Chinese year of the Wood Dragon 2024

Wood Dragon year Chinese horoscope
It is time to have a look at the Chinese horoscope 2024 for the year of the Yang Wood Dragon. This horoscope is based on the Chinese zodiac sign ruling your year of birth. If you don’t know it  you can look into my article Find your Chinese sign with your year of birth. Now it is important to understand […]

Chinese horoscope for the Wood Dragon Dragon year 2024

Here we are again, preparing for another fun ride on this crazy planet Earth. On the 4th of February we start the year of the Wood Dragon 2024 in the solar calendar is concerned. For the lunar calendar it is on the 10th of February. It is therefore time to look at the combination of the 5 Elements at play […]

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Dragon year 2024
The Dragon is the sign that rules the year 2024 out of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. The previous Dragon year was 2012 and the next one will be 2036 as each of the sign rules once every 12 years. This year is a Yang Wood Dragon to be more precise. This Chi (energy) of the year brings […]

When does the Wood Dragon year 2024 start?