Chinese Horoscope April 2017

Chinese horoscope for the Dragon month 2017. 1

Welcome back to your monthly Chinese Horoscope 2017!

This time we take a look at the horoscope for the Yang Wood Dragon month, going from the 4th of April to the 4th of May included. Below are your Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny forecast, as well as your 12 Chinese signs tendencies for April.

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This month there is a rather harmonious Chi at work: the Yang Wood grows in the wet Earth of the Dragon. A Yang Wood Dragon can combine wisdom of the old and creativity of the youth. However the Wood Qi still takes from the Earth; so it can get a bit complicated for your sign or Bazi if you don’t like the tension between those 2 Elements.

Chinese Horoscope April 2017

The Wood Dragon month can be good to you. Pic credit:

12 signs Chinese horoscope

Let’s start with the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac = your year of birth. Remember that likewise, it is only 1/4 of your chart: the year Pillar. A Four Pillar Bazi chart is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar, not the year only. If you click on your sign’s name, you will also open your horoscope for this Rooster year 2017.

  • The Rat should have an excellent month. The combination with the Dragon can bring helpful people and new friendships within your life, while the Wood is your natural output (= communication) Element. And let’s not forget that the Rooster year on a whole works well for you, as the Rooster is your peach blossom…So this is a positive month to get some projects off the ground, to be a team worker and to socialize. Don’t get distracted and rather focus on your goals…As for love, it is likely to be quiet as friendship is more the focus here.
  • The Ox can have a good month: the key however is to let go of what needs to go, and avoid being a control freak. While you regain control on your life this month, you don’t want to abuse your power and influence over other people. You could be in position to impose your will but shall not. This month will help you with collaboration and projects in common, but keep in mind that you are stronger together than alone. Your love life can be interesting if you are a single woman of the sign…
  • The Tiger is in an interesting dynamics right now. People will turn to you and ask a lot from you. You are likely to be instrumental to a work project or could be the glue that holds your family together. There is however some electricity in the air and you could be stuck in argument if you don’t know how to bend. Try to play your part with humility and accept what is asked from you: if you do so, there is much to be gained for you during this Wood Dragon month, especially in your career.
  • The Rabbit is having a better month that the last one, that is a given. Still, you could feel a bit lost at sea Rabbit. You are looking for support but find little yet. People around you could lack the time and energy to answer your needs, and the opposition with the Rooster year doesn’t entirely help. The best for you is to remain humble and postpone life-changing decisions. This year is reflecting on what you want and don’t want in your life anymore, so pay attention dear bunnies…
  • The Dragon is having a reflective month, as this is the one ruled by your sign. Expect people and situations to be a mirror of your fears, desires and thoughts. If your work is not currently aligned with your goals, you are going to see it very quickly. Make the necessary adjustments in the different areas of your life, with humility, and you will keep growing. There is still work to be done so don’t waste your efforts right now.
  • The Snake is in a good month. You are admired and listened to this month. I advise you to network and focus on your social life too. Go out and see the magic at work. If you are looking for a new job, it is certainly a good time to prospect and land some interviews. For you love life, it is good too. You can deepen the bound with your partner; if you are single, you also have chances to meet right now. Take advantage of the good energy of this month, as the next one could be more challenging…
  • The Horse is going through a rather uncomfortable month. In general this Wood Dragon month is going to pull things out of you. You can expect a “detox” crisis that could be physical, mental or both. It is actually a good month to get things and people that you don’t need/want anymore out of your life. So use the strong pull of this month’s Qi on your life to get rid of those luggages…it can be very cathartic if you embrace it. As the month pulls more out of you than it gives you, be mindful of people taking advantage or of unexpected expenses. Women of the sign could however have some love prospects in sight, and gay men could also meet fascinating individuals.
  • The Goat is not likely to like this Wood Dragon month. Energetically, you are meeting your match. Expect to be dealing with people as smart as you are but more cunning, and to not be able to outsmart them. The best way to win this month is to not play the game in the first place…It can actually be a good Qi if you want to get motivated in competitive sports, or generally if you feel stimulated by a sense of competition. Still, avoid taking life changing decisions and wait until later when the energies will be easier for your sign.
  • The Monkey is having a good affinity with the Dragon month. Generally those periods are good for a vibrant social life and to be listened to at work. It’s particularly good if you are a team leader. The Yang Wood of this particular Dragon’s month of 2017 however complicates things a bit. Arguments could manifest out of nowhere and you could hit a few walls through the month. When it happens, take some distance and answer very diplomatically until the storm pass. Your love life could get interesting otherwise: and when your favorite astrologer writes interesting, understand love triangles and situations of the sort. So be careful to not send mixed signals right now…
  • The Rooster is having a softer month after a rough start of the year. This year keeps forcing to work on yourself, but this Dragon month gives you a much-needed break. The messages are easier to listen to and the lessons to integrate are somehow gentler. Enjoy your social life: friends or family gatherings and live concerts are likely to provide you with much pleasure right now. Keep in mind to not be cocky and deny what people tell you however, or the karma’s boomerang would come back to hit you. If you have started dating someone, it is a good month to go a bit further and to strengthen the bonds. Good news: it should also be a great time to make more money if you are looking for means to earn some…
  • The Dog is facing its personal nemesis, the Dragon. Ok that sounded a bit dramatic. What this moth is not good for, Dogs: avoid taking big decisions, negotiating, signing contracts if possible. If you have to, re-read all the small lines and take your time. Don’t buy anything big, as lemons are around the corner. And of course the month can trigger arguments, so take it easy…the month can however be good for you to get brilliant ideas and shake things a bit. The clash with the Dragon opens up your psychic channels, so pay attention to whatever message will show up this month. The Yang Wood is draining to your sign so pace yourself and play it safe still this month…
  • The Pig can score this month. In your work, you are instrumental to putting a project together right now. If you are freelancing, it is good news: expect old and new clients alike to show up, and new work to come in. It’s not yet the month to make big money, but it certainly is a good one. The key for you to really get more of this month is to be a nice team player and contribute as much as you can. For your love life, if you are single…well then you might stay single another month, but the year is young still!

