Bazi April 2016
Welcome back to my Feng Shui & Bazi blog, with an article that apparently you like: a review of the last Chinese month and what happened in the world in regard to my Bazi predictions. Don’t forget that if you want to be kept up to date with my posts you can follow me on: http://www.facebook.com/FengShuiBaziLaurentLanglais http://www.facebook.com/lifecoachlaurentlanglais http://twitter.com/LaurentLanglais And so […]

Chinese astrology for the Snake month, May 2016. Part 1: ...

Iphone joke
As my best Quebecois friend, Jacques, once told me: I am not rich enough to buy cheap. This seems like a joke, but this is actually rather profound… Earth day was this week, and I ask you: do you have the Earth attitude? A day is good : whatever action brings more awareness to our environment, and to the delicate […]

Earth day and planned obsolescence