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The Feng Shui guide for 2020: Chinese year of the Metal Rat 1

In this article I give you all the good, bad sectors and lucky directions for the Feng Shui of 2020, year of the Yang Metal Rat. Those sectors are largely determined by what is called the annual Feng Shui afflictions: the Tai Sui, Sui Po, San Sha and Wu Wang. Please keep reading to have the full explanation on those Chinese terms…

I am going to explain which areas of your house or business should not be disturbed in 2020, year of the Rat, and which can be used or enhanced. All those calculations are based on the energy of each year and a combination of Feng Shui and Chinese oracles: the Flying stars and the Qi Men Dun Jia.

2020 is the Yang Metal Rat year in Chinese astrology: you can read my 13 Feng Shui tips for a lucky year of the Rat 2020. The Rat is the first of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. Each sign is linked to specific years but also to specific locations and directions on the Chinese compass (the Luo Pan) that we use in Feng Shui. This is how we can determine the good and challenging sectors of each year. There are then additional calculations to determine more sectors and I’ll walk you through them.

A challenging sector can affect you if you disturb it. This can be done in several ways:

  1. if your main door, desk or bedroom is located in it
  2. if you play loud music or bang a door in these sectors (depends of the day)
  3. If you renovate your home or business in these areas
  4. If there is close construction work in your neighbourhood in these directions

Once disturbed, it can bring in extreme case accidents, illness, money loss or robbery. It is therefore wise to respect them if you can…Don’t worry too much however about facing those directions when sleeping or sitting. The afflictions are really more about the location of the sector.

As the Chinese New Year starts on the 4th of February (solar date, see my article on the Chinese New year dates), now is the ideal time to contact me and book your house Feng shui consultation, business Feng Shui consultation, and Bazi life analysis consultation. See my contact page HERE.

How to determine the good and bad Feng Shui sectors of 2020, Chinese year of the Rat?

Like every year, the Chi of the year brings different sectors and directions that are better left undisturbed, while some other can be very beneficial. How are those good and bad sectors determined? By something called the annual afflictions, as well as by the position of the annual Flying Stars.

The annual afflictions are in details:

  1. The Tai Sui or Grand duke Jupiter ;
  2. The Sui Po or year breaker ;
  3. The San Sha or three killings
  4. The Wu Wang or 5 yellow, an annual Flying Star.

To understand the principle, you have to see that Feng Shui and Chinese astrology are connected: one speaks about space, the other time. They constantly interact together. For example, our living spaces are influenced by time events. In macro Feng Shui, the shapes of mountains and the placement of rivers and oceans for a given city become auspicious or challenging depending of the time period we are in. We are currently in period 8 until the end of 2023. In different periods, different landforms are auspicious or not.

Besides those periods, each year brings a specific Chi and determine good and bad sectors and direction for the Feng Shui of that year…You can see the article I wrote last year about the 2019 Feng Shui sectors.

How were those locations determined? Originally, by studying the orbit of Jupiter that takes 12 years = 12 different positions in the sky on a circular axis. Jupiter is considered a divinity in Chinese cosmology, called the Great Duke Jupiter or Tai Sui. Where Jupiter “sits” in regard to the Earth axis for a given year is the location of the Chinese zodiac sign of the year, and also the location of the energy of this year.

Tai Sui, Sui Po, San Sha, 5 yellow: the complete Feng Shui of 2020, Year of the Rat.

The Rat sign and its specific Chi will stay with us for 12 months. Chinese metaphysics use a calendar that accounts for both lunar and solar time. In the lunar calendar, this Chinese New Year starts on the 25th of January 2020. For the solar calculation, it will start on the 4th of February 2020. To be on the safe side, best is to already be following the auspicious/challenging Feng Shui sectors from the date of the 25th of January.

Each sign of the year occupies a precise location in space. What matters is the animal of the Chinese zodiac for the year, and where it usually lives. On the Chinese compass, the Rat sign is located in the North 2 (on the compass). What it means is that North 2 is where the energy of this specific year “resides” in 2020. This sector receives the strongest Chi (energy) in 2020 and determine the first affliction of the year.

Tai Sui: the Grand Duke Jupiter location in 2020

North 2 is therefore the sector and direction under the Tai Sui, or Grand duke Jupiter affliction. It basically means that it should be left undisturbed the whole year, as its energy is too strong. Some Feng Shui practitioners will only account for the specific sector that is North 2. Realistically, most of you don’t know where it starts and finishes inside your home. You can however figure out which rooms occupy the whole North sector from your floor plan. So I always prefer to consider that the whole sector should be left undisturbed…

For Feng Shui, the Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter annual affliction is in the North in 2020. The first direction to not disturb in 2020, year of the Metal Rat, is North.

