Chinese astrologie Rabbit month

Chinese horoscope for the Rabbit month, March 2018.

Here are  your 12 Chinese signs horoscope and Bazi forecast for the Rabbit month, starting on the 5th of March 2018.

Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart. Each of us actually has 4 animals in our date of birth and the Bazi is your 4 Pillars of destiny. It gives your whole story and allows for precise predictions: to find your ideal career, to understand what can help your life…This Tiger month also marks the beginning of the year of the Earth Dog. If you want to know how to precisely navigate the complex influence of the year, I invite you to order your personalised Bazi analysis and predictions.

Chinese astrologie Rabbit month


12 signs Chinese horoscope for the Rabbit month/March 2018

This Yin Wood Rabbit month is made of 100% Wood energy. As such, it is in direct conflict with the Yang Earth energy of this Dog year. It is a month when economies and diplomacy are tense, as already illustrated by Trump new protective measures. Expect a lot of ideology conflicts to show up. Some violent strikes and protests could also manifest in some countries.It can be a tricky month to sell a property, but a good one to buy one actually or move in (depending on your Bazi). Artists, writers and architects will find this vibe very stimulating.This influence is hard on most people digestive system, but also good for a real detox (the liver in particular can benefit from this month). What is important right now is to move enough and go for lighter food (especially steamed one) to avoid congestion.

And now for your horoscope. Let’s start with the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac = your year of birth. Remember that it is only 1/4 of your chart: the year Pillar. A Four Pillar Bazi chart is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar; not the year only…

The Rat can experience relationship problems this month. Be careful with your words and actions, as your reputation is scrutinised right now. You can come across some ungrateful people, and will feel overall that you are not given your due credit. It is however a good month to be very productive in your work, and generally to be creative and initiate new projects.

The Ox can feel exhausted by this strong Wood month. You should aim at letting go of things (and people) that you have no power upon. Expect a tense vibe at work, but if you work steadily it should pass quickly. You feel generally edgy and under pressure and should make sure you take enough time to relax and rest. The worse you could go is be in work mode 24/7 right now.

The Tiger is now able to connect the dots. This energy provides you with solutions to your everyday problem. If you are a parent or teacher, you’ll see that young people are more willing to listen to you and follow what you say. It is a time when you have more influence overall. It can be excellent for job interviews. It is also good to get back on track with your diet and lifestyle, if needed. Single men of the sign can seduce more easily right now.

The Rabbit is in his own month. It can be a good time to go out, socialise and meet like-minded people. It is however also a time when you should stop for a while and think about your options. The month can send you into a deep introspection and is rising interesting questions. Rather than sweeping them under the rug, make sure you look into those. Avoid taking life-changing decisions this month. This vibe helps LGBT people to meet.

The Dragon should get out of his comfort zone: go out and socialise, rather than being the reclusive Dragon-who-watches-Netflix-all-month. The key is to go for contacts right now. You will make new friends and some doors might also naturally open to you: such as business opportunities that you were not expecting. Inside a year that is a big antagonistic, it is a good month that can put you in the flow. Be opened to new directions in your life.

The Snake is resourceful this month, and can find new ways to make money. Work opportunities can manifest. If you are unsatisfied with your work conditions, now is a good time to talk about it. People will naturally find you more charming and attractive this month. Family however could push your buttons, and you could have outburst of anger at this time. It is best to channel this great energy through doing some sport or dancing!

The Horse is in a push-pull dynamics this month. On one side, this period stimulates your creativity. It is ideal to come up with new ideas, and especially if you work with a team. Some of you ideas might pay off quickly and offer some financial returns soon. On the other hand, the energy of this month is demanding. You could go through some up and downs with your energy, mind and body. The key is actually to do sport and have enough movement in your life: procrastination and staying home all the time would be counterproductive. Be otherwise opened for someone who might fancy you right now…

The Goat are the best sign of the zodiac right now. You are in the flow and everything comes to you. It is the right time to deal with administrative or legal problems, if you have any. You are more likely to be heard and win your case…It is otherwise a month when your work should go well, and when freelancers can make more money or secure new projects. Single people of the Goat sign should socialise right now: good things can come of it.

