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2018, year of the Dog: Chinese horoscope for the Rooster 2

Horoscope 2018 for the sign of the Rooster

The Rooster has been through a year of introspection in 2017. The return of your sign was a time to evaluate your life, and give it a new direction if needed. It could have been overwhelming at times…This influence has now passed, and the year of the Dog invites you to build solid foundations for years to come. Let see your horoscope in details.

Keep in mind that his horoscope is based on your year of birth only. Do you know that you can have one, but also two, three or even four Rooster signs in your birth chart? It is called the Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny. The full chart can give a totally different picture than your year of birth/Chinese sign, and tell a different story for 2018. This form of Chinese astrology that I specialise in provides you with your personal map for this life, to find your true calling, know your timing and evolve positively.

Chinese horoscope Rooster

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The Rooster love life in 2018, year of the Dog.

Last year was a turning point for you: one when you needed to address the dynamics of your relationship. You are now starting the year of the Dog with a fresh perspective. The year is good first and foremost for friendship: it is a time when you can find your tribe, and should meet like-minded people more than once. As for love, women of the sign will fare better. Their partner is likely to be all over them; and for single, it can be good news as you will have new fans. There is a bit of tension in the air still and you have to avoid being confrontational with your partner. For men the vibe is more tedious. Single men will find the whole process of seduction testing. Men in a relationship might have to deal with a partner bossier than usual and will need to travel a bit to release the steam.

The Rooster work and money in 2018, year of the Dog.

This year of the Dog can help if you work with a team. You should then see improvements in the relation with all your colleagues. Still, be mindful of not getting cocky, and don’t take your boss for granted. If you had a hard time last year, it gets better but you have to remain cautious. Freelancers can use this year to build new basis for their business: the vibe is very much no pain, no gain. It is a good time to revise your marketing and understand how you can make your products edgier and sexier. Like with love life, men must be more careful as they are under more stress than women of the sign, who could actually get promoted. For money the vibe is overall no pain, no gain: but gain there should be eventually.

The Rooster health and evolution in 2018, year of the Dog.

This year of the Dog is one that invites you to build for the future. It can be a bit slow and tedious at times, and lack excitement. But it’s not when laying foundations that we see the most exciting part of a house…it is an essential step still. Last year was about introspection and evaluating your life, and this one invites you to rebuild. It can be a good year to move house, to change slightly the work you do, and generally to make of your body and mind a priority. This Dog year can really assist you with diet and exercising, and you can see fast changes in the way you look if you do your part. It can also be a good year to undergo a short therapy and it is especially good to receive coaching (personal or business). Finally as stated earlier it is a great year to focus on friendship: you are more supported by friends and family, and this is through your social life that you’ll thrive.

Good or bad, it’s all a question of adapting. Even during a stormy weather, any sign can have a great year. The key is to know what is coming for you, prepare and adapt. Your best timing for change can of course be highlighted through a personal, month-by-month Bazi analysis. To know your true self and foresee what is ahead for you during the Yang Earth Dog year of 2018, contact me now for your Bazi or 4 Pillars of destiny consultation. You will be amazed by what you discover on yourself!

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