Rat year Grand Duke Jupiter

The Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter is in the North in 2020. Copyright: Laurent Langlais 2020

Sui Po: the year breaker location in 2020

Then we move to the second location. This one occupies the sector that is directly opposite to the energy/location of the year’s sign. If the year’s Rat is in North 2, then the opposite sector to no disturb is…wait for it…South 2! Easy isn’t it?

The Horse sign occupies this location and so it also explains why people born under this sign have to be cautious in 2020. You will soon read my Rat year’s horoscope for the Horse on this blog.

This opposite location of the years’s energy (the Tai Sui) is known as the Sui Po or “Year breaker”. The Horse occupies South 2 on the Chinese compass: by extension, the whole South sector is best left undisturbed to be on the safe side.

For Feng Shui, the Sui Po or year breaker annual affliction is in South in 2020. The second sector to not disturb in 2020, year of the Metal Rat, is South.

Year breaker 2020 year of the Rat

The Sui Po or year breaker is in the South in 2020. Copyright: Laurent Langlais 2020

San Sha: the 3 Killings location in 2020

We now move to the next affliction known as the 3 Killings, or San Sha in Chinese. Don’t worry about the name: Chinese metaphysics like spectacular names, but it doesn’t means something as bad the “3 killings” would happen to you if you disturb it…This sector is determined by something a bit more technical, so follow me if you are not familiar with Chinese metaphysics.

In Chinese astrology, Feng Shui but also medicine, we work with the theory of the 5 Elements (or 5 phases: Wu Xing). It is merely a name that states that the Chi takes five different primary energies…Each of the 12 astrological signs that can rule a year belongs to one of those Elements; and to something called an “Elemental frame”. An Elemental frame is basically 3 connected signs, which form the cycle of one of the Element. There is an Elemental frame for Water, Wood, Fire and Metal; none for the Earth that is “special” (leave her alone, she’s special!). And so, 4 Elemental frames of 3 signs = 12 astrological signs of course…

Last year’s Pig sign belonged to the Wood Frame. This year’s Rat belongs to the Water frame. It is actually the peak of the Water Element. Water is born in the Monkey sign, reaches its peak in the Rat and is stored in the Dragon.

Ok! So, as those three signs all occupy a “sector” and we can draw the frame between the three to form a triangle. The San Sha is basically the sector and direction directly opposite the peak of this triangle. The peak of this Water frame in 2020 is the Rat sign (also the sign of the year), which is North 2. Therefore the San Sha, in the opposite direction, is in the South.

In Feng Shui, the San Sha or three killing annual afflictions is also in South in 2020. Therefore South is affected 2 times in the year of the Metal Rat.

3 Killings year of the Rat

The San Sha or 3 killings is in the South in 2020 year of the Metal Rat. Copyright: Laurent Langlais 2020

Wu Wang: the 5 yellow flying star in 2020

And finally, we have the location of the Flying stars. If you are not familiar with the term, think of the flying stars as some form of “Chinese numerology” that determines good and back sector depending of where the numbers fall each year. The numbers represent a specific Qi at work and not just numbers…

While technically all 9 Flying stars have their own influence, we look at the 8 and the 5 first and foremost. The 5 yellow annual Flying Star, that is considered most negative, flies into the East sector in 2020. With this one, it is also recommended to not travel along the East-West axis in 2020 during months when those 2 sectors are also affected by bad stars.

In Feng Shui, the 5 Yellow sickness star is in the East in 2020, year of the Metal Rat.

Wu Wang year of the Rat

The 5 Yellow annual Flying star or Wu Wang is in the East in 2020 year of the Metal Rat. Copyright: Laurent Langlais 2020

Good Feng Shui: the auspicious sectors & directions for 2020, year of the Metal Rat.

Now, what about the auspicious sectors for 2020? Well yes there are some! There is a Yin to every Yang, and vice-versa. Time to see how the other directions and sectors, or “palaces” in Feng Shui, fare in 2020. To determine the auspicious directions and sectors, we are interested into the combination of the annual Flying Stars and the Qi Men Dun Jia plate/chart for this year. Don’t be impressed by the name here. The Qi Men Dun Jia is another form of Chinese metaphysics. It used to be a war oracle but can now be used to predict where the good Qi is for a specific place and time. It is therefore useful to combine it with the other predictive oracle that is the Flying Stars. If you are part of my membership, this is the oracle that I use to determine the 4 to 6 lucky feng shui boosts of each month. You can join in here.

The 8 Flying Star that boosts wealth and money flies in Northwest this year. This make it a more auspicious sector based on the annual flying stars.

Qi Men Dun Jia for 2021, year of the Yin Metal Ox.

