Chinese month Snake

Chinese horoscope for the Snake month, May 2018.

Here are  your 12 Chinese signs horoscope and Bazi forecast for the Yin Fire Snake  month, starting on the 5th of May 2018.

Here is your horoscope for the Snake month of May 2018. Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart. Each of us actually has 4 animals in our date of birth and the Bazi is your 4 Pillars of destiny. It gives your whole story and allows for precise predictions: to find your ideal career, to understand what can help your life. If you want to know how to precisely navigate the complex influence of the year, I invite you to order your personalised Bazi analysis and predictions.

This month brings an intense Fire energy upon the world. The Fire contained in the Snake rise on top and its intensity asks us to evolve and transform. The image brought by this Fire Snake month is akin to fusion welding, an intense but precise heat that melts the metal to transform it.

For world events, I would say that a new terrorist attack is not unlikely at this time. Expect troubled areas, such as Gaza, to be the theatre of new violence. This month is also likely to expose further scandals relating to cults or religions that will be exposed publicly. It is however a great month for medical discoveries especially relating to the nervous system, as well as space related news.

For those of us who can’t take the Fire very well, this month is too intense. If you don’t know your Bazi well, I’d simply advise you to lay low on all stimulants – coffee, alcohol, recreative drugs etc. Drugs for example could at this time of the year induce mental psychosis, more than usual. There is however some very good aspects to this month. It represents healing the kundalini rising. If you are dedicated to your own healing, the month can be wonderful. Acupuncture and cupping will at this time bring strong results, and spiritual cultivation as well as meditation are particularly advised.

And now for your horoscope. Let’s start with the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac = your year of birth. Remember that it is only 1/4 of your chart: the year Pillar. A Four Pillar Bazi chart is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar; not the year only…If you click on the name of each animal, you’ll be taken to its yearly horoscope on this site.

Chinese month Snake

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12 signs Chinese horoscope for the Yin Fire Snake month/May 2018

The Rat could be spread thin this month. There is so much Fire around that your own Qi dissipates and evaporate. The way to avoid this is to do less and focus on what is most important. It is a month when you should avoid partying too much as it would exhaust you more. Depending on the rest of your Bazi, you could make extra money this month, or lose some by having unexpected expenses. Your love life could be tense, but single men might see some openings at this time.

The Ox  will find complementarity in the energy of this month. You can now look for solutions to some of your problems. At work, it is the right time to find the right collaborators or hire new people. The motto is union in strength at the moment, and it is important that you actively look for collaborations rather than work on your own. The excess of Fire of this month is however draining on your mental health, and you should aim at laying low with stimulants and avoid overworking.

The Tiger must be mindful to not indulge too much at this time. First, your lifestyle must be balanced: the wrong type of food or partying too much would backfire this month. It is also a time when there are minor risks for your health (depending on the rest of your Bazi), and I advise caution with your sex life in particular…For the rest the month can work for you if you are moderate, and diplomatic with people you speak with.

The Rabbit is facing an exhausting month somehow. It’s a bit bunny vs the rest of the world. The energy is taking from you and does not give as much back. It is a time when I advise you to make sure you have a balanced lifestyle. Sleep more and exercise less in order to recharge your batteries. The month can however be good for holidays and to discover other cultures. It can also help Rabbits with marital problems to advance further, in case you are doing couple therapy.

The Dragon goes through a period of healing and alchemical transformation. It’s a good month for psychoanalysis, detox, or a nutritional program of some sort. This influence brings up your issues (physical, mental etc.) to the surface, and it might be unpleasant for a little while. It is however a month that can help you to get better if you do the necessary work. Pay attention to the messages that keep repeating in your life, and do what benefits you long term rather than what excites you temporarily.

The Snake is in its month, but also meet with some competition. Expect to feel pressure on your shoulders at work and to have to deal with some opposition through the month. It is however a good time to examine how you could do things differently, and especially change how you approach to people and your speech. The silver lining is that the month could help you to meet someone new, in case you are single and looking (it depends also of your spouse palace).

The Horse can receive unexpected support during this month, and improve its finances. It’s all about letting no stones unturned and networking to find new avenues for your work. It’s also a month during which you could sell more easily what doesn’t serve you anymore. The month also ask you to learn something new, and it is therefore a good time to go back to studies or read insightful books. The excessive Fire can however bring fever or inflammation for your sign, so make sure you don’t add oil to the Fire and respect the limits of your body.

