Chinese horoscope Tiger

2018, year of the Dog: Chinese horoscope for the Tiger. 5

Horoscope 2018 for the sign of the Tiger

The Tiger sign will certainly go through an easier and more supportive year in 2018 than in 2017. In fact, you are one of the luckiest Chinese signs this year. Your affinity for the Dog and the Horse sign means that that you “fire on all cylinders” when one of them appear in the year. In 2018, you can expect to have more influence and a lasting impact on others. It is also a year during which meetings are facilitated, and networking will go a long way into putting you in the flow. Let see what your love life, career and money, as well as wellbeing is likely to be in 2018. You go Tiger!

Keep in mind that his horoscope is based on your year of birth only. Do you know that you can have one, but also two, three or even four Tiger sign in your birth chart? It is called the Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny. The full chart can give a totally different picture than your year of birth/Chinese sign, and tell a different story for 2018. This form of Chinese astrology that I specialise in provides you with your personal map for this life, to find your true calling, know your timing and evolve positively.

Chinese horoscope Tiger

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The Tiger’s love life in 2018, year of the Dog.

Your love life should be a highlight of this year for you, Tigers. Your spouse element is contained in the energy of the Dog, the sign of the year. To be simple, this is a sign that both single male and female of the sign can find a partner this year. It is even better if you have a Tiger or Horse sign inside your day of birth (you can know this through a complete Bazi analysis). It is about more than finding a partner actually: there is the idea that you complete each other and that your relation could be very meaningful. If you are already partnered and have been through a rough time lately, know that this a year during which you can reconnect deeply with your partner. For people happily partnered, the year helps you to strengthen your bound with each other.

The Tiger’s work and money in 2018, year of the Dog.

In this domain as well, the year can be good. In fact, there are some money signs in the year, but some Tigers will fare better than some others in this domain. Overall you have to prove your willingness to work and get more responsibilities, and a promotion could follow. You are often a bit of a loner, or dominating your work colleagues with your strong personality. This year is however special and you can work especially well inside a team. It is also a year when your influence is greater, which makes it ideal to launch your own business, or to use social medias to your advantage. Keep in mind that the return on investment might not be super fast, but the year helps your projects to get off the ground.

The Tiger’s health and evolution in 2018, year of the Dog.

Overall your evolution shall be very positive during the Dog year. You however have to be mindful of your mental. You could have a tendency to become a bit too sure of you once you see your first success. A lack of modesty could deter some people, who could then perceive you as arrogant. It would be a shame as this year is also especially good to make new friends and network.

The year is otherwise good for spirituality and cultivation. It is a time when you can really deepen your understanding of spiritual ideas, and you should aim at looking for such experiences.

During the Dog year you can also become more efficient at any sport, and it can be the year of great success for athletes. If you didn’t hit the gym for a while, now is a good time to do so. Be mindful however to drink enough, as you more prone to dehydration during this year. Your endless energy could also become anger and too much fire at times: make sure you keep your emotions in control. If you have a Dragon inside your Bazi, the good effects of the year could be minimized and you then have to be more cautious in everything you do.

Overall it is a lucky year for you, if the rest of your Bazi doesn’t go against your lucky affinity for the Dog.

Good or bad, it’s all a question of adapting. Even during a stormy weather, any sign can have a great year. The key is to know what is coming for you, prepare and adapt. To know your true self and foresee what is ahead for you during the Yang Earth Dog year of 2018, contact me now for your Bazi or 4 Pillars of destiny consultation. You will be amazed by what you discover on yourself! And don’t forget that my monthly Feng Shui (and Qimen) luck boost can help you to get much more out of every year: join the membership here.

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