The Monkey is a bit all over the place right now. It seems that you are overthinking life situations. Are you trying to reinvent the wheel, really? In doing so you are wasting your precious Qi. Just talk to people and you’ll see that good communication can solve many problems. Do not hesitate to reach out for help if you need any: your pride could be in the way of finding solutions to your problem. Single men of the sign can meet more easily right now, but should aim at being natural and not try to impress at all costs.

The Roosters are facing their direct opposite, the Rabbit. It is a time when you have much to handle, and probably too much on your plate actually. It will soon become overwhelming; if you try to control everything, it could blow out of proportion. Rather, try to be flexible: change your plans when needed, keep quiet when you see you can’t change people minds, and be willing to accommodate others’ demands. It is at this price that you’ll buy some peace of mind for now.

The Dogs are not liking this month very much. People are tying to control you, and you have very little freedom of action. You could feel cornered, and a cornered dog has a tendency to bite…I rather recommend that you keep a low profile for now. Expenses are also likely but better months are coming. Women of the sign fare better and could find that their partner is more caring than usual still.

The Pigs have a good affinity for the Rabbit. This month your voice is heard. While the beginning of this Dog year has been blocking you, new opportunities can now manifest in your career. It pays off to look seriously into them. If the previous month has been tense in your relation, you can now find a common ground and communicate better with your partner.

Now we move to the Bazi tendency if you know your day master. If not, now is the time to order your personalised Bazi analysis and report…

10 days master horoscope for March 2018

For the Yang Wood (Jia), it is a month when family life should be good. You have harmony at home, but could be in a competitive environment at work. It is more challenging for people who work on their own, but your creativity is also at its max right now…

For the Yin Wood (Yi), it is the perfect month to address family or work problems. Communication is the key right now and you can fix what is not working. It is also an excellent time to network and see your friends, who will help you to recharge your energy.

For the Yang Fire (Bing), it is a a stimulating month. You are appreciated and find support both at home and in your work. You should also feel stronger in your mind and body, and this vibe is especially stimulating for athletes and people working in a competitive environment.

For the Yin Fire (Ding), the month is rather supportive. It helps you to come up with new ideas, and have a new take on your life. Your friends, family and work colleague can all give you a piece of the puzzle right now. Take in whatever advice comes your way, and take little steps to change your life to get somewhere. Your partner is also offering good support right now.

For the Yang Earth (Wu), it is an exhausting month. You have no control over the events whatsoever. Karma and fate are unfolding: for some it means that crap will hit the fan, but for some other good surprises could happen still. Overall the month takes more than it gives you, and you have to be careful to save your energy. Avoid any fights, and keep business as usual. Single women however could now meet an interesting partner.

The Yin Earth (Zi) is going through up and downs. People are on your back, and you have very little time for you. It is a period when you can dedicate yourself to others wellbeing, and mothers for example will accommodate this energy well. Other Zi DM will find the energy tedious and only want peace for themselves.

The Yang Metal (Geng) is going through a good month for love and relationships. It is a time when everyone find you charming, or even fascinating. You should go out and meet new people: if you are single, it could be a turning point this year. As for work, there is money showing up around but you have to be reactive and willing to negotiate. It is good if you are looking for work, still.

The Yin Metal (Xin) is a bit all over the place. You can’t control everything right now, so choose your battles and priorities. It is your work and income? Is it your body and mind? Some are more important than some other right now. A money opportunity could show up if you are looking for work, which is good news.  Avoid being forceful with people: to get what you want, do your best but avoid forcing situations, and this is how it will work…

The Yang Water (Ren) is very outspoken this month. This strong Wood energy is stimulating to writer, artists and journalists, who can all be noticed for their work right now. It is also a good thing if you need therapy of some sort: you can now get problems out of your chest. It can be a good time to have serious talks with your family or partner, and they should help you to move forward this year.

The Yin Water (Gui) is productive this month, but should also know when to stop. Work is one thing, but you also have a life outside of it. Make sure your respect your own limits and boundaries altogether. You have to know when to say no: at home and as work. My advice is therefore to be fair to other and to you at this time, and to also not bite more than you can chew.

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