Chinese Horoscope Tiger

Chinese horoscope for the Tiger month, February 2018.

Here are  your 12 Chinese signs horoscope and Bazi forecast for the Tiger month, starting on the 4th of February 2018.

Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart. Each of us actually has 4 animals in our date of birth and the Bazi is your 4 Pillars of destiny. It gives your whole story and allows for precise predictions: to find your ideal career, to understand what can help your life…This Tiger month also marks the beginning of the year of the Earth Dog. If you want to know how to precisely navigate the complex influence of the year, I invite you to order your personalised Bazi analysis and predictions.

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Chinese Horoscope Tiger


12 signs Chinese horoscope for the Tiger month/February 2018

This Tiger month is bringing a strong energy. Most signs of the zodiac will feel that they get their “mojo back”, except of the Monkey. It is overall a good time to go back in shape, do some sport, change our diets, socialise, as well as for spiritual experiences. There is however a surge of Fire a bit too early in the year, which makes this month a challenging one for some aspects. Outburst of anger will occur, and we should expect to see some tense times between governments and people in most countries. Religions will make the headlines, as possible victims of heinous crime, but also as wrongdoers toward some people. Expect a tense month in diplomacy and one during which  the world is agitated. This Wood Tiger month is however a great time for unbound creativity, and also to party if it gets too heavy….

And now for your horoscope. Let’s start with the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac = your year of birth. Remember that it is only 1/4 of your chart: the year Pillar. A Four Pillar Bazi chart is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar; not the year only…

The Rat is very talkative and wants to be heard this month. Good thing as your social life should be interesting. You are in demand and your friends want to see you. Be mindful of not doing too much and going out all the time, or this month would spread you thin. You can see opportunities at work and with your income, but be mindful of not bitting more than you can chew. Single women of the sign have higher chances to meet right now.

The Ox can feel pressured by this month. Like the Rat you are in demand, but a bit too much: you can’t seem to find time for yourself during this month. You could be stressed out by some unexpected expenses, but you have to go with the flow and trust you future. Being a control freak (a tendency that you have) would backfire and irritate people you deal with. Your love life could otherwise be a source of confusion, with possibly a new person showing you some interest. Give yourself a bit of time to decide…

The Tiger is going through its month, and is also entering a more supportive year with the Dog sign ruling. It is a time for important choices, in your professional or personal life. You have to take a chance right now, as some opportunities might not show up twice. At work there could be some competition, especially for a position you might be interested in. You have what it takes to get what you want this month: go get it Tiger! The main advice I can give you right now is to focus on your goals, and to not go in too many directions. Someone could also ask you to commit: are you ready for this? I think that you are…

The Rabbit is finally entering a better year. This month you are coming back to life and will want to party, network and socialise. It is a good time to do so, as the Fire in this month help you to communicate better. You can come out of your shell….There are also interesting prospects for your career, but you are not quite there yet. You should make a plan for the year and start to take steps to get what you want. It could be interesting to acquire new skills or look into an online course at the moment; it is a year when you can learn languages more easily. You could feel some tension in your work environment but keep being a team worker. Your love life is easier this month and the tensions of last year are vanishing.

The Dragon is entering a year with a direct clash, and have to look carefully into their life choices. It is especially a good time to address your home base: where do you see yourself living this year, and for years to come? You could look into the options right now. You might also have to do some repairs on your current home. The month is likely to bring expenses, but you cannot really avoid them. It is otherwise a time when your connection with spirituality is heightened, and you will be looking for experiences in that realm. Finally  you are not in control of your love life, but women of the sign could see men (or women) chasing them through the month.

The Snake feels an increase in energy and wants to do a lot. Be careful however to not put too much on your plate, or you’ll end up exhausting the energy you are getting back. If your practice any sport, be cautious when exercising this month: you joins are more sensitive overall. It is a month during which you can have a good time if you respect your own limits. There can be some tension in the air at home, and my advice is to not fight windmills and start arguments about details. Moderation in your words and action is therefore the key right now.

The Horse should feel the positive effect of the change of year. This month can give you great creative ideas, and is best used to advance in your career and with your own projects. It is especially good of you are freelancing. New contacts should be made, and I advise that you brainstorm with others to get come creative juice flowing. It can be a significant month during which you devise a great concept for your own business or career. It is also likely that you’ll make new friends this month, and one of them could become a bit more than a friend later on…

The Goat start the year with a lucky month. The Wood Tiger puts you in the flow, in everything you do. It is a great time to land a new job, or ask for a promotion (of course, I recommend that you analyse your whole Bazi first still!). You can also be at the inception of exciting projects at work, and generally should be appreciated for your efforts. This month is especially good to learn new skills, and research any topic you are interested in. Books and the Internet will be source of inspiration, and might give you ideas that will influence your whole year. Finally it is a great month for single women of the sign whom have higher chances to meet, but might be facing a choice between two partners.

