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2017: the Yin Fire Rooster year.

Let’s now see what 2017 should bring to the world. For the Western calendar, we entered 2017 on the 1st of January 2017. For the Chinese one, we started the Rooster year on the 28th of January 2017 (lunar calendar) and then go into high gear on the 4th of February (solar start). There is basically a year start based on the moon and one based on the sun. Easy, isn’t it? If you are confused about the dates and logic, please read: When is the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster and why you should celebrate.

For the part 1 on this article, please read: A world forecast of the Fire Rooster year 2017. Part 1: The tricks of the Monkey.

In Chinese astrology, 2017 is the Yin Fire Rooster year then. The Yin Fire is actually the energy on the surface: the one that is seen at first. It will influence more the first half of the year, from February to August. The Rooster is the branch = sign of the year. It is a deeper energy; and while it influences the whole year, it will come more alive in the second half from August to February 2018.

The Rooster is a sign that in the Chinese zodiac is 100% Metal. Yin Metal, to be more precise. Within a Yin Fire Rooster year, we therefore have a direct astrological fight: the Yin Fire vs the Yin Metal. How do we melt some metal, liquefies it and then shape it to our will? By putting it in fire, quite simply…And so Fire is controlling Metal in the Five Elements cycle.

2017: when the Fire melts the Metal.

The Yin Fire attacking the Yin Metal in 2017 means several things. The Metal rules organised structures such as cities and civilisation. We actually walked into the concept of civilisation when metals came into our history…

As the Metal is stressed out by the Fire, 2017 will show us that what we define as progress is not necessarily progress for our species and the planet. There might be a way to make civilization and a certain form of expansion work for us and the planet we live on; but the Fire Rooster will show us the limits of the current system first. Expect world events and political actions to show that the current paradigm is broken beyond repair. As the Metal of the Rooster also represents control and organisation, the year will show us that we control less that we’d like to think…

Those events will bring questions on our current ways. Strong societal debates will arise, such as:

Should profit be the driving force for humans to thrive?

Should expansion and growth be the only mark of success?

Is science necessarily equal to better, or can it be severally misused?

Are centralized political systems the best way to govern?

Are austerity, repression and military forces the way forward?

Is working and getting paid for it the only way to live our lives?

And endless variations on those dynamics at work…Let’s now go into the actual predictions for the Fire Rooster year of 2017.

The contradictions of 2017: a world trying to ascend but that must not.

In this part I am going to make predictions about world events, through the logic of Chinese astrology. This is an exercise that I do monthly on my blog as you well know.

The problem of 2017 is that it’s a contradiction in nature and a clash of energies; even more that 2016 was. The Fire aims at rising and wants to elevate. It wants to be free and joyful. The Metal aims at contracting and want to be in control. Think of a bird flying, versus a snail going into its shell…Not exactly the same energy! One is ascending; the other one is retracting to what it knows best, its home and boundaries. And so integrating those two different movements without conflict needs some specific steps that I’ll detail soon.

The melting of structure is at the heart of 2017. Control freak, or let it go: choose your side now. The Fire Rooster year is reshaping our very own minds and not only in society. Control vs less control: this is the key to understand the Fire Rooster year energy. The opposition of those two forces will generate different type of events. You can come back in a year time to this article and see what manifested!

And to make you smile before some heavy predictions. If you search on Google for images to illustrate this year’s energies, you better search for a Fire Rooster rather than for a cock on fire. Ok I know what are think right now, but how can we resist some cock jokes during a Rooster year? It’s NOT possible. It’s done and so now is time for the serious predicitons.

The challenges of the Rooster year

In term of natural disasters, hurricanes and twisters will be particularly strong and devastating. They will remind us that we are not in control.Bushfires and man-made arsons will also be numerous. Droughts are to be expected in several places.

It is a year when man-made disasters that have to do with construction/building, but also high-tech bugs, will be numerous. There could be trouble with atomic energy and an incident in a nuclear power plant is not unlikely.

