Dog Bazi

Chinese horoscope for the Dog month, October 2017.

Here are your Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny, as well as your 12 Chinese signs forecast for the Yang Metal month of the Dog, starting on the 8th of October 2017.

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This month is the Yang Metal Dog. Like last month, the Metal energy is getting stronger and the Fire is quite weak. For the world, it’ll be a time of international tensions: egos are strong and the energy is combative. Expects some tensions between the US, Korea and Russia most notably. There will also be some fight opposing native people to governments. It is however a good time to work on your home, to help the community you belong to and to work on your body and mind. This Dog month can help you find solutions to psychological or physical problem: it has the potential to be a great healer. It is also a good time for creative projects, especially if they involve community building or real estate. Try to remain focus on your goals; it is a good month to look into what you want to do next year and start taking steps in this direction. Ideally, you’d rest more and recharge your batteries during this earthy month, rather than party too hard.

Dog Bazi

The Metal Dog has quite a bite…

Chinese astrology: 12 signs horoscope for October/Dog month

Let’s start with the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac = your year of birth. Remember that likewise, it is only 1/4 of your chart: the year Pillar. A Four Pillar Bazi chart is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar, not the year only. If you click on your sign’s name, you will also open your horoscope for this Rooster year 2017.

The Rat should rest and think for a while. This month gives you plenty of new information and is shaping an interesting direction for you. It is however not the time to take action, but rather to make projects. The Qi is actually stopping you from putting your ideas into actions, and force you to step up your game for later on. Don’t waste your time fighting windmills, but look at the prospects you have for the incoming year. It can be a good time to prospect for work. Single ladies are help by the energy of this Dog month.

The Ox can achieve a lot this month, but should be careful to not overdo. In simple words, don’t bite more than you can chew right not, Oxen. The Qi of this Dog month help you to be appreciated at work and can also assist you into any work done on your home, or to find a new living place. You could however get lost in details and fight for petty details: make sure you focus only on what really matters then. Keep in mind that you can misjudge people or situations right now, so don’t speak too fast. Your love life is a bit quiet right now but you should be in demand socially.

The Tiger  has an affinity for the Dog. This month is helping you to gain influence. If you are freelancing, expect to be in demand and gain new clients. If you are working in a company, you can score some points right now by taking extra work and taking the lead on some projects. You should however be humble and put your ego aside, as the Yang Metal showing up at this time would otherwise put you in a corner. Avoid arguing or imposing your will with too much strength; be diplomatic and helpful and you’ll go far.

The Rabbit is still having a rough year, but must rise to the occasion. The challenge of this month is that it isolates you a bit: you can only count on yourself. You are likely to have too much to do and not enough time. Nevertheless, inside this challenging year, it could be the month of a major opening. For you career especially: be willing to knock at many doors, dare to apply for new positions or ask for extra work and it should pay off. For both single women and men, the month is also helping you to meet new people. If you are in a relationship, you can work on easing any tensions as well.

The Dragon must advance very cautiously. The Dog is your antagonistic sign: therefore don’t take any situation or people for granted. Throw in some extra work if you want to get results this month. I’d also recommend you to be really accommodating, both at work and in your private life. Some events will challenge your assumptions and ask you to rethink the way you do things. There is much to gain if you show some humility and are willing to evolve. Your social life is a bit dicey right now, so be nice to everyone.

The Snake will feel a bit edgy this month. There is a sense of competition and aggressiveness in your work, and your must be sure you mind your words to not make any enemies. Silence is golden for the Snakes during this challenging month. Try to vent off and go out with your friends, as next month is also challenging for you. Save your big ideas for later, as otherwise you’d waste too much energy and achieve little this month. It is a time when it is best to withdraw and avoid fighting.

The Horse could have a spectacular month: possibly the best of this whole year. The Qi of the month is finally helping you to achieve more in your career, and all the efforts you’ve made this year should now pay off. It is a time when you should be really active with all aspects of your career: you can make extra money and also gain supports for new projects of yours. Go out, network and build bridges. It is one of those magical time when everything could fall into place and the right people show up, so take advantage of it. New friendships can also develop at this time.

The Goat is a bit blocked by the energy of this month. Avoid being a control freak and let go: you could otherwise waste a lot of energy and get poor results right now. It is a time to stop, take a break and see where you have to focus your efforts. It is a good month to look into your finances and see how you can improve them. Avoid fighting with people, as it would lead nowhere right now; especially when it comes to administration and paperwork. Be aware that the month can cloud your judgment, so double check everything you do.

The Monkey should be in demand this month. While you might be a bit cranky over the month, it is overall a good time for your sign. Your ideas are appreciated and you can advance in your career. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of people turning to you and being on the same vibe as you are this month. Use this energy wisely by putting some of your projects in motion. A friendship could become a bit more right now, if you are open to it.