The Monkey is facing its astrological nemesis, the Tiger. It is a month when caution applies in everything you do. Refrain from buying expensive appliances or signing an important contract, if possible. It is not an ideal time for negotiations or pleas, needless to say. You will feel like being a control freak and try to have all aspects of your life under control, but the Universe is in charge right now. Trust that it will provide once this tricky month is done…Arguments are more likely to occur with your partner, so be mindful of your words. Unexpected expenses could also occur…It is a month to keep a low profile and accept your fate with philosophy; better times are coming soon.

The Roosters will go through an interesting month. There is movement in your career, with a choice to be made. On one hand you can make more money if you look into your options, and are willing to take a leap of faith. One another hand some choices might be forced upon you at work, such as accepting a task or even position you are not enthusiastic about. It pays off to not fight right now, and accept to evolve if you are given such an opportunity. At home be mindful to not be bossy with your partner. Single men and women of the sign have good chance to mame new contacts this month.

The Dogs are entering their year, and have a strong affinity for the Tiger sign. This month is a good time to network, and generally to see your friends and family. It is a bit less comfortable with your love life, and you might have a feeling that you are a bit controlled right now. It is mostly in your mind, and you can actually connect better with each other if you talk about issues this month. At work you might do a bit more than your share, but it is a time when you mark some point. This year marks the return of your sign and can bring great changes in your career; best is to get on your boss good side right now.

The Pigs are going through an auspicious month. This period helps you to communicate well; it is an excellent vibe if you have to give conferences or public talks for your work. It is also ideal if you have a blog, or need to promote your work as an independent. Writers and journalists will find this period of the year inspirational, and it could land you new jobs. Your social life is also thriving now and you will be in demand. For your love life it is a bit ore ambiguous, but pay attention to people around you: one might like you more than you realise.

Now we move to the Bazi tendency if you know your day master. If not, now is the time to order your personalised Bazi analysis and report…

10 days master horoscope for February 2018

For the Yang Wood (Jia), it is a month focused on friendships and family. You are a people person right now, and your presence and input are appreciated by most. It is the right month to dedicate your time to others; volunteering and charity work could also bring you a lot of satisfaction. Avoid being a reclusive and do not miss an occasion to talk and see people who matter in your life.

For the Yin Wood (Yi), it is a month that brings some pressure and a slight feeling of oppression. You have more duties on your shoulders right now and are asked to perform. You know how to adapt, but don’t like dealing with this kind of stress. The month is still good to you if you aim at building bridges, rather than isolate from others.

For the Yang Fire (Bing), it is a stimulating month that gives you energy and ideas. You feel that you are getting your mojo back, and are firing on all engines. This energy can be well used to get back in shape. You are a natural born leader right now, and can use your charisma to get what you want. Pay great attention to your work and to the changes happening, as you might able to rise to the occasion and get a better position or salary.

For the Yin Fire (Ding), the month is putting you in the flow. You are naturally lucky at this time of the year. Your ideas generate enthusiasm: it is a great time to negotiate about anything, pitch projects, or go for job interviews. You are extremely productive right now and your creativity is at its max. You are a great problem solver at this time and should also focus on fixing your family or relationship dynamics, if they need to be addressed.

For the Yang Earth (Wu), it is a tedious month. The feeling is that you as soon as you gain something, you lose some. It is especially true for your finances this month, and you might have a hard time saving money. You have to deal with a certain amount of frustration in all domains of your life: some friends are unreliable, and others are imposing their planning on you. You better accept your fate with philosophy…It is actually a good time to take care of you and get back in shape if needed. The month is especially good if you want to go on a diet…

The Yin Earth (Zi) is going through an interesting month. It brings the idea of a choice to be made: there are clearly two options right now, and it is the time to decide where you want to go.  It is particularly relevant to your love life. If you are with someone, you can reconnect but that might confuse your plans to leave if things were difficult. If you are on your own, there could be more than one person into you…Consider your options seriously, and follow your heart rather than another part of your anatomy…

The Yang Metal (Geng) is having too much on its plate. You have crammed this month with many activities – possibly travelling, as well as new hobbies and experience. It is all well and fine, but you will also be asked to perform at work. You can’t be everywhere at once and must prioritise carefully. Keep in mind that taking some time off makes you more efficient, not less. Respect your own limits and you’ll be able to earn more money through the year…

The Yin Metal (Xin) is going through a good month overall. Money opportunities could show up, and it is a good time to go for job interviews or negotiate changes in your work. Women with this Day Master should be appreciated by their boss at work. They can also attract a few admirers; if you are single, it is an excellent time to go at work. This Tiger month nevertheless asks that you evolve in your psychology, and get rid of unnecessary luggage that slows you down.

The Yang Water (Ren) is taking back control this month. It is a time when you can be more efficient in your work, and get organised with your private life. The month helps you to communicate and to speak about problems that matter; it is a good time to address any issue with your partner. You might however be a bit frustrated by the lack of new money opportunities. Overall the month asks you to give in order to receive later on…

The Yin Water (Gui) is going through an inspirational month. You feel the love right now, and I advise you to focus on the special bound you have with your partner. Single should not despair, as the month is helping you to make new contacts. It is also a time when you feel strongly attracted to spirituality; this Tiger month is good for workshops, course and retreats. It can be tiring if you do too much and abuse stimulants, so pay attention to the signs from your mind and body.

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