A new airborne illness starting in farmed animal is likely to spread and touch humans.

In term of politics, it will be a tense year. Egos will be strong, especially as the spiritual energy tries to dissolve it. We can expect a difficult year in diplomacy with some localized new conflicts emerging. Don’t forget that when a Rooster meet another one, they often have what is known as a cockfight…And so in a Rooster year, egos driven fights are inevitable. This is a year of division and black/white world. And so this is not the year for World Peace yet as there is a bigger arc at work. We have to first SEE what we do to the world and wake up from the illusion that we are doing a good job, politically speaking.

To help us wake-up, many countries will aim at ruling with fear mongering and more control over their citizens. It will backfire in places where the love of freedom and spiritual awakening is already strong. In other places, coercion will work for a while. Expect fascist parties and bad talk about other cultures to escalate.

For elections that are held during the first half of 2017, we can hope that the Fire will help to stay away from fascist parties (France, I am looking at you here). For elections happening from September onward, the Metal might succeed into bringing more fear and control and fascism can rise again at this time.

Terrorism will be on the rise. If you thought that 2016 was not a stable year, full of terror attacks; well brace yourself for 2017…The Fire vs Metal also translates into explosions especially in Western countries. Why Western? Because the Rooster is a sign that rules the West. Those attacks will be an unfortunate reminder that most governments are aggressively trying to treat symptoms, while not removing causes. One cannot thrive on the commerce of selling weapons and destabilizing entire countries and expect no karmic ripple effects…It’s Yin and Yang.

In Europe, we will have many talks about changing the European institutions such as the parliament. We will also hear about putting back some borders and go back to the notions of individuals countries. Those are all aspects of the Fire trying to melt the bigger structure of the Metal. We will also see countries of Southern Europe asking for more to Western Europe. This movement will actually be worldwide, with the South saying that the vision of the West is not working. Here, we go to the directions aspects: Yin Fire/Yin Metal = opposition South/West.

We shall also see debates about artificial intelligence and robotic and the role they will now play in our society.

The benevolent aspects of the Rooster year.

While mainstream medias give us very biased views of the world by focusing mostly on negative events, there are also reasons to look forward to 2017. There are some positive trends which started in the previous year:

  • The spiritual awakening continues. The year will force us to open our eyes, see and take action. Not in a nice, sugar-coated way still…
  • The rebirth of psychedelics meeting science to help us think differently
  • Shamanism and old spirituality delivering teachings to understand the modern world and find our way.

One major theme of this year for example will be the legalisation or de-criminalisation of plants or chemicals still classified as drugs. Spiritual aspects, but also scientific ones and financial interest will all play a part. Some countries will de-criminalise some drugs (cannabis, magic mushrooms etc.), this is my prediction. Think again of more control/less control. Beyond those, there are other interesting events that we can look forward too. Fire and Metal working together can be an alchemical process.

Many countries will re-start the idea of rebuilding infrastructures. Roads, bridges, transport system and well, walls will be constructed this year. Iron and steel work will be restarted, and big factories will pop up. Some countries will heavily invest again in those domains to provide temporary solutions to unemployment. The transport industry will also benefit from this impulse. This arc continues in 2018, Dog year. Everything changes in 2019, but that is another story…

We can also expect major advance in medicine. Beyond scientific “progress”, I am referring to the integration of different paradigms in the way medicine is practiced. We should see big announcements in the following fields:

  • Brain surgery and the understanding of how it works
  • The nervous system and way to treat it: for example in case of multiple sclerosis etc.
  • Mental disorders and psychiatry
  • Eyes: new ways to repair sight and maybe fix some kind of blindness
  • Possible breakthrough in the treatment of diseases and most notably HIV.