The Rooster is having an easier month than in September. It is a good time to network and socialize, as new friendships and work collaborations can manifest. Focus on communicating with people and aim at building bridges: some will be seduced by your approach. It is not a time to be isolated or arrogant. Your love life could be a bit cold right now and you’ll have to make sure you attend to your partner needs. This year keeps asking you what you want and whom you want to be with: don’t postpone the psychoanalysis, as it will help you get a better life.

The Dog is in its month: if you follow this blog and horoscope, you know it’s not always good news. It is a time when you reflect on who you are and where you are at in life. You could feel uneasy with the conclusions your draw: still, count your blessings as the real life crisis is next year for you! You could think that the whole world – actually the Universe is against you at this time. This is an illusion and your mind is only bringing out your fears. Take advantage of this time of introspection to trim out what you don’t need in your life anymore; it will make your life easier in 2018.

The Pig must be cautious this month. There are risks on your health and you have to make sure you exercise cautiously, drive slowly and don’t overindulge. It is a tricky month in many areas: keep a low profile and accept what the Universe sends you with philosophy. You could nevertheless get inspired and develop new ideas, but they’ll come to you as blessings in heavy disguise at first. Take good care of yourself and avoid wasting your energy on conversations (or Facebook arguments!) that go nowhere…

Now we move to the Bazi tendency if you know your day master. If not, now is the time to order your personalized Bazi analysis and report…

For the Yang Wood (Jia), the month is very challenging. It seems that nothing works for you and that the Universe sends you challenge after challenge. The key word here is surrendering: accept your fate for the moment and see it with a sense of irony. Laugther will be your best medicine, and better times are coming.

For the Yin Wood (Yi), it is a time when you can rise to the occasion. You might be given a new opportunity in your work, and could also prospect successfully for a new job. It is a rare time when you can improve your condition despite this challenging Rooster year. People tend to find your ideas and personality interesting right now, so take advantage of this energy to advance with your personal and professional life.

For the Yang Fire (Bing), the month is quite contrarian. You will find that people are not really willing to listen to you and that nothing seems to go according to plan. For someone like you who like to be heard and show the way, it is frustrating. You better show some flexibility and know which battles to lead right now.

For the Yin Fire (Ding), the month could help with your career and income. It is a time when your efforts will pay off and when you should be noticed for them. It is therefore good for you to take some initiative and be willing to take on new projects. For single men, it could be a spectacular month as you are seen as very attractive right now.

For the Yang Earth (Wu), the month is focused on family and relationship. You can create harmony at home and people close to you are willing to listen to what you have to say. It is a good time to improve any relation that needs some work, and to find the middle ground. This energy also helps you to solve legal problems, it that applies.

The Yin Earth (Zi)  is in an ideal situation right now. You are seen as an innovative person or a charismatic leader. It is the right time to mobilise people and initiate some projects. Your friends and family are also very eager to spend time with you. Everything seems to fall into the right place during this Dog month: take advantage of this auspicious time then.

The Yang Metal (Geng) is reflecting on its life and on this year. Pause for a while and see if you are on the right track. Don’t do anything mechanically or without consciousness, as you’d eventually hit a wall. New people and meetings will help you to form a new project this month.

The Yin Metal (Xin) should get out of its shell and socialize more. It is an auspicious time to find like-minded people and develop healthy habits. This year has not been easy for you, but you also have a tendency to give up a bit too easily. The victim status will get you nowhere, as most people don’t have time to listen…So inverse the tendency and go out of your comfort zone right now, to feel alive and make new friends.

The Yang Water (Ren) is having a weird month. On one hand you are gaining some stamina and feel that you can move mountains. On the other hand this nice idea will soon fall short of your expectations, as you can expect contrarian people and blockage during the month. Take this time to rethink your plans and devise new one, and pamper yourself a bit. This is not a month to be forceful. You could find a new, exciting direction or occupation for your restless mind this month.

The Yin Water (Gui) is a bit lost for directions. You have too much to do, too many people to satisfy and don’t know how you can handle everything at once. You could feel powerless with the turn of events during this month. Delegate whatever you can and focus on the people who matter really: the rest will take care of itself. You don’t have to save the whole world, just yourself!

I take great pleasure into writing this general horoscope;however, there is nothing more exciting than working one to one with you and tell you what I see in your Bazi and astrology. To show clearly your patterns, your greater call and your potential, and how you can awaken it. To explain why you are experiencing those challenges and where you can go as soon as you integrate the needed life lessons. Reading a Bazi and delivering those messages is always a very humbling and graceful moment, and I am very blessed to be a messenger whenever you need to find your directions in life. The testimonials on this page and on my Linkedin profile speak for themselves…So why don’t you contact me now to work on your present and future? Send me an email using: and explain to me what you need, and we’ll go from there…

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