Bazi for the month.

Now we move to the Bazi tendency if you know your day master. If not, now is the time to order your personalised Bazi analysis and report, don’t you think? Remember that while those general influences affect you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi/ 4 Pillars of destiny.

  • For the Yang Wood (Jia), it is a fairly complicated month. Expect a sense of competition in your work and generally people to be on the edge whenever you speak to them. The whole month asks you to tone down your demands and to show humility. If you do, it should get better…Just wait for better time as you can’t impose your will right now. Try to help others, this will be more rewarding…
  • For the Yin Wood (Yi), you could feel a bit loss at sea this month. Don’t try to overachieve in your work or even to compete. Just keep a low profile for now. Your social life is likely to provide you with more satisfaction actually…The month can turn out to be an interesting one for single people, especially men. However do keep the mind that the Rooster year “chops you down”, so keep your expectations real with whomever you might meet;
  • For the Yang Fire (Bing), you should have an excellent month. You are the key Element to make this month works within this year…You receive both support from the foundations of your life (through your friends, family or work) as well as opportunities to be listened to this month. If you are freelancing, it can be excellent to find new clients and make money. If you work in a team, take some initiatives right now. As you are quite the problem solver right now, accept this role with humility and don’t turn away any opportunity to help. This Dragon’s month should put you in the flow…
  • For the Yin Fire (Ding), it’s a bit more complicated. You don’t have it your way right now and must surrender your will to others for the time being. Just don’t fight any windmills, as it’ll go nowhere…Your energy is precious, don’t waste it in endless arguments. That being said, if you are a woman, the month can turn out to be good at work. Be a “good soldier” for now and you could get more responsibilities quite soon. The question is: do you want them? Be careful what you wish for…
  • For the Yang Earth (Wu), it could be a difficult month. With you it is often “your way or no way” and you are not known for your flexibility. But this month works mostly against you, and ask you just that: to become flexible. So you better learn to bend and be very diplomatic if you want to go further. Trying to impose your will would go nowhere, guarantee…Silver lining, if you are willing to let go, you have much to gain right now.
  • The Yin Earth (Zi) is feeling a bit confused. This month asks you to evolve and go high, by letting your prejudices behind. Accept to sign up for new adventures and see where it takes you. Don’t expect to get clarity of mind right now, but rather to learn about yourself and others to then integrate those lessons later on this year. Your love life might blow hot and cold, just go with the flow without getting emotionally too attach.
  • The Yang Metal (Geng) is likely to face some opposition. Let’s face it, Geng people: you like nothing more than being right. Actually there is something that you like more: being right after you have argued and made your point for 30 minutes at least. Animated talks and a bit of drama are the spices of your life. Well, you’ll find just that if you want to this month. However, is that the best use for your wonderful energy that you can find? Are you missing the tree for the forest here, especially when it comes to reach your career goals? Are you focusing on the right thing? This month you are likely to find out…
  • The Yin Metal (Xin) is in a good position to make more money. You can expect some openings in term of your career. If you are prospecting for work or are freelancing, it should be mostly good news. There are opportunities for you to make money this month, but you have to keep your eyes and ears opened and go for them. As for love, this vibe is better to find someone for men Xin than it is for women. But patience, there are good things coming up if you keep your heart open, Xin people…
  • The Yang Water (Ren) can initiate projects and will find themselves in leadership situations right now. If you want to advance in your career, you have a good ace to play this month. Just take some initiative, make some noise and work steadily and you will get noticed. If you work in entertainment, this is a good time to shine and maybe land some casting. It is quieter for your love life, but your career should keep you busy…
  • The Yin Water (Gui) feels a greater call this month. You are awakenig from your slumber and feel that you have a vision, are on a mission and have a message to share. Find your center, see this vision and then go for it. Calling must be answered. Be willing to go slightly out of your comfort zone this month and you’ll discover more than you were expecting. Friendship or love life could get intense, in a good way.

I take great pleasure to write this general horoscope. But to me, there is nothing more exciting than working one to one with you and tell you what I see in your Bazi and astrology. To show clearly your patterns, your greater call and your potential, and how you can awaken it. To explain why you are experiencing those challenges and where you can go as soon as you integrate the needed life lessons. Reading a Bazi and delivering those messages is always a very humbling and graceful moment, and I am very blessed to be a messenger whenever you need to find your directions in life. The testimonials on this page and on my Linkedin profile speak for themselves…So why don’t you contact me now to work on your present and future? Send me an email using: and explain to me what you need, and we’ll go from there…

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