Snake horoscope 2017

The Snake horoscope for 2017, year of the Fire Rooster. 4

Before you read the Snake horoscope for 2017, year of the Fire Rooster, you might want to understand the Chinese calendar concepts. The introduction to these predictions can be found in this article: 2017 Horoscope for the 12 Chinese signs: year of the Fire Rooster.

Horoscope 2017 for the Snake

Good news for you, Snake sign. After a year 2016 that has been very transformative and even transcendental for some Snakes, but unpredictable still, you have it easier in 2017. As with the Ox sign, you have a special relationship with the Rooster that rules this year. Snake, Rooster and Ox form together the Metal Element in Chinese astrology. The Metal is associated with the human mind, precision, systems building…Engineering for example is very “Metal”. You are the sign that starts this whole Metal cycle, and the Rooster represents the peak of the cycle. The Ox is the end of it…And so while the Ox can receive in 2017, you are the giver, at the inception of many things. It is logically a very good year to start new projects of all kinds. A new work, a company, having a kid, buying a house, starting a relationship…This year helps you to start afresh and will reward the Snake that dares. Take advantage of it!

The Snake love life during the Rooster year.

For love, this Rooster year could be massive for you, Snake. The alchemical reaction that forms between the Rooster and the Snake is a sign of unions. It is an excellent vibe for single people born under this sign, who have more chances to meet in 2017. A word of caution still. The Metal forming between the Rooster and your sign means that you will very much intellectualise your relations this year. Try to listen to your heart rather than your mind; refrain from doing a list of pros and cons for your potential partners. For couples, it is a good year to get engaged or married (depending of your whole Bazi, still). It is the time to think “two”: through a marriage, moving together etc. It can also be a good year to think “three”: the year can help you to conceive, Snake. Even better if you partner is an Ox or a Dragon…

The Snake work and money during the Rooster year

Your skill this year is to start projects and provide people with great insight. If you work in teams, you have what it takes in 2017 to be an excellent leader, or stimulate creativity in many ways. If you work in design, marketing or music for example, your artistry should be limitless.

If you wish to start a company, 2017 gives you the energy and opportunities to do so. If you are already freelancing, it is a great year to get back in touch with old clients and stimulate your business. It is also a good year to communicate about your work. Dare to network, advertise and use the power of social medias to its full potential. Finally if you are looking for work, this Rooster year should help you to find some; especially during its second half.

The Snake wellbeing during the Rooster year

It is a year when you can recharge your batteries and centre yourself. In 2017, you can sustain your immune system more easily and also find solutions to any health ailment. It is a good year to start a sport, or become more serious about your practice. It is also a good time to experience massage, osteopathy, shiatsu and any manual therapy. While the year’s Chi is good to you, we shall also take into account the Fire that will be mostly active during the first half of 2017. This Fire works against the 3 harmony combination that you form with the Rooster. With this in mind, don’t push yourself too hard; you could otherwise sustain some injuries or inflammation. Mentally, while you will be very efficient and productive during the second half of the year, you could also have “too many” ideas and be disorganised during the first half. Keep your focus to avoid many frustrations.

Good or bad, it’s all a question of adapting. Even during a stormy weather, any sign can have a great year. The key is to know what is coming for you, prepare and adapt. And did you know that you can have one, but also two, three or even four Snake signs in your birth chart? It is called the Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny. This form of Chinese astrology that I specialise in provides you with your personal map for this life, to find your true calling, know your timing and evolve positively. To know your true self and foresee what is ahead for you during the Rooster year of 2017, contact me now for your Bazi consultation.

Snake horoscope 2017

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