Chinese astrology rooster

Chinese horoscope for the Rooster month, September 2017.

Here are your Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny, as well as your 12 Chinese signs forecast for the Yin Earth month of the Rooster, starting on the 7th of September 2017.

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We are entering in the Yin Earth Rooster month. The Qi of the month itself is quite harmonious, with the soil represented by the Yin Earth supporting the Metal contained in the Rooster. In a perfect world, it would be better to see this Earth below the Metal rather than on top. The Earth on top can temporarily bring back some conservative attitudes that cloud the judgment and block society’s evolution. Still, there is a natural connection between Earth and Metal. Furthermore the Yin Earth converts the Yin Fire of this year 2017 (remember, it’s a Yin Fire Rooster) that was attacking the Metal. So in other words this is the month when the Fire really withdraws and when the Metal has a chance to get strong and shine. For all the people who have suffered in their body and mind through the Fire-Metal clash since February, this will come as great relief…

Chinese astrology rooster

The Rooster month is the ideal time to get your cock out in the outdoors.

Chinese astrology: 12 signs horoscope for September/Rooster month

Let’s start with the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac = your year of birth. Remember that likewise, it is only 1/4 of your chart: the year Pillar. A Four Pillar Bazi chart is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar, not the year only. If you click on your sign’s name, you will also open your horoscope for this Rooster year 2017.

The Rat is caught in a weird dynamics. The Metal of the Rooster helps and supports you, but the Earth of this month confuses your mind and opposes your projects. On one hand you gain strength and on another you see oppositions. It is a good time to take care of your and to think, imagine, make plans. It is not so good to rush into action and try to impose your will. If an obstacle manifest it might be to help you envision a better plan. Be flexible and open to new possibilities this month.

The Ox has an affinity with the Rooster. This month has great potential for you: your personal projects can move forward. Many doors should open and it can be an excellent time for job interviews, negotiate a raise in your salary or express your desires for evolution. Your social life should also be blossoming. If you have started seeing someone, you can take your relationship to the next level. If you need to patch things up with your partner, now is the right time. The only minus is that you could be conflicted about two options – in your work or in your private life – due to the two Roosters showing up (Year and month). Trust your instincts…

The Tiger should go through a very transformative month. If you are single, it is an ideal time to meet: the planets align to help you connect with very special people, who complete you. If you are already in a relationship, it is a great time to make solid project together. In any case, it is a great month to network and socialize: new contacts should prove to be meaningful in the long run. At work, you might get an opportunity to evolve or even get a new job. Be the audacious Tiger and go for it: do not look back. The only way this month could be difficult is that if you want to stay in your comfort zone and refuse to evolve when opportunities show up…

The Rabbit must take shelter! With two Roosters against you, in the year and in the month, you cannot have it your way. It is a red flag month for you in everything. The best advice I can give you is for now to surrender, be very diplomatic, and wait for the wind to blow in another direction. Be also mindful when exercising as injuries can really manifest at this time. If you can, travel a bit, even for a weekend only: movement is what you need right now to dissipate the clash. The silver lining is that you can make unexpected money right now, but don’t push your luck under such influence…

The Dragon is going through an odd month. There are hundred of ideas and possibilities blooming in your mind, but you are a bit lost for directions. It seems like two lifestyle or courses of actions are really tempting to you: but they are mutually exclusive. You are feeling this dilemma due to the two Roosters acting on your sign (year and month). The good news is that both choices will be transformational and positive. You just have to make sure you don’t run away from your responsibilities. The choice that you make should empower you and ring true to your heart and not be a getaway from a life that you don’t like…

The Snake is having a good month due to its affinity with the Rooster. It is a great time to socialize and meet new people. Try to often go to new events and activities, as it should pay off. Your point of view is appreciated at the moment, both in your home life and at work. It is a good time to initiate some projects and give directions to others. In fact, it is also an excellent time to develop good karma by volunteering, helping and by giving some of your time to a noble cause. You are the best sign of this month (with the Monkey) and should be essential to the success of many endeavors. You shine so take advantage of it!

The Horse is feeling a bit stuck. You see ways to make money and improve your daily life, but you don’t have the keys yet to open this door. Could it be that you also give up when it becomes a bit difficult? It is a time to look into yourself and see if there is any complacency you need to take care of. In fact, it is a good month to take steps and build foundations for a new work project or a new life goal; but the pace is likely to be slow. The stars are temporarily putting you in a corner to invite you to reinvent yourself. If you are up to the challenge, it will pay off…If you think: “what’s the point”, you will stay stuck. It’s entirely up to you right now…

The Goat is trying a bit too hard this month. It is a conflicted month, where clearly the “no pain no gain” motto applies. The problem is that you have to know when to stop as you could exhaust your stamina by trying very hard to reach your goal. Focus your mind and effort but let go once you have done some efforts, and let the universe take its course. Avoid being a control freak right now, as it would backfire. It is a good time to put order in your life but don’t overdo. Better times are coming.

The Monkey should be on cloud 9. Along with the Snake, you are the best sign this month. Everything seems to fall into place and the Universe conspires to give you what you want. Dream big and take action, as this is your best month to reap the benefits of your efforts. Many doors should open and it is a great time for job interviews, potential promotions and to speak in public. If you are freelancing, reach out for partnerships and collaborations and launch new marketing campaign. You can also meet very unique people and form solid friendships right now.

