Wood Dragon year Chinese horoscope

Chinese horoscope for the Wood Dragon Dragon year 2024

Wood Dragon year Chinese horoscope

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It is time to have a look at the Chinese horoscope 2024 for the year of the Yang Wood Dragon. This horoscope is based on the Chinese zodiac sign ruling your year of birth. If you don’t know it  you can look into my article Find your Chinese sign with your year of birth. Now it is important to understand that your “Chinese sign” is one part of your year of birth; as your date of birth is also made of a month, day and time one must analyse all other signs and Elements to determine more accurately one’s future. This is the art of reading the Bazi or 4 Pillars of destiny. For example your relationships are much more determined by your spouse palace, aka the zodiac sign in your day of birth, and your spouse Element, one of the 5 Elements that might be present within your chart. You can see what your Bazi looks like and which 4 animals you have by using my online Bazi calculator. So while it is fun to look at your Chinese horocope for 2024 based on your year of birth Chinese animal, I invite you to contact me for a Bazi consultation if you are serious about forecasting your future. Now let’s have a look at the tendencies for each sign…Let me get the cat out of the bag. The winner of this year are the Rat, the Monkey and the Rooster whom all have auspicious combination with this year Dragon. The Dog, the Ox and the Dragon himself are facing more challenges. Let see why.

The Rat should have an interesting year. This sign is part of the same Water frame as the Dragon ruling the year. Which already means a tendency to meet like minded people; this Wood Dragon year 2024 particularly helps you with team work and long term projects that you have might started in the past 4 to 8 years. It is THE year to complete your vision and go after the dreams you have been chasing for years. For you Rat there is a sense of completion this year and this Dragon gives you the means to achieve something important. Pace yourself still as the year will take some energy from you if you are unfocused. With the Wood Chi also present you have support for good communication and this year is helpful for any kind of therapeutic work and also to improve your communication with your friends, family and in relationships. Talking of which, you might this year get closer  of someone you have know for a while. The Dragon helps you both to socialise and to speak and this is also an ideal combination to meet. Overall it is a year during which your progress in the right direction.

For you Ox, the year is complex. Ox and Dragon are in a destruction relationship. This could create frustrating situations if you are of the Ox sign, especially relating to your workplace. You could have the sense that you are stagnating or not heard. Are you aware of your natural tendency for stubbornness still? There might be another way to approach your career problems than thinking everyone is out to get you. The redeeming quality is that the Yang Wood Stem of the year forms of combination with the Yin Earth contained in the Ox sign. This can indicate a change of boss at work, which could  be frustrating but also a welcome change of work pace or position. It can also be a sign for meeting a partner if you are a woman of the Ox sign. For men it is more complex and while the year can also bring a meeting of some sort, the situation could be muddled with someone not entirely available. So pay attention to the red flags and chose your battle wisely this year, Ox. Next year is more helpful to your sign, be patient…

The Tiger is part of the same spring season as the Dragon of this year. As the Stem of the year, Yang Wood, is also present in your sign you should this year feel in synch with the general vibe. It is especially supportive for an interesting social life and be able to make new friends. Being social IS the key for you to enjoy the year and there will be movement with your friendships. A year that remains tiring for your sign still, as the Water contained within the Dragon tends to go against the Fire contained in your own sign. So it is a matter of knowing when to put efforts into something and when to withdraw and do less. Apply this philosophy to sport and train every other day rather than everyday this year…and you’ll see more gains. When partying takes some weekends off too as the excitement of the Dragon, like the Rabbit of last year, tends to stimulate you all year long; but it is like a jolt of coffee that leaves you a bit depleted afterward. Both men and women of the sign have possibilities to meet someone exciting this year. If you are partnered the vibe should remain harmonious.

The Rabbit is like the Tiger part of the spring season. Rabbits will be happy that their karmic year (2023) is over. The Wood Dragon bring you both work and money opportunities and a sense of competition, that could be particularly noticeable if you work as an independent. You should advance in your career but it will be at the price of efforts and sometimes a hectic pace. You might become very focused (to not say obsessed) about money and find ways to make more. The topic of where to live and possibly investing into a property will also be a theme for you this year Rabbits. Your social life will likely be pleasant as the Dragon enhance your charisma.  In the love department, it is men of the sign who benefit from this year’s influence and can flirt. Single women might have to wait a bit longer as your partner Element is nowhere to be seen. If you are partnered the year is not challenging. Overall your sign goes in the right direction but be mindful t not become self-absorbed, Rabbit.