As the Chinese theory is a unified one, it applies to both metaphysics and physics: hence the same concepts are used in astrology, Feng Shui and Chinese medicine. In my analysis, the Fire-Metal connection has to do with the brain and nervous system. Both organs display notions of flexibility and control that relate to the Metal, and electric impulses which are Fire-related. But what about the eyes then? In Chinese medicine, the Yin Fire also relates to eyesight…And so we have to remember that the Fire Rooster eye keep telling us to “open our eyes”, even literally! The Fire Rooster year is the greatest eye opener in this cycle.

If we go further in this logic, it also relates to a different kind of “eye”. With the association Fire-Metal, I foresee major announcement in term of space discoveries. There could be a real paradigm shift here…the announcement that some evidence of alien life have been discovered – bacteria or something more mind-blowing – could happen in 2017. If not, 2018 is another major year for space related news but for other reasons; Mars is likely to be the focus during the Dog year of 2018. The announcement of alien life in one way and another would tie neatly the Fire-Metal space connection and the spiritual message that we have to “open our eyes”. Still, let see beyond agendas: such announcement could very conveniently distract us from more earthy problems at the time.

There will be also advance in supra-conductors, computer tech and possibly a new way to produce energy. Cold fusion or new energies will be much talked about. These three areas are well in synch with the idea of Fire and Metal at work. We should also expect major discoveries in bacteriology or virology. Why? The Yin Fire is also the microscope, and the Metal is the brain behind publishing scientific papers…

All those discoveries in 2017 will show us that what we think we know has to be rethought. The next logical step will therefore be to integrate humility in our ways…one can hope! Here is now a summary of my forecast for the year.

Major predictions for the Rooster year.

So for a quick summary of my predictions, here it is.

The Challenges:

  • Sever hurricanes affecting many countries
  • Droughts affecting farming
  • Wildfire and man-made arsons all over the year
  • The year of man-made malfunctions;
  • Collapse of buildings and man-made structure.
  • Atomic energy in trouble, with problems on nuclear power plants.
  • Man-made disasters around the world.
  • Severe bugs for high-tech companies

The year of cockfight

  • A world divided. Strong egos at play, it’s very black and white
  • Diplomatic tensions around territories
  • Censorship creeping in several countries
  • Return to the ideas of borders, nationalism and one country should prevail
  • More separation and divisions: countries or state seceeding, possibly
  • Conflicts and terrorism still on the rise. Several attacks

A year sometimes out of control

  • One strong airborne illness is likely. It will probably start with livestock (think bird or swine flu) and moving to humans. The point is to help us see the insanity of factory farming and that we are not in control; but we are slow learners aren’t we…

The unknown: good or bad?

  • Reforms of some European institutions
  • South opposed to West, South countries rejecting the West
  • Some currencies in trouble, possibly the Euros and the Pound
  • Discussions on A.I and robotics vs humans

The good

  • Debates around legalisation or de-creminalisation of some plants, currently consider as drugs. Scientific evidence and financial interest at play.
  • Major year for space exploration and discoveries
  • Major year for neuro-science, reparing brain, nervous system and sight
  • Breakthrough in some diseases treatment, possibly HIV
  • Turning point for alternative energy and theorical new energies, such as cold fusion
  • Union in division. Against rise in facism, censorship and repression, more and more voice will be heard. New political parties, new ways of seeing the future and new citizen movements will be on the rise.
  • Among the apparent chaos, a new way that integrates spirituality into civilisation is emerging. And now for the solutions to find your way through this challenging year, please read: Fire Rooster year: solutions to find your way and thrive in 2017.

What are the solutions for us to integrate this complicated Yin Fire Rooster year then? In the coming days I’ll give some practical tps on the 5 Elements that you can use to be balanced through this challenging Fire Rooster year. In the meantime, to know what is in store for you besides the whole world, you can contact me to analyse your Four Pillars of destiny or Bazi chart and understand how the Rooster year will work for you.

Chinese Rooster year 2017

The year of the Fire Rooster will bring cockfight to the world. Pic:

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