Dog year Snake sign

2018, year of the Dog: Chinese horoscope for the Snake 3

Horoscope 2018 for the sign of the Snake

The Snake sign benefits from a good influence for work and money in 2018, but will feel a bit edgy in its love life. If you know how to approach those influences, it can also be a year of progresses still. Let see your horoscope in details.

Keep in mind that his horoscope is based on your year of birth only. Do you know that you can have one, but also two, three or even four Snake signs in your birth chart? It is called the Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny. The full chart can give a totally different picture than your year of birth/Chinese sign, and tell a different story for 2018. This form of Chinese astrology that I specialise in provides you with your personal map for this life, to find your true calling, know your timing and evolve positively.

Dog year Snake sign


The Snake’s love life in 2018, year of the Dog.

The influence of the Dog year brings an overall sense of competition in in your love life. If you are single, it is an uneasy situation. As soon as you’ll be interested into someone, you’ll see that others are as well…This could manifest situations like love triangles, intense friendships that stay this way, or a desire to look toward your past and maybe one of your ex. I’d say that you better hold still: the year 2019 will bring your direct clash, that paradoxically is good news for single men and women of the sign. This year 2018 is more focused on friendships: spend time with your friends and make new ones. This is how you can be supported and happy during the Dog year.

For people who are already in a relation, be mindful of the way you think: you could become slightly paranoid and think that your partner is unfaithful. It is likely to be in your mind and due to the year’s influence, but you don’t want to push him/her away by being difficult. Rather, introduce more playfulness in your relation and do more things together, as this is clearly the solution…

The Snake’s work and money in 2018, year of the Dog.

For work, it is a much better influence. It can actually be an excellent year if you work in a team and especially if you lead it. You will be creative and productive during the Dog year, and your input and ideas will be greatly appreciated. It is actually an ideal year to initiate big projects in your work. It is also an excellent year to change work if you are unsatisfied, as you are more likely to impress people during job interviews. If you are freelancing, expect to put a lot of work into the first half if the year, and then see financial benefits during the second half. It should be a good year for money overall: you can find new ways to improve your income and, for some, ask for a promotion. Use my Feng Shui membership to boost your monthly luck before you do! Finally it is a good year for real estate transactions: both buying and selling…

The Snake’s health and evolution in 2018, year of the Dog.

This is productive year for you Snakes, and one during which you can easily get back in shape. Changes in your training regimen or diet will have fast results, and you shall be happy with your evolution over the year. You can get much more precise in your sport practice, and this is also a good year to correct your posture and change your look a bit. Be careful however to respect your limit, as you could actually do too much and not rest enough. For athletes, it should be a year of achievements: you are very competitive right now and focused on your goals. I advise you to take good care of yourself and recharge your batteries through the year, as 2019 will be another beast and much more tiring to your sign..

Good or bad, it’s all a question of adapting. Even during a stormy weather, any sign can have a great year. The key is to know what is coming for you, prepare and adapt. To know your true self and foresee what is ahead for you during the Yang Earth Dog year of 2018, contact me now for your Bazi or 4 Pillars of destiny consultation. You will be amazed by what you discover on yourself! And don’t forget that my monthly Feng Shui (and Qimen) luck boost can help you to get much more out of every year: join the membership here.

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