For the Qimen, the year Ox year 2021 has a Fu Yin plate. Basically it means that the energies repeat themselves in each palace and are “stuck”. This is not ideal, as it shows a world that can struggle to move to the next phase. Those energies will bring a mirror effect to the world and force us to keep looking into what we are doing, what works and what doesn’t anymore. Keep in mind that 2021 is also a Yin year, which means more contraction than expansion. 2022 is the real dynamic year…

That being said, even in a Fu Yin structure, some sectors are better than some others.

  1. Northwest is the only really good sector

The other ones have good doors for some but bad structures, or vice-versa. For those of you into the technical aspects of the Qimen, note that the year is a Geng Year, which is not great for Qimen structures anyway…

As often, the Qimen and flying stars don’t entirely match. I follow and use the Qimen much more, as this is what my monthly Feng Shui luck boosts are based on. So even if the year plate is not great, we will have plenty of good directions and sectors to active each month with specific days and hours. You can subscribe to my yearly membership to benefit from this easily in the comfort of your home!

All the good and bad directions and sectors for 2020, the Rat year.

When combining all aspects: annual Feng Shui afflictions, the flying stars and the Qi Men Dun Jia, we end up with this ranking from best to worse. These directions and sectors are the best for the year :

  • Northwest is the less problematic

All other directions and sectors are negatively affected:

  1. South is the worst sector of the year
  2. North is the second worse
  3. East is the third worse
  • Southeast
  • Southwest
  • West
  • Northeast

are all average.

There is no real direction that is super auspicious in 2020: however in Feng Shui for the Rat year, Northwest is the one that gets a bit of a boost and South is the absolute worse in 2020.

year of the Rat annual afflictions

The map of the Chi for the year of the Rat. In pink: bad sectors. In blue: the best one. Grey: average. Copyright Laurent Langlais 2020.

Annual Feng Shui afflictions 2020: what not to do at home?

What should we do to respect the annual afflictions? Well, mostly left them undisturbed: it is as simple as that…so ideally, do NOT renovate in those areas in 2020. If you have to, avoid disturbing North, South and East the most. If you absolutely need to do renovations, contact me so I can calculate a good day and month for it, and to avoid triggering problem with your Bazi (Four Pillars = Chinese astrology chart) and in your life.

If a building is in construction or renovated next to your home in the North, South or East direction, it is not ideal either and can trigger some challenges, such as money loss or accidents. A Feng Shui consultation for the year of the Rat 2020 can also provide you with solutions to buffer those energies and stimulate the good areas.

If you disturb one of those sector by mistake, best is to leave your place for a couple of hours just after you did, or even better go away for a few days until the effect dissipate…As once activated, it is random luck to know if it going to hit you or not. Best is then to focus on good deeds and paying your homage to the divinities you believe in: it can help. So try to respect them, but don’t stop living either…Outside of this, avoid making loud noises in those sectors: loud music, slamming doors, banging on the walls with a hammer etc. As for not facing them, in all honesty, it is not a big deal and at some point you will face them in your home anyway. If you can, make sure your desk or bed is not directly facing the annual afflictions, but this is not the most important.

What if you sleep or work in those sectors? While it is not ideal, you can still get away with it if you respect the same rules. If the room you sleep in receives the right Chi for you and has the right colours based on your Bazi and Kua, you can buffer some of the negative influences.

Buying properties with the right Feng Shui in 2020

How do these annual afflictions: Tai Sui, Sui Po, San Sha and Flying stars affect a property that you could buy during the Pig year? If you buy the wrong property, it can trigger years of bad luck. Ideally, you would avoid in this order:

  1. A property with the main door located in North or South. East is not ideal, but you can get away with it.
  2. A property with the main façade toward North or South.

Those are the main two ones to avoid, if possible. Additionally you might want to avoid the following IF you move in and sleep in this house in 2020:

  • A property with the main bedroom in one of these three sectors of North, South or East: unless it is excellent for your Bazi and partner’s Bazi.
  • A property that will need renovation in those sectors, if you live in it at the same time

It is of course advanced knowledge to assess the quality of a new property and the pros and cons that it will bring for you, besides the façade, main door and master bedroom placement. Investing into the proper Feng Shui setup can manifest a better luck and real opportunities for decades to come…Don’t bargain with such investment and always have a genuine Feng Shui master help to select the best property for you. I can help you with this and consult worldwide.

Keep in mind that if you buy such a property this year – let’s say with the façade in North and main door in East – you can still avoid some of the potential negative effects if you move in under a good day. Those days have to be calculated on your Bazi and on your new home main door location. 2020 will be another story altogether…

This is it for the complete Feng Shui guide to 2020, year of the Metal Rat. Now is the time to transform your life with a Feng Shui consultation, so contact me now to do so!

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