The Rooster is in its own month and own year and that is not necessarily great news in astrology. It is very much a “make or break” dynamics here. If your relationship has been dissatisfying for a long time, expect some great tensions right now. It is the year to take decisions about your couple dynamics, as you are restating a 12 years cycle right now. Same story for your work: if you do something that you don’t like, it might be the time to stop…It is a month of introspection that can be heavy at time. It will only be heavy if you are not brave enough to make the necessary changes to your life. If everything is however good in your life right now, take time to see how you can evolve and help others still.

The Dog is rather helped by this month. If you were blocked by the dynamics of this year, expect events to unfold in the right direction at the moment. You can advance in your work and should be more and more appreciated. The month is not spectacular for your sign, but help you to consolidate your position. Expect your family and work colleagues to turn to you for advice. Next month will start a phase of reflection for your sign that will culminate next year; you can start the psychological or shamanic work right now to ease your incoming evolution.

The Pig should rise to the occasion right now. You will be given opportunities to evolve, possibly in your career or through a new home for example. You should seriously consider those, as there is much to gain for you right now. Generally this month vibe is helping you to advance in your career. This month’s influence can also help Pigs whom are still single to meet a suitable partner: be open minded and relaxed about it and it can happen. You are a sign who has a slight tendency for impatience and waiting things your way; this month, just voice your intent and let the magic unfold…

Now we move to the Bazi tendency if you know your day master. If not, now is the time to order your personalized Bazi analysis and report…

For the Yang Wood (Jia), it is a transformative month. You will see obstacles manifesting on your path and might be stuck for a little while. Expect people and situations to be contrarian right now, and to oppose your will and desires. However, this happens to help you change your plans, evolve, and manifest your full potential. In a year full of oppositions and difficult time for you, this month could bring a climax but also a way to change and find solutions. Consider your own evolution and don’t look back.

For the Yin Wood (Yi), the month is also difficult. The odds are against you and you should keep a low profile. You basically have very little power over the course of events and should surrender to the Universe’s flow for now. If you can, go to travel a bit. It is also a good idea to be generous and help others at this time, as the good karma generated will help you to get through this month and year.

For the Yang Fire (Bing), it is a time when you should focus on relationship. This month helps you to get close to your partner and create harmony at home. If you are single, it is equally good to meet someone new. The positive vibe can also extend to forming partnership in your work, in case you are freelancing. So in everything you do, look for harmony and working with others rather than for fights right now.

For the Yin Fire (Ding), it is an exhausting month. Like the Yin Wood, but for other reasons, you don’t control much right now. However, you are in a great position to give the right impulse and to motivate others. The key is to avoid being a control freak, but to talk and give sounds advice when the timing is right. Be willing to be a team player rather than the leader and you’ll do fine…

For the Yang Earth (Wu), it is a time of competition and small opposition. Be mindful of your words and actions, especially at work. Someone will get on your nerves, and you are not known for being the most flexible people…Let go for now. It can actually be a productive month if you focus on the tasks to be done, and nothing else. Shut down Facebook or you’ll get stuck in endless feud in others posts and forums!

The Yin Earth (Zi) is a bit in a corner at this time. It is a month when you have to give to others, rather than being absorbed in your self-reflection. You are likely to question the course of your life and get a bit depressed right now; however if you throw yourself into action, you’ll find solutions. Build bridges rather than burning them and put your ego asides, as this is through being helpful that you’ll get a good month.

The Yang Metal (Geng) is caught into a push-pull dynamics right now. The Yin Earth of the month helps you to regain stamina and some strength. This is great news, as the Yin Fire of this year has not been kind to you. The Yin Metal however is a bit of an obstruction, and you won’t necessarily “have it your way” quite yet. It is nevertheless a good time to examine the basis of your work and lifestyle and tighten what needs to be.

The Yin Metal (Xin) must focus on the people around them. There could be some conflicts up in the air for you this month, especially with your partner or family. However this is the right time to talk openly and sort things out, or misunderstanding could grow. You have an opportunity to bury the hatchet right now. Your mind is otherwise getting hyperactive and it could be a good time to develop new projects.

The Yang Water (Ren) is flexing its muscle. It is a time when you regain energy and feel that you can achieve a lot. And yet, it is not the month for action, but rather for consolidation. Put order into all domains of your life and get rid of what is not necessary anymore.

The Yin Water (Gui) is generally confused by those energies. It is not the right time for you to make decisions, as the month blows hot and cold on your own energy. If you are lacking directions right now, things will get clearer next month that is quite transformational for you. Be mindful to not waste your time and energy in endless talks that go nowhere for now. Meditation is a must for you at this time of the year.

I take great pleasure into writing this general horoscope;however, there is nothing more exciting than working one to one with you and tell you what I see in your Bazi and astrology. To show clearly your patterns, your greater call and your potential, and how you can awaken it. To explain why you are experiencing those challenges and where you can go as soon as you integrate the needed life lessons. Reading a Bazi and delivering those messages is always a very humbling and graceful moment, and I am very blessed to be a messenger whenever you need to find your directions in life. The testimonials on this page and on my Linkedin profile speak for themselves…And I offer 25% off this month!

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