The Dragon: you are in “your year”. Most people mistake this for a sign of better luck, but that is not really accurate. When your year of birth sign makes a return, the spotlight is now on you. Everything you don’t like is now magnified and everything unresolved can now come to the surface. It is what I call a karmic year. It can be good IF you are willing to work on your shadow side. The work to be done this year is especially in regard to family dynamics (the one you come from) and whatever you need to do to transform to be the better version of yourself. Inheritance, properties and your parents lifestyle might all be topics at some point. There is plenty of growth in store for you this year but if you don’t want to grow and address  your shortcomings then good luck…Especially as you are one of the unlucky sign that is in a self punishment withy our own sign. So seeing another Dragon is actually bringing more challenges, but do to your own shortcomings. Single Dragons might go through a bit of an existential crisis while those in relationship should aim at bettering themselves through the support of their partner. Good luck Dragons, it can be your year if you are sincere about evolving…

For you Snake, the Dragon year is pushing you to achieve more and also pushing you out of your comfort zone. It’s a bit of an odd dynamics for you this year; one one hand, the Dragon has your back and you get some good supports from mentors or your parents. This year is favorable to students or those who’d like to change career path. On the other hand, the Snake sign is located in southeast which is really affected this year. This could generate a few surprises and U-turns. Another paradox is that the Yang Wood Stem of the year is bringing you support still. Therefore you’ll land on your feet, even if a Snake has none. Your energy levels will greatly fluctuate this year so knowing your timing is the essence here.  Both men and women of the sign can this year meet but for men it might be more on a friends with benefit mode.

Horse you are a Fire sign and this Dragon year contains a bit too much Water to your liking. Communication and interaction can be tenser this year and you can have the feeling that you are lacking direction or results at time. This Dragon drains your energy a bit; and this time you must play as a team to succeed, by getting involved in a collective project or by dedicating yourself to others. That being said the Yang Wood Stem more active during the first half of the year will benefit you still and can be a sign of investment or change of work dynamics. This year will force you to slow down rather than rush and this can be frustrating for your hyperactive sign. The keys to enjoy this year of the Dragon are clarity and purity of intentions in your communications as well as becoming humble (wink and lol) and serving others. Including in your relationship where you must think of the need of the couple before your own. The year doesn’t help much for singles of the sign to meet, but remember that your whole Bazi chart may tells a different story.

Goat and Dragon can be a great pair of lovers, but it’s especially the Yang Wood Stem of the year that gives you Got a good alignment to find the right partner. This is because your main energy (Yin Earth) combines with Yang Wood. It is more auspicious to women still; men of the sign might like this year a bit less are they are not here in control. Regardless of your gender, it is likely that you’ll see changes in your professional life due to this combination; good or bad will depend on the rest of your Bazi chart. A change of boss or tasks seem to be up in the air. The Wood Dragon is more favorable for you Goat than another type of Dragon. Be mindful of your energy; the Dragon is good to you but also tends to block a bit of your natural joy and energy storage by having you constantly focus on chore rather than pleasure. It can be a bit draining. Still you are rather well treated by this year Goat.

The Monkey is part of the same Water frame as the Dragon and as such as an affinity with the sign, like the Rat does. This year normally gives you the means to achieve your ambitions; the presence of the Wood Stem can also be a money factor. Now is the right time to take a leadership role and accomplish big tasks. The Dragon supports you and allows you to find collaborators and friends on the same wavelength. You will have some obstacles in your career but more in the mode of problems to solve which will stimulate your intellect. Pick your battles though because you might have too much to do. In love, men of the sign are helped, but for these ladies it’s dead calm. Unity is strength for you this year Monkeys, so play collectively rather than being a loner and. You are one of the winning signs of the year, use this window of opportunity wisely.

The Dog is in a precarious position. Dog, you are the opposite sign of the Dragon and are therefore directly hit by the energy of this year. There is no sugar-coating it: you need to be cautious in everything you do this year Dog. You will for sure be subject to much more criticism and must prepare for it. In some cases your possessions could be targeted and I recommend that you get insurances for your phone and laptop for example. Avoid risky situations such as bar fights as you can also be more prone to attacks and accidents. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for it. That being said once you do everything more safely and carefully and spend more time on spiritual cultivation and mantras you should be fine overall as a sturdy earth sign. Your energy levels will be up and down through 2024 so don’t force anything, including in relationship. Funny enough the year could actually help some single of the sign to meet someone but very different. At the very least it won’t be a boring year…

The Rooster is one of the lucky sign this year. The Dragon forms an auspicious lovebird combination with your sign that is particularly auspicious if you are still on your own and desire to meet someone. Put on your best feathers and go out and about this year Rooster! If you are with someone and need to get close to each other again, this year is the right time to do so. It also bods well for your work and income this year Rooster, as this combination gives you more strength and the Wood Stem of the year is a money sign for you. You therefore also have a good chance to get promoted or make more money if you are independent. All the conditions are in fact met for your success; after a challenging Year of the Rabbit 2023, it’s your time to shine. You are one of the luckiest sign during this Dragon year.

For you Pig, it’s an interesting year. It could at first block your momentum, particularly creatively, to ask you to slow down and think. But this Wood Dragon actually contains all the energies that complement yours and will allow you to better understand yourself. If this year is not placed under the sign of money, it is however excellent for personal research and introspection. This year you will put together the pieces of your own puzzle and it is by understanding yourself better that you will then move in the right direction. It is less spectacular than the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit 2023 but it is a very useful process. In love, some will experience blockages and reflect on their relationship dynamics. The year of the Dragon does not help you to meet except when it comes to new friends; your social circle should grow and have nice surprises in store for you.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, I wish you a great year of the Wood Dragon. To make the best possible decisions, contact me for your Bazi consultation and personalised 12 months forecast.