects of stronger up and down than usual this month and some will be quite depressed. Some political announcements and regulations will initially depress several markets locally. The South American and Asian markets especially could be severly hit this month. I do not think that the crash will happen this month, yet.
  • Local epidemics that are likely to affect birds or other farmed animals and could be spread through faeces in water

The Good

Very strong month for sciences. Actually it’s likely to be a crazy month with amazing news around the following areas:

  • supra conductors and computer technology –  developments with liquid crystal, plasma or semi-soft screens possible;
  • It is also a month during which exploration of space will be talked about. It could be the month when bacteria are discovered in space, on a meteorite, in the frozen water of Mars etc.
  • News about possible new human cities on Mars or underwater; Mars will likely make the news this month;
  • treatment of polluted water;

Possible medicine breakthrough in term of:

  • cardiac surgery and treatment, blood pressure. blood cells;
  • genetic experiments and treatments: stem cells, brain stems, neurons and sterility are all likely to be much talked about;
  • bacteria discoveries and treatments;
  • spinal cord and the nervous system.
  • Possible discoveries around plants used by shamans, traditional healers etc.
  • Possible advanced in women rights, most notably by some religion or inside religious countries. Possible reforms talked about priesthood for women etc.
  • Very strong month for Hollywood with record shattered in TV and movies box office. Captain America: Civil War will beat Batman v Superman at the global boxoffice and get very close if not above the Avengers movies numbers;
  • Great development for the transport industry;
  • Change in some cities/states/countries energy policy with more solar and less fossil fuels
  • Possible records in swimming, diving, rowing etc.
  • Some achievements for diplomacy with cease-peace, truces and agreements reached in several countries.
  • Movements of compassion forming in several places and taking over social medias.
  • Possible news about a sea-monster sightseeing, fossil discovered etc.


The month is good for people who cannot take the Fire easily and want to find some relief from the mental and physical stress they are under since the beginning of the Yang Fire Monkey year, Bing Shen. The Yang Fire is more active during the first 6 months of the year which explains why some of us: weak Metal, strong Fire,strong Earth, weak Wood and weak Water charts feel restless and are not having the time of their life overall. This month will be easier on you…However it is the contrary for people who benefit from the extra Fire and this month is difficult for cardiac problems, skins conditions and the eyes. It is a month when psoriasis and eczema are all likely to flare up for example. If you are on the verge of burnout, take it easy!

The month can bring a tendency for strokes and cardiac problems and we will probably see one or two famous people suffering from such ailments. It is a Yin month which means that you need to slow down a bit, rest more, nurture yourself. The Wood Element is the great pacifier this month, so help your liver (milk thistle or chinese herbs for example, but also eating liver pate once a week), go for light stir fried and steamed dishes, walk but do not run too much and take the time to see the world around you. Compassion, benevolence and lowering of the ego are all recommended this month to have a better time.

Bazi: understand the Chi of the Snake month

And so you might ask, young Jedis, how do I come up with such accurate predictions each month? It involves a lot of drugs, let me be clear here. Time to walk you through the logic of the Bazi analysis and see how we can derive many facts from two Stems and two Branches, one for the month of May 2016 and one for the Monkey year itself.

My method is to first analyse deeply those stems and branches and their interaction, then take some distance and let the inspiration comes by using a lot of drugs. If you are learning Chinese astrology, I strongly advise you to regularly stop your analysis and simply look at the image in front of you. Remember that Chinese people “think” in images and that all forms of astrology is part analysis and part channeling. There is a reason why it’s called metaphysics and not physics…If you want to explore a truly fascinating form of divination through astrology, I recommend Sabian astrology. This is how I do my Bazi predictions and forecasts, in a more Sabian form.

And so what do we have at play this month? To fully understand this month and these Bazi predictions, we need to consider the interaction between the month and the year as much as the month itself. Let’s start with the month itself: the Yin Water Snake. We have the Yin Water on top of the Snake branch, Si. The three roots of the Snake are: Bing – Yang Fire,  Geng – Yang Metal and Ren – Yang Water. The Snake is both part of the Summer seasonal frame made of the Snake, Horse and Goat signs (Si, Wu, Wei) and as such forms Fire. It is however also at the beginning of the Metal Elemental (not seasonal) frame that is made of the Snake, Rooster and Ox: Si-You-Chou form Metal. So here we have  double movement betweent the Stem and Branch of this month, Bazi-wise. The Snake is a complex sign that acts mostly as a Fire sign, but is also full of Metal. In itself, it’s already a contradiction with two opposite Elements – not the only sign to be this way.

First the Fire will make the Yin Water boils on top. Even if it is the Yin form, it still can get messy when Water get too hot and agitated. Then the Metal of the Snake also feeds this Water, which now has a capacity to overflow. Such dynamics is why I foresee events such as volcanoes erupting, those volcanoes being connected to the sea or water somehow. So the Water is getting quite strong this month, but rather than compromising the Earth Element like during the Yang Water Dragon month (hence the earthquakes), this time it raises on top and get in movement due to the strenghtening of the Metal and warming up of the Fire underneath. So besides the volcanoes, I also see images of blood circulation, cardiac medicine, transport such as space exploration etc. that comes to mind with this dynamics.

Then for the interaction between the month and this Monkey year. The Facebook status of the one would be: it’s complicated. First, we have the combination of the Branches: the Snake and Monkey next to each other combine into forming Water. Here we need to go into the intricacy of what is happening in the Roots (the Roots are the hidden Stems in Bazi; but if you are reading this, chances are that you knew that!\). Look at the Snake and Monkey roots together. The Geng Metal is in both. Then we have the two  Yang Earth in come. The fact that this combination forms Water is because Ren, the Yang Water root of the Monkey, clashes away Bing, the Yang Fire Root of the Snake. So inside this combination we have a clash.

Those of you who follow this blog will have noticed that this is the same clash that is symbolised by this year – Yang Water vs Yang Fire. And this is where it gets a bit messy. We have the following movement: Ren Water in roots clashes away with Bing Fire in Roots, but Bing Fire rise on top (in the year). And so we end up with a month illustrating a vertical, down to up Water-Fire clash. That is where I foresee problems with planes but also possibly boats, meteorites, a weird time to diplomacy etc. Of course the two Yang Metal, Geng, also fight with each other and so we have the image of arguments and explosion of violence – both Metal and Fire are involved. The two Earth of those Roots explain why natural disasters will again be seen – and the hurricanes, for example, are derived from the idea of hot and cold air fighting each other this month.

As the Bing Fire can represents the Sun, people with huge egos, corporations, high-tech, some government agency, but also solar energy you then understand why I foresee scandals, political games, bugs for some technology etc. But we must account for both the combination of the branches that is rather harmonious and the clash to get more refined predictions such as screen technology, the list of discoveries in sciences and medicine, news about Mars and space exploration and possibly bacterial life, epidemics (Water boiling is the image of fever) and transports improvement.

Some of those predictions are not due to the mathemical analysis but also to my own inspiration looking at those Branches and Stems and the beauty of the Bazi. Fascinated by the level of details and accuracy we can derive from the Bazi, Four Pillars of destiny? So am I! So contact me now to analyse your birth chart and understand who you are, what your life mission might be and what 2016 and the following year bring to you. My Bazi consultations in Chinese astrology are done face to face in London, Budapest and Paris or by Skype and written report worldwide.  They can be combined with other oracles such as the Tarot. Furthermore I master a unique form of Feng Shui that matches your home setup with your own Bazi! Due to amount of requests that I have every month, I advise you to request yours early on by email:

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