The Goat will find the month a bit tiring, but can also learn a lot. It is an auspicious time to study or take any kind of training. You usually like to build upon your knowledge, and now is an excellent time to do so. You can also learn more about yourself, and it can be the right time to do health exams and look into unresolved ailments. This influence is however taking from you too, and my best advice is to do less, but do it fully and well. Avoid multitasking and generally putting too much on your plate.

The Monkey could have some expenses and worries on their mind right now. You can’t control everything and everyone and should not aim to do so. Just do the right thing for the time being, and know that the wheel will turn. The month is tiring for your sign and you should ask your partner or family to help you when needed.

The Rooster has a strong affinity with the Snake sign, but dislike the Yin Fire it associates with this month. This period seems to give as much as it takes from you: one thing you gain, one thing you lose. You might in particular be puzzled by the behaviour of some people, and it could be the time to examine who are your real friends. Expect to have people on your back, which will be tiring. It is however a month that can stimulate your mind, and useful to design new projects at work or for your life.

The Dog should like this month. It is a good time to patch thing up with people who matter to you. The month is helping you with family matters, and it can be a great time to get in touch or visit your relatives. It is also a month when you can recharge your batteries, and generally get back on track with your life and health. Inside a year that challenges you to be the best version of yourself, this month can show you how to get there.

The Pig is against its opposite energy with the Snake sign, and must be cautious in everything they do. It is a month when you should aim at being diplomatic with people, and not take risks with your lifestyle or finances. The Yin Fire of this month otherwise invite you to consider your problems from another point of view, and to find new ways to develop your body and soul. Any blockage that manifest is always an invitation to examine you current path…

We now move to the Bazi tendency if you know your day master. If not, now is the time to order your personalised Bazi analysis and report…

10 Bazi days master horoscope for May 2018

For the Yang Wood (Jia), the month is a mixed bag. On one side you can get inspired if you are working in a creative industry, and find new clients if you are freelancing. One another side you are going to face some contrarian people, which can be draining. At home especially, it might be difficult to avoid minor fights with your partner. Take some distance with those situations, as thing will then normalise.

For the Yin Wood (Yi), the month is rather intense. The good news is that it can help you to get closer to your partner, or possibly meet someone if you are on your own and looking. It is however a time when many people are on your back, and generally when a lot if asked for you. Try to find enough time for you; overworking would be counterproductive.

For the Yang Fire (Bing), the month can bring money and work opportunities. Expect some competition however, especially if you are looking for a new job at the moment. Generally this period helps you to get some of your mojo back, and to achieve more in your daily life. It is a good time to get back in shape if you need to.

For the Yin Fire (Ding), the month asks you to reflect on your behaviour and lifestyle. Do you see a lot of positive results in the way you do things, or is it largely counterproductive? Insanity is to expect different results while always doing the same thing. Take a break, and see how much you have to gain from evolving and changing your ways. The transition might be uncomfortable, but it’s worth it.

For the Yang Earth (Wu), the month is one of blessings in disguise. Blockages might temporarily manifest, but other doors will soon open. Pay attention to what you manifest, and how you manifest it. If you didn’t want a job in the first place, and end up not having it, then there is nothing to be sorry about. Move on and focus your efforts on the new opportunities that you can already see…

The Yin Earth (Zi) is finding this month stimulating. You gain some support and can get great new insights this month. This energy will give you new ideas, and it is the right time to start some projects. The Snake month can particularly help you with relocation, or with renovating a house (of course be sure to not offend the sensitive directions of the year). If you have children, you will most likely spend more time with them and be very focused on their wellbeing right now.

The Yang Metal (Geng) can use this month to reinvent himself. It is a period that can help you to change your look, improve your health, but also asks you to revise your website and marketing if you have your own business. This month is good for your evolution in case your embrace it: if you resist its influence, it could be more challenging. Women with this Day Master should be in demand.

The Yin Metal (Xin) does not like this month too much. You might feel that nothing goes according to your plan, and wonder why. Meditation and focusing on what you want to manifest day after day will help you more than bitching about it…There are endless possibilities in this world, so are you sure you have knocked on the right doors?

The Yang Water (Ren) is going through an interesting month. You feel, think and act differently at this time. New perspectives are opening for you, but they are a result of your new positive attitude. It is a great month to meet new people, so I’d advise you to go out and socialise in new circles and places to see what it brings to your life. If you are partnered, you should feel a renew sense of trust between you.

The Yin Water (Gui) is having too much on its plate. Choose your battles carefully right now, as you can do everything. Do less and do it well. Not everyone will like what you have to say, so mind your words. Your children or partner might be a bit of a handful at the moment. Silver lining; there is money to be made if you are freelancing.

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