Feng Shui April 2017

Feng Shui and your wellbeing for the Dragon’s month, April 2017. 2

This article is the second part on the Qi/energies of the Yang Wood Dragon’s month 2017 (April). The first part is a world forecast based on the Bazi (Chinese astrology) of the month that you can read here.

We start with a more technical part on the Flying stars and Qi Men Dun Jia oracle to find the optimum Feng Shui for the month.

Flying Stars for the Dragon month of April.

This month, by looking at the monthly Flying Stars and combining them with the annual stars, we find that:

  • East
  • Northeast
  • West

are the best sectors. North is average, having good and challenging aspects together.

The monthly 8 Flying Star that is linked to prosperity is this month in the West. It’s good if you sleep or have your office in this sector of the property.

The negative 5 yellow is in this time in the Southeast sector. The Southeast should however not be activated this month by: loud music, slamming a door or renovating in this sector. Just keep this area quiet. The exception is on the day and time that I have given you in the Feng Shui luck boost of the month. On that day the Qi is auspicious and vibrant in the Southeast sector.

Qi men Dun Jia for the Yang Wood Dragon month.

By looking at the monthly Qimen oracle, I find that all directions are a bit weak this month. Without getting too technical, the Yang Wood Stem brings a structure knows as a trap/Fu Yin. This weakens the Qi.

Still, some directions have good doors that help to use some directions. Namely:

  • South
  • Northeast
  • North
  • Northwest

To this I add my in-depth analysis of the year good and challenging directions and sectors that you can find it in this article. I highlighted that East was a very challenging sector and Northeast is the best this year.

By combining all 3 methods, I can therefore say that for the Dragon month 2017:

  1. Northeast is the best direction for the month
  2. West is second best
  3. North and South are usable
  4. East is to be used with caution.

If possible spend more time in the rooms located in those sectors.

For the Feng Shui of the month, it therefore means that having your main door, bedroom or to some extent facade located in the Northeast is excellent, as it will bring better luck and opportunities. If any of them is in North, South, West or East you should be fine too. The rest of the sectors/rooms shall remain quiet, unless otherwise specified for activations.

In the diagram below, the left top corner represents the annual flying stars. The bottom right represents the monthly ones.

Blue = good sector.  Green = average. Red= inauspicious.

Feng Shui April 2017

Copyright: Laurent Langlais 2017.

How to be in the flow during the Yang Wood Dragon’s month of April?

It’s one thing to diagnose the energy and another to know how to adapt to the Qi and feel better.on

The first aspect is of course to use more the rooms/sectors of your home that receive a good energy this month. Namely Northeast – the best – and then West, second best. After that, North, East and South are ok. Spend time in both your Northeast and West room if you can this month (and unless your Bazi is opposed to those sectors. Contact me to order your Bazi analysis).

The tension between the Wood and Earth this month can otherwise be used to still be in the flow. One way would be to use the missing Element between Earth and the Wood of this month, which is the Fire. We would then have a nice flow of Wood feeding the Fire, and Fire strengthening the Earth. However, the Fire of the year is already re-awakened by the Wood of the month. And so we would add oil on Fire by adding Fire only.

So we need to go further in the 5 Elements logic. What is missing here in all the visible Qi? We have Earth and Wood, as well as Fire and Metal by looking at the month and year together. If you are familiar with your 5 Elements, you see that Water is missing: it Is only in the roots of the Dragon.So we could go with a bit more Water here.

The Water will ease the Metal of the year that becomes strong through the Dragon-Rooster combo. It will also help the Wood to grow, and keep the Fire under control. The best is actually to use Water with a bit of Fire this month.

In simple world, what to do? See first and foremost that the common factor in both the opposite of Fire and Water is that they are the Elements in movement. So movement is the key to balance the month. If you can, take some weekend off and go away. Even better, take a week off and go somewhere hot by the sea: you’ll then combine Fire and Water, with even more Water by travelling.

Some kind of physical therapies and exercise will harmoniously combine both. Saunas and thermal are great this month. Swimming and any kind of exercise in water is ideal. If you are living in the Northern hemisphere and have now entered Spring season, time to re-open your skin, activate your kidneys and sweat a bit. If you live in the Southern hemisphere and are now in autumn, don’t overdo with the sauna. Warm waters are still recommended, but baths at home will be better than a sauna with many people. As you get closer to your winter, you want to go inward, not open up your body and Qi too much.

If your climate allows, keep eating hot soups and stews right now and avoid going for cold salad and raw food. The Wood is getting stronger but the month needs more liquid, hot ones, to be nurturing

Above all, remember that has the month brings two unmovable and static Qi that confront each other (Yang Wood and Yang Earth), clashing with the Fire and Metal. It’s a bit when want to avoid adopting a strict, rigid point of view in your opinions and attitudes. Be in movement, physically and mentally, and bend when needed. You will then reintroduce the lack of flexibility that this month is missing…Last but not least, this month can be excellent for the study of metaphysics – especially astrology – that can provide you with many answers to avoid getting caught in the world temporary madness.

That wraps all the month’s analysis. To go along with this article, you can look at the Feng Shui luck boost for this month and your Chinese horoscope for the 12 signs.

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